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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 6 Recap

Gao Tianshuo deliberately changed the check-in location to play Du Mingshan and Luo Danfang wanted Li Meiqi to work in her company.

Gao Tianshuo looked at the email from Du Mingshan and felt that her writing was fluent, but she was very axisy in her actions, seeming to be a tendon. Gao Tianshuo went to return the key to Du Mingshan, and wanted her to help contact Luo Yuefang, but Du Mingshan refused and asked him to figure out how to be a good neighbor. Gao Tianshuo told his assistant about the situation, and the assistant helped him formulate the methods for being a good neighbor, but those methods were a bit paranoid, and Gao Tianshuo didn’t approve it.

Du Mingshan was forced by the editor-in-chief to look around for ten pages. The sisters once again collectively helped and instructed Du Mingshan where Gao Tianshuo should check in. Gao Tianshuo wanted to test Du Mingshan’s patience and hard work, and deliberately clocked in multiple places, causing Du Mingshan to go around with a dead dog. same. When he came back in the evening, Gao Tianshuo secretly looked at Du Mingshan. As soon as Du Mingshan left the house, he deliberately pretended to take out the garbage and went out to please Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan knew that he wanted to please him and wanted to contact Luo Yuefang and let him continue to work hard.

Tao Tiantian continued to start the live broadcast. Jing Fan found that Luo Danfang was not eating and was in a daze. He asked her what happened. Luo Danfang said that her brother asked her how Li Meiqi had cried to comfort her. Everyone felt sad because of this incident. Li Meiqi came suddenly and brought things to the sisters. Everyone got together happily. After Xu Kaiyu came back, he reported to Luo Yuefang, saying that Li Meiqi had left the homestay and had to quit the task, saying that Li Meiqi did not like him, but Luo Yuefang asked him to continue the task and asked his men to go back and check how to chase the girl. , I will report to myself with Xu Kaiyu tomorrow.

Gao Tianshuo asked his assistant to buy hollow bricks, and then blocked the Yangru between his house and Du Mingshan’s house. Unexpectedly, Du Mingshan was accused of being blamed. Gao Tianshuo was kind but didn’t get a good return, so angry that he turned back to the house and built the wall. The task was handed over to the assistant. When Du Mingshan trains for running, Gao Tianshuo stepped forward to make suggestions, but was mocked by her, thinking that he still wanted to please himself to approach Luo Yuefang, so he did not give him a chance.

Liao Qianman’s father came to give her rice cake powder, forcing her to go back with him, not to live in Du Mingshan’s house, and go home to pick up her mother’s imperial decree, otherwise he would accept bullet punishment. Xu Kaiyu asked Luo Danfang for help. If he could catch a girl, Luo Danfang provided him with his own advice on pursuing himself, and also suggested him. Xu Kaiyu woke up like a dream, and he had an idea in his heart, so he searched for information to pursue a girl overnight. the plan of.

Two of Luo Yuefang’s men suggested that there was only one way to chase women, and that they had never failed. That was to take them home and throw them down. Luo Yuefang’s eyes were rolled. Xu Kaiyu sent a plan sheet and introduced Luo Yuefang one by one with a slide. Luo Yuefang thought his method was good, but there should be no kissing and going to bed. He asked him to follow Li Meiqi according to this plan.

Xu Kaiyu imagined that he was chasing Li Meiqi. Just when he was overjoyed by the result, he turned around and saw Luo Danfang standing behind, which frightened him. He hurriedly explained his behavior to Luo Danfang, and then Li Meiqi turned around. Xu Kaiyu was even more surprised. Luo Yuefang was a little surprised when he saw Li Meiqi. Luo Danfang told his brother that she wanted Li Meiqi to work in the company.

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