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Flower of Evil Episode 3 Recap

In the summer of 2006, Bai Xicheng was already a metal manufacturer. During the period when he just moved here, Zhiyuan brought a pile of food to him every other day. Jiwon took a picture of Hee Sung casually, and a murderous aura rose in Hee Sung’s eyes, forcing her to the wall and threatening her to delete the photo. Zhiwon just likes Hee Sung, so she asks about his constellation, blood type, birthday, etc., but in Hee Sung’s eyes, she is here to investigate him. Facing Hee Sung’s questioning, Ji Won couldn’t smile. She also simply confessed to Xicheng, saying that she liked him. Hearing Jiwon’s direct confession, Xicheng suddenly felt dizzy, and he told Jiwon not to come again.

Time goes back to now, rainy night, Xicheng comes in through the door wearing a black raincoat. Jiwon was taken aback and didn’t relax until he saw Xicheng’s face. Zhiyuan asked where Hee Sung had gone, Hee Sung told him that he could not sleep and went to work, and brought back beer. When Zhiyuan saw the beer, she suddenly thought of when she confessed. Time went further, Xicheng wore this raincoat and went downstairs to feed Jinwuzhen. During the period, he did not forget to intimidate him. Jinwuzhen burst into tears, but he broke his throat and no one responded.

He begged Xicheng for mercy, and he would listen to him everything he wanted. Xicheng asked him, and in 2011 he wrote an article online. The content of the article is the tone of a female high school student, accusing the murderer. Jin Wuzhen expressed that he was willing to swear that he would never tell this matter, but Xicheng told him that he would never believe what a living person said. Jin Wuzhen sat in the darkness, his eyes full of despair.

A cordon was set up outside the Shunji Hotel the next day, and reporters and passers-by also discussed it. Zhiyuan arrived, although he was used to seeing murder scenes, but such cruelty is still rare. Similarly, the victim’s two thumb nails were also removed. The surveillance on the ceiling recorded scenes of the murderer, and the police officers present were very excited to see these scenes. However, Zhiyuan looked more and more carefully. The murderer was also wearing a black raincoat at the time, which made her think of Xicheng who came back in the middle of the night last night.

In 2002, Tao Mingxi tied a rope to the victim’s neck like Nam Sungil, but its brand and stripes have not been announced to the public. The rope on Nam Sungil’s neck this time is exactly the same as the rope used in the Lianzhou serial murder case. . Zhiyuan believes that the previous case of the grandmother living alone was an accident, but this case, as shown in the surveillance video, was implemented in a planned way. The murderer showed that he and Tao Mingxi’s modus operandi were similar, but he also showed off his difference from Tao Mingxi. He was a very dangerous person.

After investigation, the police found that the last person who had a phone call with Nam Soon Ji was a reporter from Jin Wuzhen, but he can’t be contacted now. Xicheng came to Jinwuzhen’s home, opened the folder according to his instructions, and got the information he wanted. At this time, Jin Wuzhen also managed to untie the rope in his hand. Suddenly the doorbell rang outside Jinwuzhen’s door, and Xicheng stepped forward to check and saw Jiwon unexpectedly. By the time Zhiwon broke in, Xicheng had already left. Zhiyuan found the computer on the desk with a temperature on it.

Zhiyuan went to the balcony to check and found that the vase was knocked over to the ground, while Xicheng was hiding outside the balcony at this time, and might fall off at any time. Zhiwon searched on the balcony and gradually approached Xicheng, who was so nervous that he almost slipped. The situation was urgent, and someone suddenly came to call Zhiwon away, and Xi Chengcai escaped. It was Hee Sung who called. He asked Ji Won if he knew Jin Wu Jin and said that he had come to see himself. At this time, a child downstairs spotted Xicheng outside the balcony and shouted at the thief. Although Zhiyuan was suspicious, she left. Xicheng returned home, relieved.

Xicheng returned to the basement of the workshop. Jin Wuzhen was waiting here early, and the two scuffled. Xicheng strangled Jin Wuzhen’s neck with a rope, and Zhiyuan rushed back. As soon as he entered the door, he saw that the faces of Xicheng and Jin Wuzhen were covered with scars. It turns out that Xicheng and Jinwuzhen have reached a cooperation. When Xicheng returned to Jinwuzhen’s house, he found the video recorder. It is the video of them going to Tao Mingxi’s basement. If that video is released, Jin Wuzhen’s identity as a reporter will no longer exist, and it will be difficult for him to continue living in South Korea.

Knowing that Nam Soon Gil was killed, Jin Wuzhen glanced at Xicheng subconsciously, but there was nothing unusual on the other’s expression. Watching the surveillance video, Jin Wuzhen also thought that Xicheng was wearing the same black raincoat that night. He panicked and had a lot to say, but he had nothing to say. Jin Wuzhen told the police that the Tao Xianxiu mentioned on the phone was the son of the serial murderer Tao Mingxi.

He wrote their story into a report and he was also Tao Mingxi’s neighbor. However, it is reported that Tao Xianxiu killed the lichang three months after his father was arrested and then fled. Jin Wuzhen went on to say that Tao Xianxiu’s schoolbag was found by the river at that time, with the murder weapon that killed Li Chang in it. He is still wanted. And Nam Soon Gil took the initiative to contact him because he read his article.

Zhiyuan asked what was going on with Tao Xianxiu and Tao Mingxi’s joint killing. Jin Wuzhen told her that it was just a rumor circulating in the village after Tao Mingxi committed suicide. The reason for this spread is that at the time the villagers said that Tao Xianxiu was upper body by a ghost, but in fact he was an anti-social personality.

At that time, no matter who provoked Tao Xianxiu, all were retaliated against. The more Jin Wuzhen talked about it, the more flaws it got, and Zhiyuan was very suspicious. Zhiyuan rushed to the hospital to see Nam Soon Gil’s wife. His wife said that Nam Soon Gil received a threatening call from Tao Hyun Soo every day. The taxi driver who took the murderer that night told Officer Cui that the murderer had said that he had the same profession as his father.

When Jin Wuzhen returned home, after thinking about it, he still suspected that Hee Sung had killed Nam Soon Gil in time. But then he learned from Team Leader Jiang that the murderer had entered the hotel at three in the morning, while Xicheng was in the workshop at that time. When Zhiyuan came to a restaurant, she saw the menu on the wall and suddenly thought that Xicheng had cooked exactly the same dishes for herself. The owner of the restaurant told Zhiwon that Tao Xianxiu, who had worked here, suddenly disappeared one day.

One day, Tao Xianxiu broke a bowl, but he suddenly laughed. Xicheng looked at herself in the mirror, the knife marks on her chest were clearly visible, and he sounded the night of confrontation with Nam Sunji. His father’s horrible appearance suddenly appeared in front of him, and asked him to kill Nam Soon Gil. Xicheng was terrified and rushed out of the woods before being hit by a car. Jin Wuzhen called Xicheng and said that he could do his alibi. Xicheng refused, but Jin Wuzhen came uninvited and showed Xicheng the surveillance video.

Nam Soon Ji kept saying that Tao Xianxiu made threatening calls to him, that someone must be impersonating Tao Xianxiu. Jin Wuzhen wants to investigate the matter, but Xicheng doesn’t care. Jin Wuzhen tried his best to persuade Xicheng to waver. At this time, in an abandoned factory, a person wearing a black raincoat looked at the pictures on the wall, and suddenly fell to the ground in pain and barely took the medicine. Xicheng’s mother saw the report and blamed Xicheng for not being cautious. At the same time, Xicheng’s stepfather returned home and opened the secret room, which was filled with some medical equipment. It was the real Bai Xicheng lying on the bed.

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