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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 1 Recap

In the summer of 1999, Li Jianjian was playing at the entrance of his father’s noodle restaurant. At this time, Ling Xiao and his parents moved to this community. The chair in the car fell on the ground not far from Li Jianjian because of the fluctuation of the car. Hearing the movement, Li Haichao ran out of the noodle shop to check his daughter’s condition. Ling Xiao’s father Ling He also got off the car to check and apologized like Li Jianjian. Li Jianjian smiled at the newly moved boy, but Ling Xiao was very cold and stern and did not respond. Li Haichao learned from Aunt Fang, director of the Subdistrict Office, that the family was a newly moved neighbor, so both parties briefly introduced themselves.

After arriving at the new home, Ling Xiao took a peek at the family portrait of four members but was found by her mother, who cut the photo with scissors and threw it in the trash can. At this time, Li Jianjian took the ice cream to Ling Xiao, and happened to meet Ling Xiao’s mother who was downstairs to take out the garbage. Li Jianjian gave the ice cream to Ling Xiao’s mother. Ling Xiao’s mother didn’t take it and said that her son didn’t like ice cream and left. Li Jianjian looked at the trash can after Ling Xiao’s mother left and found the photo and a toy that Ling Xiao’s mother had just thrown away.

Li Jianjian took this photo and went home and was seen by his father Li Haichao. Li Haichao guessed that it was because the little girl in the photo was gone that Ling Xiao’s mother threw the photo away. Li Jianjian asked his father where his mother who had passed away was. Li Haichao tricked Li Jianjian into saying that his mother had gone far, far away and would never come back. Li Haichao’s wife actually passed away because of a dystocia a year ago, and now Aunt Qian introduced him to a partner with a child named Anna Mae. Li Jianjian can’t accept that he has a new mother, so he hates Anna Mae’s son Ziqiu.

Anna Mae asked her son Ziqiu and Li Jianjian to play outside so that she could talk to Li Haichao alone. Li Jianjian and Ziqiu went out to play together. Li Jianjian asked Aunt Qian to buy a water gun for himself, and then shot Ziqiu. After the blind date, Li Haichao took Li Jianjian home and met Chen Ting. Li Jianjian said that his father was with a fairy. Chen Ting went home like her husband mentioned that her neighbor Li Haichao’s wife had just passed away a year, and she was eager to go on a blind date, and she died because of a difficult childbirth. Chen Ting fights the injustice for Li Haichao’s wife, and thinks of her daughter’s affairs, and then quarrels with her husband again.

The Subdistrict Office received complaints from neighbors that Ling Xiao’s house often quarreled, so Aunt Qian went to Ling Xiao’s house to inquire about the situation. In the evening, Ling Heping went home and Chen Ting asked if Ling Heping had told Aunt Qian’s family what happened. Ling Heping stated that he did not tell anyone about the situation in his home, but Chen Ting still did not believe it. One day, Ling Heping’s colleague’s daughter fell ill, and Ling Heping stayed at the company to work for her colleagues. Chen Ting thought of her daughter and blamed Ling Heping for caring about other people’s children more than her daughter.

On the other hand, Ling Xiao has been out of tune with the children here since he moved here. There is a child in the community, Peng Peng, who saw him not talking and laughed at him as a dumb. Li Jianjian gave Pengpeng a lesson when he heard it, and then Pengpeng’s mother took Pengpeng to Lingxiao’s home to raise the teacher and ask him for the crime. After this incident, Ling Xiao relaxed his hostility towards Li Jianjian, and Li Jianjian invited Ling Xiao to play in his room. Li Jianjian told Ling Xiao that his mother had gone a long way, and Ling Xiao’s sister should have gone a long way and became a fairy. Ling Xiao directly said that Li Jianjian was stupid, and told her that her mother and her sister had died because they had gone far away and became immortals.

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