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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 1 Recap

Orange new car lost and missed the concert tonight.

The four people in the small courtyard are playing the post game. Xiaopang He Jinzhao , who haunts daily, is at the bottom of the food chain of Shude Family Courtyard and is one of the legal heirs of the canteen. I wish to tease tonight, He Jinchao is too fat and fell off his chair. Tonight is a particularly smart kid in the eyes of adults, but in the eyes of friends, it is cold and cruel, Godzilla. Chen Zui , also a particularly clever and well-behaved child, is Shude’s peacemaker. The female protagonist claims to be a 16-year-old young girl in the season, the champion of the future Chinese language novel, and the fifth boy who appeared with a call for ” Yellow Orange ” took pictures of the four protagonists.

And the evaluation is very ugly and unique. This boy is called Tan Song . Since he was a child, he has robbed the heroine of candy, and has been against her every day. After Chen Zui moved, he sighed that he was going to bid farewell to the old yard. The two little friends comforted him and said, so that we can embrace the new life, and Xiao Pang’s father said that he would pick them up for half an hour. He hasn’t arrived yet. A little friend started fighting, the hostess complained about Song’s ugly picture of her, and then took a picture again.

Turning to 2007, Huang Chengzi and his father looked at the family thrift plan made by his mother. Since moving from the old yard into the new building, almost all of the family’s savings were spent, so the mother let them cut their pocket money. Halfway through, her mother asked Chengzi to strictly enforce it with her father. Huang Chengzi coquettishly said to her mother that she wanted to change a bicycle, and her mother asked her to continue riding a relative’s bicycle. Huang Chengzi said that her mother was not thrifty, but stingy, and his father was wrong. , Took the orange aside, told him about the car, and he would help her solve it.

Mother asked Huang Chengzi to go to the former yard and take home the things that were not finished. So Huang Chengzi asked Tan Song for help. Huang Chengzi bought ice cream and called all her friends over to help her move things. Then she complained about herself. Huang Chengzi’s mother was very stingy. Huang Chengzi accidentally found an envelope with 800 yuan in it. Huang Chengzi speculated that it was her mother’s private money, but her little friend told her to test both at home. The test failed, and Huang Chengzi hid the money in the bedroom chandelier. Chen helped Zhu to buy the concert tickets tonight, but Zhu was not happy tonight because it happened to be her mother’s birthday.

I wish tonight at the dinner table, thinking about how to tell her mother. But at this time, her brother told her mother one step ahead of her that he could not attend his mother’s birthday.

When the words came to my lips, I wish I swallowed again tonight. I wish Jinxiao asked Chen Zui if he could change the ticket for the next day. When her mother went into the room to turn on the light, Huang Orange realized that the money was particularly easy to find, so she hid the money inside the doll, but the doll was almost taken away by the relative’s child, so she hid the money in the fan in the living room. At this time, the father was looking for the envelope, and then the father confessed to his daughter, and the two smiled knowingly. At the same time, the mother and aunt brought melons home. The mother was afraid of heating up the aunt and asked him to turn on the fan. Don’t want to.

So the mother turned on the fan by herself… Huang Chengzi went to Tan Song’s house, and Tan Song seemed to seldom evade the word “mother”, not knowing what happened behind it. When my father saw Orange riding a bicycle at the canteen, he felt a little distressed in his heart, because it was a long time ago, and on the way home, this bicycle broke down. At this moment, his father pushed a new bicycle to her. In front of, it turns out that my father saved money to change a car for your daughter. Huang Chengzi also rode a new car to find Tan Song. Tan Song and Chen are planning to go to the concert, and Xiao Zhu also plans to go to the concert instead of attending. On my mother’s birthday, my mother received a call from Xiaozhu’s father when she was preparing dinner, saying that she would be able to go home very late.

Let her eat first. Xiao Zhu’s mother had a birthday, and after Huang Chengzi went to the supermarket to buy things, the bicycle seemed to be lost. When Xiao Zhu’s mother was particularly sad, her mother’s mother came, so she said Only mother is good in the world. But Xiao Zhu, on the way to the concert, worried that her mother would be sad, and told her friends that she was not going. Tan Song called Huang Chengzi to watch the concert. Huang Chengzi cried and said that the car was lost, but she sang. Tickets for the meeting cannot be wasted…

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