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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 24 End Recap

Guo Deyou escaped a catastrophe and slumped on the ground to rest. At this time, Guo Deyou found the phrase “Yao Zhi is the emperor from the Taber chapter” in the book that Guo Deyou got from Rong Aoshuang, and his cousin Fan Junyao’s name is very similar Similar, he remembered that in Rong Aoshuang’s silver bell seal, the mysterious person was the big cousin, so Tai Bo was not Rong Aoshuang, but the big cousin. It seemed that Ding Mao’s guess was correct.

Xiao Lanlan took Guo Deyou to the well that was sealed back then. The people at that time were the women who sacrificed the life here, that is, the mother of the big cousin. It is said that the Fan family went to Germany and the big cousin was separated from the family since then After receiving Sigmund’s training, he, like Rong Aoshuang, was a chess piece sent back to China by the Gutenberg Association to perform tasks. Rong Aoshuang’s patients were all high-ranking officials and dignitaries.

He helped Gutenberg with the help of a mental control method called silver bell The association has obtained a lot of information. Everyone suspects that the big cousin wants to use Rong Aoshuang to gather all the people who worshipped nine cows, two tigers and one chicken, and burn them to death, to avenge his mother. Guo Deyou and all of them were played around by him. However, there are still many doubts, but the upcoming Dragon King Conference must be an excellent opportunity for the big cousin to start.

Tianjin Wei began to prepare for the Dragon King Conference. In the evening, everything was ready. Zhang Shenpo stood on the dragon boat, read the spell, and began to worship the Dragon King ceremony. Guo Deyou and the others also secretly set up traps and waited for the big cousin to get the bait. They guessed the big watch Brother wanted to transport the German white phosphorous bomb launching equipment to the dragon ship, and then disguised it as a red paper cannon. Sure enough, they found a disguised cousin in a ship’s warehouse.

The cousin felt that the dragon was not a legend, maybe There is a live vaccine that can break the barriers between species, allowing a creature to have antlers, camel heads, rabbit eyes, snake items, mirages, eagle claws, bull ears, tiger paws, and fish scales. People can also be like birds and fish. Similarly, Ding Mao suspected himself and the evidence cited was actually facts, but he did not insist. At this time, he suddenly released a gas. After the fog cleared, what appeared in front of Guo Deyou He Dingmao was cutting. At the scene of the press conference, the eldest cousin began to explain to them all the causes and processes.

The big cousin thinks that Tianjin people believe in nine cows, two tigers and one chicken, so cutting straight is the first step. Crazy Cui jumped out to stop the straight cut, so he must die. Then, he proposed to Gu Weiliang to shoot the whole wedding. , Counted as Miss Wang’s last work before the film, but the West Lake Hotel’s light source was not bright enough and the camera could not shoot. At this time, Wang Meiren would go to the crew to borrow the high-temperature light.

It caused an accident, but the big cousin instructed Wang Ziren to replace the gift given by Commander Wu with a fire cow picture, and put Gu Weiliang into the nine cows. Gu Weiliang was from Gutenberg. Gutenberg wanted to penetrate China by cultivating elites. To profit from it, the Yinling Seal was not only used to relieve pain, Rong Aoshuang took advantage of the treatment of Ding Mao and copied the list of Gutenberg personnel.

As for Niutie Island, it was also planned by the big cousin, and he also watched a good show of Guo Deyou and Ding Mao falling out.

The pigment used by Bai Sihu for Gu Ying’s tattoos is extracted from red leeches. The central nerve paralysis of red leeches can also cause false deaths, which can make the fresh lives falsely die.

The big cousin Shi Ji asked the three old seniors who are highly respected in Tianjin to kill a diplomat in the same way as the big cousin, and then use Captain Zheng, who is eager for quick success, to find three small people and kill the three old seniors, and then find one The person in charge of the cold storage froze the three people to death, and then threw the corpses to the designated place.

Counting the spontaneous combustion of phosphorous powder, coal powder explosion, electric arc explosion, magnetic detonation, liquid ammonia poisoning, liquid nitrogen freezing, and a series of accidents It’s not easy to get into Fire Bull and Niu Su. The idea of ​​using military pay to replenish the military treasury was provided to Mayor Bai from the side of his eldest cousin. By keeping the military pay in the bank for a period of time, he can earn a large amount of interest. To remind Commander Wu, the rest is up to Li Dashan’s four precious apprentices.

The big cousin thinks that his mother’s death is a collective evil. Everyone participates in it and no one can escape. More than ten years ago, because of the old river god’s saying “The sea monster is a drought”, many people believe it is true and convinced. The drought was caused by the siren, and no one who killed her was innocent by a water-fed mother who sacrificed nine cattle, two tigers and one chicken.

At this time, Guo Deyou and Ding Mao returned to reality. They found that there was a transmission launcher for white phosphorous bombs behind their big cousin. Once the explosion would affect the entire pier, in order to protect the people, they divided their work and acted, and Ding Mao went to change the cannon. In the direction of the launch, Guo Deyou supported his eldest cousin, and the two fought, and finally everyone managed to avoid a big explosion.

Nine cattle, two tigers and one chicken are just superstitions, but the big cousin uses science to realize them one by one, and wants the people to usher in destruction at the most pious moment, so “one chicken” is a time, and the big cousin chose a different one. As a candidate for the Saint Child, Guo Deyou was also one of the experimenters. Lian Huaqing was also developed into a monster and put into the river. He almost killed Guo Deyou. Fortunately, he was eventually subdued. At this time, Guo Deyou became a successful experiment. The sample started the so-called real evolution, at this time, the river god will no longer exist.

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