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Su Yu (2020) 萦萦夙语亦难求

Su Yu (2020)
Other Title: 萦萦夙语亦难求 / Su su feng yu yi nan qiu

Genres: drama, Historical, Comedy, Romance, Drama
China Mainland
Zeng Qing Jie (曾庆杰)
Tian Chuan
Release Date: 
Jul 16, 2020 – Aug 5, 2020
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  • Guo Jun Chen as Mu Juechen
  • Zhou Ao Yun as young Mu Juechen
  • Li Nuo as Qian Yu
  • Ruan Tian Yi as young Qian Yu
  • Ze Nan as Shen Mingxiu
  • Yang Yao Tian as young Shen Mingxiu
  • Liu Qi as Qian Xiao
  • Yang Xu Chen as Qian Ran
  • Yang Bing Zhuo as Qian Zhan
  • Bo Cheng Jun as Mu Yance
  • Wei Xiao Dong as Wu Qing
  • Yang Yun Zhuo as Shen Nantian
  • Cheng Ye Qing as Hua Hendie
  • Nan Si Kai as Mu Sansi
  • Li Yu Su as Madame Mu
  • Wei Xiao Dong as Wu Qing
  • Sun Xue Ning as Jin Yan
  • Lu Zhuo as Feng Ming
  • Li Shi Yan as Xun Hua
  • Qi Cheng Lei as Er Long
  • Zhou Zi Wen as Qin Xin
  • Liu Ke as Gong Shubai

A romance between a narcissistic young master who loves no one but himself and his witty maid who has worked for him for years. When the heart beckons, what ensues is a sweet and hilarious story of pursuit. The young master of Qianyun manor, Mu Juechen is a leader among men. Not only does he have extraordinary talents but he also possesses a chivalrous heart. Through his efforts, the pugilistic world lives in harmony and he is hailed a hero. In his own eyes, he regards himself as the most perfect man.

Qian Yu is sensible and intelligent. She is tasked with taking care of all the large and small matters in the manor. Mu Juechen and Qian Yu seem to be a perfect match but she is but an orphan taken in by the old master which is why they can never be together. Rumor has it that Mu Juechen doesn’t get close to any woman because of Qian Yu. While their story sounds romantic, reality paints a very different picture…

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