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Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 18 Recap

Chen Yu heard his brother asking him if he had a conflict with Zhong Xiaoqin recently. He quickly said no. The clever Chen Xu had seen the camp bed next to the fish tank. He deliberately said that he wanted to borrow a thousand yuan today to pass this. The clever ghost hurried away. Chen Yu directly paid him 3,000 yuan and reminded him not to always come here in the future. Chen Xu saw that his brother was so happy for the first time, and he felt that the conflict between the young man and his wife had become serious this time.

Xu Huanshan knew that his wife was about to celebrate his 30th birthday. He decided to celebrate his wife’s birthday. In order to reduce her troubles, Xu Huanshan moved the company’s working capital to her and prepared to pay the tea factory in one lump sum. Transfer money.

Zhong Xiaoqin solved the problems arising from the withdrawal of the store in accordance with Chen Yu’s method. She was in a good mood. She invited Zhong Xiaoyang to have a work meal. Both people like to play games. Zhong Xiaoyang deliberately loses to Zhong Xiaoqin. According to the rules of the game, the person who loses the game must invite each other to dinner.

Zhong Xiaoyang readily agreed to invite Zhong Xiaoqin to dinner. He confessed that he had lost the game deliberately just now, saying that he put the prawns on the plate into Zhong Xiaoqin’s bowl, with a smile in his eyes. Gu Jia took Xu Ziyan to eat here and found it very interesting to see the two people eating. After a while, Gu Jia deliberately sent a text message to Zhong Xiaoqin, asking who was the little handsome guy who served her diligently, as if it was a prelude to sibling love.

When Zhong Xiaoqin returned to the office, she found two extra boxes of oolong tea on her seat. Zhong Xiaoyang told her that he knew she liked drinking this kind of tea, so he bought two boxes for her, so that she would be refreshed when working overtime in the future. Zhong Xiaofeng also asked Zhong Xiaoqin to keep it for herself to drink, not to share with colleagues.

This day is Gu Jia’s 30th birthday. Early in the morning, Gu Jia and Xu Huanshan went to pick up their father. They wanted to visit Gu Jia’s mother’s grave. When they saw his father was wearing a red dress, Gu’s father said that someone else would visit the grave. Wearing black is worried that the little ghost will see him, and wearing red is because Gu Jia’s mother can see him at a glance.

Gu Jia saw that her father had such a deep affection for her mother. She remembered that when she was a child, her mother had kidney disease. The family spent a lot of money to treat the disease. With tears in her eyes, her mother advised her father not to stay in the hospital, otherwise she was worried that Gu Jia would have no place to live in the future. . In the end, Gu Jia’s father signed the list of giving up treatment. For this reason, Gu Jia has always hated his father, knowing that she gave birth to Xu Ziyan, and knowing how her mother was at that time. It has been many years since my mother has passed away, and my father has not renewed the strings, which shows that they are deeply emotional.

Xu Huanshan hosted Gu Jia’s birthday party in the park. Zhong Xiaoqin and Wang Manni selected gifts for her a few days ago, and Wang Manni brought Liang Zhengxian with him. Zhong Xiaoqin went to buy flowers. Because of the delay in work, she quickly asked Zhong Xiaofeng to send her to Greenland Park. Originally, Zhong Xiaoqin asked Zhong Xiaofeng to go back when he was sent to the destination. Zhong Xiaofeng brazenly used Zhong Xiaoqin’s cell phone to call Gu Jia, but he also attended Gu Jia’s birthday party as he wished.

At the banquet, Xu Huanshan and Xu Ziyan played a piano music for Gu Jia. In the end, they set off their newly developed fireworks. Seeing the bright fireworks in the sky, everyone clapped their hands and blessed her. Gu Jia was very moved.

In order to express his gratitude to Gu Jia over the past ten years, Xu Huanshan took out a diamond ring. When he was a poor boy, Gu Jia followed him and founded the firework factory together. Until now, he has never given up. I promised her to give her the best gift, and now I can do it. When Xu Huanshan knelt on one knee and brought the diamond ring to Gu Jia, the friends in the audience immediately screamed, thinking they were too romantic. It’s a couple.

Zhong Xiaoyang saw that there was an empty place next to Zhong Xiaoqin. He cheeky holding a plate and rubbing against Zhong Xiaoqin and sat down. Wang Manni immediately understood Zhong Xiaoyang’s eyes when he looked at Zhong Xiaoqin. While Zhong Xiaoqin went to get the fruit, Wang Man Ni reminded Zhong Xiaoyang that Zhong Xiaoqin is a very simple person and cannot be half-hearted with her. Zhong Xiaoyang solemnly told Wang Manni that he took this relationship very seriously.

Boss Xu’s Beijing Paradise was about to be dazzled. Xu Huanshan took Gu Jia and Xu Ziyan to Beijing. After placing Gu Jia and Xu Ziyan in the hotel, Xu Huanshan went to the scene to decorate.

Lin Youyou always admires Xu Huanshan when he sees Xu Huanshan in the paradise. She usually sends various photos to him when Xu Huanshan is in Shanghai. Now that she sees Xu Huanshan up close, she is even in Xu Huanshan. Dangling in front of him.

Gu Jia took Xu Ziyan out to eat. Xu Ziyan said that she liked her mother very much because her mother was always with him. Gu Jia smiled and lit his little nose to let him know that his father who often worked outside was also very hard.

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