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I really like you

I really like you (2020)
Other Title: 交换吧运气剧情介绍 / 我好喜欢你 / Swap luck / Count Your Lucky Stars

Genres: drama
China Mainland
Release Date: 
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  • Shen Yue

Swap your luck, storytelling magazine editor-in-chief Lu Xingcheng has a poisonous tongue. He is a legend in the fashion circle who is famous for his luck. The unknown designer Tong Xiaoyou is an unlucky ghost who is not going well. An accidental kiss caused the two to exchange their luck. Lu Xingcheng went from being a fan of the stars to being infamous, while Tong Xiaoyou was from a declining spirit Realize to become famous overnight. However, a mischief allowed the two to firm up their pursuit of their dreams and understand the true meaning of success and life.

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