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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 18 Recap

Zheli was preparing for an uprising. Hong’er said that he was willing to live and die with Zheli. Zheli told Hong’er not to tell Concubine Shu that they were going to rebel. Concubine Shu loved the emperor too much for fear that she would ruin them. Yan Huanyue came to her uncle Mu Yuanzheng to help her plead in front of Concubine Shu and let Concubine Shu help her to say in front of the emperor that she wanted to marry Yue Zonglin, and she could not let Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin be together. Since Zhao Yuxing entered the palace, he has pressed her everywhere. He must not let Zhao Yuxing succeed this time. The Muyuan court agreed to Yan Huanyue to help her.

Mu Yuan was sentenced to find Concubine Shu, saying that Yan Huanyue had always been loyal to her, or if Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin were together five years ago, it would very likely be found out. Concubine Shu panicked when she heard it. He agreed to Mu Yuan’s sentence to help Yan Huanyue. After Mu Yuan’s sentence left, Concubine Shu and Hong’er discussed together that Yan Huanyue was not worthy of Yue Zonglin, but in order not to let Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing be together, they decided to help Yan Huanyue. Concubine Shu asked Hong’er to go to see the whereabouts of the emperor in advance. When the emperor just walked to the imperial garden, he picked up the tunes that he often played in the battle with the emperor on the grassland.

The emperor was very moved when he heard that, he came to Concubine Shu. In the palace, asked Concubine Shu to pull it again. He wanted to hear it. Concubine Shu pulled it again. The emperor was very intoxicated. Mu Yuan sentenced to go to Yan Huanyue to tell Yan Huanyue what she had done. When the emperor and Concubine Shu went to the lake, Yan Huanyue deliberately fell into the water. Yue Zonglin was practicing sword in the martial arts room, and the emperor sent someone to let Yue Zonglin accompany him to swim in the lake to protect the emperor’s empress. The emperor and Concubine Shu were swimming in the lake, and Yan Huanyue fell into the water. Concubine Shu told Yue Zonglin to go down to rescue him, and Yue Zonglin went down and rescued Yan Huanyue.

Concubine Shu asked Yue Zonglin and Yan Huanyue to both Go and change the clothes. Hong’er changed the house numbers of Yan Huanyue’s room and Yue Zonglin’s room in advance. Yue Zonglin walked into Yan Huanyue’s room, and then Hong’er changed the house number again, Yue Zong As soon as Lin entered, Yan Huanyue hugged Yue Zonglin. Yan Huanyue also wore very revealing. As soon as Yue Zonglin saw that it was Yan Huanyue, he pushed open and ran out the door immediately. Concubine Shu took the emperor. After arriving there, Yan Huanyue shouted indecent assault in the room as soon as she heard that the emperor Shu was coming. Concubine Shu said that Yan Huanyue, a girl with a yellow flower, was seen by Yue Zonglin. What should I do in the future, although the emperor felt Yan Huanyue is not good enough for Yue Zonglin, but she still feels that it is not good for a girl to be Yue Zonglin.

Zhao Yuxing searched for his father’s case records in the Library of the Tai Hospital, but found only some records of his concubines, but a few pages were torn apart. This is because the Liu Yuan sentenced him to the library. Zhao Yuxing hurriedly He was busy hiding the medical record behind his clothes. Liu Yuan ruled that he knew it. Zhao Yuxing was frightened and thought she knew she was investigating her father’s affairs, but Liu Yuan ruled that he knew that Zhao Yuxing was looking for a medical book. Let Zhao Yuxing say that he should let him find her for her. The Liu Yuan judge went to help Zhao Yuxing find the book. Zhao Yuxing took the opportunity to hide the book in his clothes. Liu Yuan sentenced Zhao Yuxing to find some medical books, so that Zhao Yuxing could go home and look at it. , Zhao Yuxing carefully took the Tibetan case record back.

Zhao Yuxing prepared food for Yue Zonglin. Wait for Yue Zonglin. Yue Zonglin came back very late. Zhao Yuxing was waiting to fall asleep. Yue Zonglin was very happy to eat the food Zhao Yuxing made for him. Yue Zonglin wanted to tell Zhao Yuxingyan. About the Huanyue, but Zhao Yuxing refused to let him have three wives and four concubines in the future, Yue Zonglin also agreed to go to Zhao Yuxing alone.

Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing were chatting together. At this time, Father Miao came to Yue Zonglin to read the emperor’s imperial decree and asked Yue Zonglin to marry Yan Huanyue as a concubine. Zhao Yuxing died of anger when he heard that, Yue Zonglin refused to accept it. The decree, Father Miao stuffed the decree into Yue Zonglin’s hand and left. After Father Miao left, Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing what happened that day. Zhao Yuxing asked Yue Zonglin to go to the Taiyuan Hospital with him and explain to Yan Huanyue clearly.

When he arrived at the Taiyuan Hospital, Yan Huanyue was showing off with everyone and saw Yue Zong. Lin came and ran up to flatter, Zhao Yuxing left and let Yue Zonglin solve it by himself. Yue Zonglin told Yan Huanyue that what happened that day was his fault but he could not marry her, so he left after speaking. Zhao Yuxing came to Suyu Palace to look for Qiu Qi . He saw many eunuch ladies at the door. It happened that the emperor and Qiu Qi came out together. Zhao Yuxing asked the emperor to take back the imperial decree given to Yue Zonglin for the marriage. The emperor felt that Zhao Yuxing was jealous of Yan Huanyue, no Agree and leave. Qiu Qi and Zhao Yuxing discussed the matter together.

Qiu Qi didn’t want to see Zhao Yuxing being wronged, and immediately went to Qingning Palace to find the emperor. The emperor and Concubine Shu were discussing the matter. Yue Zonglin came to the emperor to take back the imperial decree. The emperor did not agree. But tell Yue Zonglin that he just gave Yan Huanyue to her as a concubine, and if he has a woman he likes, he can marry her as the main concubine. Yue Zonglin said that he would only marry one person in his life, and the emperor felt that Yue Zonglin was messing around. . Yue Zonglin was very angry, Qiu Qi comforted Yue Zonglin by his side. Yue Zonglin felt that there was something strange at this time. Qiu Qi and Yue Zonglin checked this time together and worked out a way to get the emperor to withdraw.

As soon as Yue Zonglin came out, she saw Yan Huanyue. Yan Huanyue said a few words to Yue Zonglin. Yue Zonglin didn’t want to hear a word, so she left. Suddenly, she thought that Zhao Yuxing, which Qiu Qi said, would go out of the palace to relax. Yue Zonglin thought that Zhao Yuxing had gone to the flower meadow and chased it out. It happened that it was the black assassin who came to assassinate Zhao Yuxing again. Yue Zonglin arrived in time. In order to shield Zhao Yuxing from the hidden weapon, Yue Zonglin was stabbed by a hidden weapon. bingo.

The Liu Yuan sentenced Yue Zonglin to check. Zhao Yuxing stayed by Yue Zonglin’s side. Yan Huanyue clamored to see Yue Zonglin outside Yue Zonglin’s room, and scolded Zhao Yuxing. Zhao Yuxing couldn’t help it, so she went out. Yan Huanyue was warned that if she didn’t want her to get a shot in her dead spot, she shouldn’t make a noise here. Yan Huanyue was scared and left.

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