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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 21 Recap

Carpenter Huang said that Zhang Chengzhuan and his younger sister Xiaoyuehong are good in private, but the rules are broken, but the rules cannot be broken. But he is a big brother and everyone can only look at it, but if he is a little bit of money, he must be He would take it for a bet and was often chased by his creditors. No matter how he admonished or taught him, he didn’t mean to repent at all. He even stepped up, colluding with Xiaoyuehong to steal Master’s heirloom, afraid of being discovered by Master, simply eloped, and his family ugliness should not be revealed.

Although the master did not report the official to investigate him, his disciple stole the jade seal of the heirloom. He was panicked. Master died within a year. From that time on, the four of them were destined to be retributed. Everyone set their own doors. Liu Chengmao entered the shadow puppet theater. Huang Mujiang opened a coffin shop and used Master’s craftsmanship of making medicinal incense wood to make the coffin.

As a result, Zhang Chengzhuan, who was unscrupulous and wicked, looked at him. Master’s Shoumu wanted to share the master’s family list, so he had the idea of ​​robbing the tomb. Huang Carpenter was afraid of him and could only help him get information about the master’s family. Zhang Chengzhan went to steal the new tomb.

Then, Carpenter Huang talked about the wooden boxes for aquatic products, and Zhang Chengzhuan asked him to use medicinal incense wood to make a batch of black boxes. They were also forced to rob the gold. The news was all told by Zhang Chengzhan. Several people joined forces with Manager Lin. Tricked.

It seems that the gold robbery is clear. As for Zhang’s death afterwards, Carpenter Huang said that it was all rules. Zhang Chengzhuan hid the gold in Master’s water mound behind everyone’s back. Carpenter Huang started to kill in angrily. , Killed Zhang Chengzhuan, and was severely injured by Xiaoyuehong, and Xiaoyuehong was eventually killed by Liu Chengmao. Huang Carpenter asked Guo Deyou to bury the master’s bones, thus fulfilling his wish to be accompanied by Haihe. The carpenter revealed all the positions in the water and died.

The next day, Guo Deyou decided to go into the water tomb and put the coffin back to help Carpenter Huang fulfill his wish. The water was cold, and Guo Deyou struggled to swim into the water tomb and found a stone gate inside. According to the words “Treat as a gong, hook as drum, and autumn as cymbal” As a reminder, the stone gate was opened, and there was a sarcophagus in the door with the words “The world is suffering, but the good is not negligent”.

After a long time, it was a suspicious grave. Guo Deyou thought for a moment, then jumped into the water again and found another water grave, here There was a coffin. After gently opening it, he found the hidden gold. Unexpectedly, the mechanism of the coffin was suddenly activated. He fell into it. There was a deep passage inside.

Guo Deyou even fell and slipped into the air and suddenly found Gu Yingye. Here, the two of them are trapped and can only jump into the water below. The mechanism of the tomb passage, if you increase or decrease the strength slightly, the weighing pole will tilt, and the tomb robber will fall. When the two of them fall into the water, the plank above their heads will instantly After being sealed, Guo Deyou could only comfort Gu Ying and let her not be afraid.

The brothers of the corpse fishing team felt that Guo Deyou had been in the water for a long time without any news, and decided to go and help.

Ding Mao went to see Dr. Rong for the last underwater rehabilitation. After Ding Mao removed the brace, Dr. Rong’s work was over. At this time, Ding Mao found that Dr. Rong’s hand was injured. She explained that it was scratched by the glass. Before the words were over, Yu Si hurried over to inform Guo Deyou that he had not been on the shore for a long time. The brothers in the corpse salvage team had not found anyone in the water. Ding Mao hurriedly left when he heard it.

Ding Mao took the Western-style diver and the brothers from the corpse fishing team into the water, but they did not find Guo Deyou’s figure. Gu Ying, who was trapped in the narrow seal, had gradually lost consciousness and passed out.

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