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The Eight 外八行 Episode 24 Recap

Fang Yuanji and Yuzhi stood on the top of the mountain, and saw that the people in Laoliquan were burned alive. They couldn’t help but sighed. Yuzhi wanted to leave Guangzhou and let Fang Yuanji get the Wanshanhe scroll and the Tenxingzhe scroll as soon as possible. He promised to hold a document holders meeting for him in person, and he gave Fang Yuan an idea to take advantage of the weakness of the early Huamin’s love and righteousness, and start from the people around him. If it is a last resort, he can kill him, Huan. Uncle then rushed to return to Yu Zhi, and Yu Zhi asked him to mobilize those hidden people to start doing it. Zhong Yao hid aside and saw clearly, she was scared into a cold sweat. She didn’t expect Yu Zhi could do something to her own son. Not to mention that the uncle Huan she trusted the most was also the person who enjoined her.

Bai Jin was restless, and the owner of Qin Fang hurried to report to Bai Jin. He learned that all the people sent to Mocheng were trapped to death. Yu Butang had already occupied the headquarters of Lao Liquan, and then took the entire Guangzhou city. Bai Jin hurried back Guangzhou.

At the beginning, Huamin decided that Lao Liquan’s people would not give up and persuaded Ke Shu to give up Mocheng. Ke Shu wanted the rest of the Moban to go to a base in Fujian to build a school and start a new life. Huamin agreed to take it. With Xishui to send everyone off. At the same time, Hong Xiu received a letter from the Flying Pigeon, allowing her to take the opportunity to seize the seat of the Lord of Merchants. Hong Xiu explained that Qiming asked Jin Xiuniang to watch the movie he made. Jin Xiuniang followed Hong Xiu to the theater, and a hand holding flowers appeared on the screen. Qiming, Qiming expressed his heart to Jin Xiuniang, and Jin Xiuniang was moved to tears.

Hong Xiu came backstage to look for Qiming and lied that Hua Min was besieged by Fang Yuanji at the train station. Qiming couldn’t explain the reason to Jin Xiuniang, so he hurried to the train station by rickshaw. Jin Xiuniang kept waiting for Qiming to appear. Hong Xiu had to admit that Qiming was gone, she used Misixiang to stun Jin Xiuniang, unplug the wooden hairpin from her head and leave.

Li Jue came to the theater and found Jin Xiuniang fainted on the chair, so he helped her away. Early Hua Min took Moban disciples and their family members to Fujian by train, but there were no seats on the train. Hua Min first asked the conductor to coordinate and allowed all Moban disciples to board the train. Qiming then rushed to see that the early Huamin was safe and sound. At the beginning of Huamin, he just wanted to take everyone back to the theater. Fang Yuanji suddenly led them to besieged them in groups. One party rushed to relieve the siege in time. He and Fang Yuan fought to protect them from the early Huamin.

The masked man in black suddenly appeared to entangle one party, one party recognized her as his sister Jiufang, Fang Yuanji took the opportunity to chase after Hua Minchu, Li Jue came out to fight Fang Yuanji, he was soon overpowered, Hua Minchu let Yao Zhong, Valley of flowers and Ke books to get out, he took the explosives strapped to two Emaki peers very far, very far side of the car and threatened to kill classes ink disciples and their families, forced to show up early Republican China post Scroll out.

Hua Minchu had to stand up and force Fang Yuanji to release people as soon as possible, otherwise he would blow up the picture scroll. Hua Minchu had to put the picture scroll on the ground for him to pick it up. After Fang Yuanji approached, the first day of Huamin He kicked the scroll with his feet, and Fang Yuanji punched and kicked him. Hua Minchu was unfortunately injured. Fang Yuanji opened the scroll and found that it was a fake. He was furious and killed Hua Minchu.

Ke Shu walked halfway and found that the picture scroll was taken by mistake. Hua Minchu took the drawing he later painted. Zhong Yao hurriedly grabbed the real picture scroll and went back to save Hua Minchu. Fang Yuanji was holding iron tongs to kill Hua. At the beginning of the Republic of China, thanks to Xishui’s timely arrival to divert Fang Yuanji away, Fang Yuanji quibbleed her in every possible way and wounded Xishui’s back with iron tongs. At the beginning of the Republic of China, he only wanted to know the person behind Fang Yuanji, Fang Yuanji. He kept claiming that the man was the closest father to Hua Min Chu, and Hua Min Chu was dumbfounded.

Zhong Yao came to Hua Minchu with the real picture scroll, Fang Yuan extremely forced her to hand it over, and threatened her life by playing in the water, Zhong Yao had to hand it to Fang Yuanji, and Fang Yuanji suddenly turned his face and died with his hands. He built Xishui’s neck and held Zhong Yao with iron tongs. They used their lives to intimidate Hua Minchu and let the villagers kneel down on him. Hua Minchu had to do so, and Fang Yuanji asked him to follow Zhong Yao and Xi Shuizhi. Zhong Xian survived alone, otherwise all three of them would have to die. The Hua Min Dynasty chose Zhong Yao at the last moment, and Xi Shui was desperate.

Just as Fang Yuanji wanted to stab Xishui to death, Xishui grabbed the iron tongs and pierced into his body, and also pierced into Fang Yuanji’s body behind him. Hua Minchu picked up the explosive on the scroll and clung to it. Living with Fang Yuanji, he wanted to die with him. One party grabbed the bomb and threw it far away. He clung to Hua Minchu, and Jiu Fang took the Ten Xingzhe scrolls on the ground and left with Fang Yuanji.

Hua Minchu struggled to crawl up to Susu and hugged her tightly, like a knife. Fang Yuanji summoned Heyun, Jiufang, Feng Bennuo, Caigu, and Hongxiu to the theater, and ordered them to come and lead everyone to salute the new record holder Fang Yuanji.

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