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Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 21 Recap

Wang Manni gave Gu Jia a taste of coffee from her ex-boyfriend. Zhong Xiaoqin rushed to Gu Jia’s house to listen to the story after receiving the call. Wang Manni said that her ex-boyfriend Jiang Chen had been pursuing her three years ago, and that she had just gone to work in a luxury store. Dazzled by money and didn’t want to live a life of frugal food and clothing, he decisively abandoned Jiang Chen. To this day, seeing Jiang Chen running a coffee shop, she still feels that her abandonment was correct. Fortunately, she was single when she met Liang Zhengxian, otherwise she would have missed such a wonderful life.

Chen Yu listened to his younger brother and prepared to pursue Zhong Xiaoqin again. He turned off the switch specially and took out the red wine Chen Xu gave him. He prepared a candlelight dinner on the balcony. He was worried that Zhong Xiaoqin would not accept it. Chen Yu also deliberately locked the door on the balcony. Seeing the red wine and the candlestick, Zhong Xiaoqin knew Chen Yu’s tricks, and the door could not be opened. He was about to open the red wine he prepared carefully, and suddenly a colleague called him downstairs to say that the leader of the unit had something to do with him.

Early the next morning, Zhong Xiaoqin found that all the small things at home seemed to have changed. The cans were very tight and even the bag holders were nailed high. As a last resort, she opened her mouth to ask Chen Yu for help, and the two finally started talking again. Chen Yu called Chen Xu. For the first time he felt that Chen Xu was useful. Chen Xu continued to help him and asked him to ask his mother-in-law for help.

Wang Manni was working out in the gym, and she came across a girl who came to her to work out. She seemed to have accidentally said that the fitness card here is expensive, and she also said some inexplicable things. This card was handled by Liang Zhengxian for Wang Manni. When he ate with Liang Zhengxian again, Wang Manni wanted Liang Zhengxian to take him with him next time he went to Hong Kong, but Liang Zhengxian tactfully refused. Every time he mentioned going to Hong Kong, he seemed unhappy, Wang Manni was very strange.

Gu Jia returned to the tea plantation to learn about the situation. According to employees, the quality of the tea here far exceeds international standards. Even large tea factories do not have this quality. However, they were slow to sell because they couldn’t afford to spend money. Hearing everyone’s concerns, Gu Jia Decided to rely on their own ability to broaden the sales of tea.

In the evening, Gu Jia was resting at the tea factory. Gu Jia was a little frightened when she was out of town. The village chief asked a little girl to accompany Gu Jia. The little girl opened her mouth and said that Gu Jia was the nobleman of their village. Gu Jia was very moved when she heard the little girl’s words.

The next day, a customer came to Wang Manni’s shop. This customer met in the gym the day before yesterday. She was wearing a tsundere brand all over her body. She tried on each of her clothes for four hours. There were a few piles of clothes, and the other party had no photos. Not only that, she only wanted Wang Manni to serve her. In the end, she just picked a tie to pack. It was obviously a mess, Wang Manni patiently served her, and finally bowed to greet her. Colleagues thought this customer was a weird thing.

Chen Yu began to send things to his mother-in-law’s house. He actively expressed that he usually went to their house like an uncle, but now he knows to go to the kitchen to serve food, and he constantly praised his mother-in-law for the delicious braised pork. Obviously knowing what Chen Yu was thinking about, but his father had just been discharged from the hospital due to a heart attack, Zhong Xiaoqin couldn’t bear to tell them the truth.

In the evening, the two of them went home together. Zhong Xiaoqin deliberately asked Chen Yu if she wanted to use the car to return to the house. She regretted dividing her in half. Chen Yu was speechless when she heard Zhong Xiaoqin’s thinking logic, and the two began to have friction again.

Gu Jia returned from the tea factory, and she communicated with Xu Huanshan what she had seen and thought in the past few days. Although the management of the tea factory was old-fashioned and the employees were disciplined, the tea picking and tea making techniques were still ancient methods and the ecology of the tea farm The environment is very good, which is also their competitive advantage for tea factories. Gu Jia is going to look for former colleagues, then seek some financing, and increase publicity.

Zhong Xiaoyang told Zhong Xiaoqin that the company would give them a job and let them go out. Zhong Xiaoqin went to the destination with him and found that it was a driving school. Zhong Xiaoyang said that the tuition fee was his birthday gift to Zhong Xiaoqin. Zhong Xiaoqin readily accepted it. Anyway, she wants to learn to drive, and she will have to pick him up by Chenyu when she is saved.

As soon as the tea harvest season came, Gu Jia took the propaganda copy and started looking for sales. For several days, she was turned away by the big boss. The village chief called her and asked how the situation was. Gu Jia sat in the building desperately. At the door, she told the village chief that she had tried her best, and she couldn’t find a market. Now she couldn’t protect herself.

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