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Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 20 Recap

Early in the morning, Xu Huanshan took Gu Jia to find the village chief. Since the risk was too great, they decided to stop the loss in time. Xu Huanshan retired to watch the door. The village chief had already waited there with many tea farmers, and he advised Jia and Xu Huanshan went to the tea garden to see for themselves. Many tea farmers have been making tea for a lifetime. Once the tea factory is closed, their source of livelihood is cut off.

It was the first time that Gu Jia went to the place where tea was grown. She was very shocked. Every tea leaf grows so tender and lovely. The village chief said that the reason why the tea factory lost was because of its low output. They upheld the traditional production process and refused to use tea. The use of additives in the company is squeezed out by peers who use additives, so sales are not objective.

Wang Manni relied on Liang Zhengxian’s relationship and invited Amanda to wine tasting at the estate. Although Amanda was also from Hong Kong, she rarely went to such high-class places. Wang Manni and Amanda introduced Liang Zhengxian to Wang Manni. With so many Jin’s boyfriends, Wang Manni was even more admired. Liang Zhengxian knew that Wang Manni was going to work in Hong Kong. He was against it and reminded Wang Manni to be a regular customer in sales and to go to Hong Kong to start over. Wang Manni didn’t understand why Liang Zhengxian opposed his going to Hong Kong, and thought that Liang Zhengxian was worried that she would rely on him.

Zhong Xiaoyang unlocked the iron lock on the roof. He eagerly pulled Zhong Xiaoqin to the top of the building to look at the sky. Zhong Xiaoqin was very excited when she saw such beautiful clouds for the first time. On the rooftop, Zhong Xiaofeng took Zhong Xiaoqin’s hand and confessed to her, Zhong Xiaoqin immediately broke free of his hand and told him to stop confessing.

Chen Feng saw that his brother Chen Yu was in a bad mood recently, so he invited him to drink, and Chen Feng saw at a glance that his sister-in-law was divorced. Chen Yu finally admitted that he regretted the divorce. He felt that Zhong Xiaoqin never understood him. Although he did not pick her up a few times, he also paid a taxi and did laundry. At first, Zhong Xiaoqin asked him not to let him. Touch the clothes. There is always nothing in life, and Chen Yu is also helpless. Chen Feng asked him if he wanted to catch Zhong Xiaoqin again, and he would help him find a way.

Hearing a knock on the door, Zhong Xiaoqin opened the door and saw Chen Yu was so drunk. Chen Xu directly helped Chen Yu to Zhong Xiaoqin’s room and left. Zhong Xiaoqin covered Chen Yu and heard him drinking When I was unconscious, I said I regretted divorce. The evening breeze was as cool as water, Zhong Xiaoqin was tossing and turning around in the room, she was reflecting on her marriage.

Gu Jia is also reflecting on what she has done recently. She feels that the tea factory’s things are done like this because she is used to shortcuts and thinks that the things her wife has given are the best. Xu Huanshan knew that Gu Jia must continue to open the tea factory. He supported Gu Jia’s decision and was willing to gamble with Gu Jia and mortgage their new house for the second time. Gu Jia was very grateful to Xu Huanshan and decided to name their tea “Kongshan Tea”.

In the morning, Daisy saw that Wang Manni had the best parking space and was driving a luxury car. She satirized Wang Manni not to think that she had a good future if she had a rich boyfriend. She also reminded Wang Man very rudely Ni, if you fail to transfer to Hong Kong, you will lose face when you come back. Wang Manni had seen Daisy’s methods before, and she didn’t take Daisy at all.

At the dinner, Wang Manni asked Zhong Xiaoqin what progress had been made with Zhong Xiaofeng recently. Zhong Xiaoqin thought it might be Zhong Xiaofeng’s impulse. Wang Manni didn’t think so. Every time she saw Zhong Xiaofeng, she thought the little boy was serious.

Liang Zhengxian took Wang Manni to the business meeting. He asked Wang Manni to chat with her boss’ lovers first. Wang Manni felt that Liang Zhengxian looked down on her. She would not be like the lovers maintained by the boss. Now she is working hard. Study and strive to become Liang Zhengxian’s right-hand man one day.

Gu Jia returned from the tea factory and went straight to the wife’s club. Mrs. Wang whispered to her that it was not worth turning her face over for the money. Gu Jia rudely tore up her circle of friends. She confessed that these women who survived with her husband’s surname were really both Poor and sad, he pays for his fault today, and one day they will also pay for himself.

Wang Manni accidentally met someone who had pursued him. Seeing that he was so focused at work, Wang Manni couldn’t help but walk into the store. The two chatted for a while. When they didn’t get together for some reason, and when they met again, the man was already the owner of a beverage shop.

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