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You Are My Thousands of Stars

You Are My Thousands of Stars (Novel)
Other Name: 你是我的万千星辰

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Guan Dao Qiao Nu/Work
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Happened with Fok Zhenting The one-night relationship An Yan thought that she could change her relationship with Fok Zhenting, but Fok Zhenting only jokingly told An Yan that their current relationship is a normal friend relationship. When the resentful An Yan decided to leave, Fok Zhenting pulled her. Finally knew that An Yan was his lifelong concern.


I frowned and took off my jacket neatly and returned it to Zuo Yunlang. In the cold night, my flesh and blood need warmth, but I will not steal it by any means, let alone use people’s heart in exchange for it.

“Give you time to think, don’t be so afraid that I will fool you.”

Undoubtedly, Zuo Yunlang buttoned his jacket on my body again, and tied the buttons one by one. I did not refuse any more, subconsciously greedy with his tenderness.

“Ayan, can I call you like that?”

Zuo Yunlang rubbed my chin with Mousse’s fragrance and suddenly raised his head and asked.


My brows moved slightly, and for a moment, the chapped lips lightly opened.

These two words are exclusive to Huo Zhenting, in my memory, it seems that only he can manipulate and evoke.

“Xiaoyan, what about this?”

Zuo Yunlang thought for a while to cooperate with my small temper and said.

“Why didn’t you tell me your relationship with the Huo family.”

I suddenly raised my head and blurted out the question I had been thinking about all night. Fok Zhenting might have a purpose and deliberately concealed it because of the relationship between me and him. However, why Zuo Yunlang has not been able to explain it completely, I don’t quite understand.

Zuo Yunlang looked at me and asked with insight into Qiuhao: “Why do you want to know?”

The search in Zuo Yunlang’s eyes made me a little flustered, and I dodged, for a while, I couldn’t find a reason to throw it back.

“Don’t tell me.” I walked forward with a shameless anger.

“Fok Zhenting is not a good person.”

Zuo Yunlang’s answer sounded behind him, and my footsteps suddenly stopped, and he continued, “But Yun Qing likes it.”

Zuo Yunlang approached me and said shocking news. It turned out that the Zuo family and the Huo family were not simply a business marriage. Zuo Yunqing had infused his affection for Huo Zhenting early in the morning. The relationship between the two was only a piece of paper to prove. The field has long been tacit, what about Huo Zhenting, does he like Zuo Yunqing too?

I lowered my head and wanted to ask this sentence out, but in the end I chose to swallow it. For Fok Zhenting, I was just his former plaything. He would coax me when he was happy, and would disdain me when he was angry. At first glance, my identity has always been lingering in the dark, and under the sun, it will only turn into a spot of dirty and corrupt blood.

After the contract ended, I naively thought that it was the final conclusion with Fok Zhenting, and I couldn’t help celebrating with joy. I finally no longer need to poke into Fok Zhenting’s body again and again like a bad professional woman. His preferences, temper and taste buds, From then on, I had nothing to do with me, but I was wrong. Huo Zhenting had poisoned me. The appearance of An Lin made me aware of the toxicity, and the fact of Zuo Yunqing made me have to believe that I was dying.

I was speechless all the way with Zuo Yunlang. I lowered my head thinking about something, and he followed me until we arrived in the garage. Then we drove to the door and walked to the door of the house. Suddenly a message from Zuo Yunlang came and I picked up the phone. Looking down, there is only one sentence, “The position of Mrs. Left is always reserved for you.”

I stopped at the door and rubbed the words on the screen with my fingertips for a while, then put my phone in my bag and went upstairs. The room was surprisingly quiet in the early hours of the night. I didn’t think much about it, just when everyone was there. He was asleep, took off his dress and went into the bathtub to make a brew.

The water in the bathtub was very warm, and the heat from the pores went straight to the meridians, which made people feel tired. I couldn’t help closing my eyes, and suddenly Huo Zhenting’s angular face appeared in my mind.

The three-dimensional images of his facial features have been carved, and the curvature of the lips seems to be unkind forever. His tongue is very flexible, and it can always change to give me freshness and excitement. I have never asked Timothy Fok before. How many women can practice martial arts in such a variety of ways, with such a high-quality background, it is destined that he will not taste the forbidden fruit too late.

My first time is different from the pain and tightness of others. We soaked in a bathtub two laps larger than this and robbed each other inch by inch. When a few drops of red stained the water, Huo Zhenting would hug me out in the most shameful posture. Put it on the ground and fight again.

The ground was cold, and Huo Zhenting’s body was very hot. The touch of water and fire made me collapse again and again in his turmoil. Finally, the ground would become warm due to violent friction, together with the bloody sweat from white. The ceramic tiles evaporate, and irregular flowers bloom little by little.

“Miss me so?”

A familiar dullness on the top of my head immediately made me escape from my joy. I panicked and ran from one end of the bathtub to the other end. Huo Zhenting grabbed me, and my straight trousers crossed into the water and sat facing me.

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