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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 19 Recap

Li Xuan led Long Zhang’er to celebrate his birthday, Yu Feng Mu set a trap for Li Xuan

On the day of Long Shao’er’s birthday, Li Xuan led Long Shao’er around the city, and the two came to the city gate unknowingly. The defending general recognized Li Xuan. For many years, Ziji ordered Li Xuan to be forbidden from leaving the city. The defending general stopped Li Xuan and bowed his hands respectfully to remind Li Xuan that he could not leave the city.

The soldiers around the city gate congratulated Long Chang’er on his birthday in unison. Li Xuan led Long Chang’er to the treasure auction house. The merchant took out several treasures for auction. Long Chang’er was not interested in it until the merchant took out a deceased one. The belt worn by the princess of Kunwu clan, Long Zhang’er moved his heart to let Li Xuan buy the belt. Li Xuan led Long Zhang’er out of the city and went to Bai Xiaosheng’s residence to find out the truth about his mother’s death. Bai Xiaosheng said that there is a sword in the secret realm.

As long as Li Xuan pulls out the sword in the secret realm, he can discover what he thinks. . After Li Xuan left, Yu Fengmu and Su Youlian appeared. It turned out that Yu Fengmu instructed Bai Xiaosheng to tell lies to deceive Li Xuan and lured Li Xuan to pull out the secret sword to relieve the dragon emperor.

Li Xuan led Long Chang’er back to the city. It was already dark. Xiao Fengming spent a lot of money on the beauty Spruce and bought a bunch of fireworks to show his love to Spruce. Li Xuan was more generous than Xiao Fengming. He bought fireworks throughout the city and ordered others to help set them off when night fell. Long Zhanger looked up at the dazzling fireworks display, almost dancing with joy.

After the fireworks were off, Li Xuan led Long Zhang’er to the inn to have a drink, Yu Fengmu and Su Youlian were also drinking in the same inn, and Li Xuan led Long Zhang’er into a seat. The atmosphere became a little awkward, and Su Youlian left with Yu Fengmu’s accompany. Li Xuan was upset,

He drank a lot of wine accompanied by Long Chang’er. When Long Chang’er left, he ordered the store to open a superior room for Li Xuan to rest.

In the long night, Su Youlian couldn’t help but wandering outside the inn with no intention of sleeping. Li Xuan was sitting in the corridor and playing the flute. Su Youlian followed the sound of the flute, and couldn’t help but think of seeing a young man playing the flute when he was young.

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