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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 2 Recap

The debate changes the feeling that two enemies become teammates experiencing heartbeat.

A few friends watched the TV series that Jay Chou once played. Then they talked about summer homework. Everyone questioned that Huang Chengzi hadn’t finished writing. Then they checked together and found that Huang Chengzi hadn’t finished the math. In the evening, Huang Chengzi furiously copied Chen ‘s homework. The students in the classroom were copying homework the next day.

Chen Zui walked to the door, everyone blocked him and copied his homework. When the teacher checked the homework, he found that He Jinchao’s homework was thinner than others… Huang Chengzi was preparing the debate draft, but Zhu Tonight touched both of them.

Chest, said that the yellow and orange chest can’t tell the gender… The two people at the dinner table said that they will definitely defeat each other. Parents ask you what is the topic of the debate? It turns out that it is contemporary men and women who need the most care? So the parents at the parent table also talked about it. Women advocated that women need care most, while men advocated that men need care most. During the discussion, Tan Song fought with Huang Chengzi…

The group stage was postponed for a week, and Huang Chengzi drew a topic again. The disadvantages of puberty love are greater than the pros and cons. Then the two of them became teammates. In order to win the game, the two of them began to experience the feeling of puppies, and the three friends held books. Teach them how to experience, but the reaction of the two of them did not seem to be very cheerful. He Jinzhao said that he would list a must-do in love and let them go on a date alone, but the two of them disliked each other and expressed rejection. Now they said what they both wanted, so they compromised again.

The next day they both dressed up very well. Huang Chengzi looked at Tan Song and kept glaring at him. Orange asked him if he was amazing? Tan Song said that he didn’t see it. In fact, he was already a little excited at this time. What’s interesting is that Tan Song was riding a car with Huang Chengzi without a back seat. Huang Chengzi complained that he was too stupid. Tan Song looked at Huang Chengzi and smiled evilly , Then Tan Song got a tandem bicycle and bought a bucket of popcorn to watch a movie.

When eating popcorn, the hands of the two touched each other. Do you think it is romantic? No, they started rushing to eat popcorn to watch movies; the two went skating again, and Tan Song seemed to be unable to. Huang Chengzi took Tan Song’s hand to teach him to slide, Huang Chengzi pulled Tan Song in the middle, and then ignored him Then, Huang Chengzi made a grimace at him, and Tan Song fell to the ground.

The red light made the whole atmosphere a little ambiguous; afterwards, the two went to the e-sports mall to play games and shoot basketballs. I don’t know why. Huang Chengzi suddenly became angry, and told Tang Song to keep her one meter away from her in the future…

Back at home, everyone asked what happened to the two of them? The two began to dislike each other again, saying that the other party was not worthy of themselves, and that the other party was not his own food, but He Jinzhao questioned his strategy. There can be no problem. The problem must lie with them, saying that they did not find it. The feeling of heartbeat is no use for anything. Saying that he will definitely help them find their feelings, the next day, in order to experience the feeling of heart, Huang Chengzi made a must-have hairstyle for Korean drama heroines, and acted like a baby and asked him if he looks good?

Tan Song said that she was thinking about throwing eggs at him, and then the two watched a love movie. After that, they also experienced a scene that often appears in a love movie, that is, in the rain, two people running in a suit , Huang Chengzi fell while running, and almost pulled off Tan Song’s pants when he fell. This method failed.

Then they tried to listen to music again indoors, but Tan Song seemed to play a piece of destruction. The song of the atmosphere, this method failed again, and then in the night, the two tried to say goodbye romantically. They looked at each other reluctantly, and did not want to turn away. So the two agreed to turn around and leave together.

Tan Song turned around and turned back. Looking at Huang Chengzi, He Jinzhao turned on the light to Huang Chengzi and scared Tan Song away. This method failed. Tan Song started to respond when you first planned a date. He said that he didn’t feel anything, but his heart was already moved. Now, the yellow oranges in the supermarket can’t reach the drinks at high places. At this moment, a boy helped the yellow oranges to take the drinks down, and the yellow oranges looked at the boy with a heartbeat…

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