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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 31 End Recap

He Yuwen thought about her father’s words. She didn’t want to see Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yiren’s successful cultivation. After experiencing some ideological struggle, she still gave the design plan to her father. Mr. Wei decided to adopt Liangshan’s design and accused Fangyuan of plagiarism. Xu Yiren admitted that he had betrayed Fangyuan, and also told Wei that he had always known him to steal his father’s design.

He Yuwen claimed that Fang Zhiyou was the only man she fell in love with, and that she had paid a lot for him. Zhiwu Academy was also won by herself. In any case, she can’t just watch it become Xu Yiren’s wedding gift. Fang Zhiyou believes that winning or losing is not important anymore. From today on, he has lost a good friend. He Yuwen is no longer the person he used to know.

Father He has always been Fang Zhiyou’s mentor, and has been teaching since Fang Zhiyou joined his company. Unexpectedly, a few years ago, He’s father robbed Fang Zhiyou’s design. At that time, Fang Zhiyou spent more than half a year designing the Tianyi Art Museum, and He’s father won the designer award with his work. Father He has always been afraid of the day when he has the talents of Jiang Lang. He is unwilling to be abandoned by the times, and actually plagiarizes other people when he has no inspiration.

Mr. He met Fang Zhiyou, and he persuaded Fang Zhiyou to admit that he had plagiarized the design, so that he would prevent Fengde from holding Fangyuan’s responsibility for breach of contract. This would not only restore Fangzhi’s reputation, but also serve Fangyuan’s interests. As soon as I know the collective interests of the company, I have some hesitation. Colleagues objected, thinking that if you can’t admit what you haven’t done, you must find a way to prevent He’s father from succeeding.

He Yuwen drank her sorrows by drinking, she told Chen Qiming everything her father had done. Chen Qiming believes that she is not someone who can do bad things with peace of mind. He said that even if he knows that he is jealous, he cannot watch a designer’s work being stolen. He Yuwen asked Chen Qiming to take her away, and if she could escape from this place, she agreed to marry him.

Fang Zhi found out that he had removed the sail shape he designed in his works, and he immediately had an idea and made a model with everyone overnight. At the signing ceremony, Fang Zhiyou publicly pointed out that Liangshan Company was suspected of plagiarism. He took out the design drawings of the two companies and said that the biggest difference between the two was the shape of a sail.

Then he took out his own design model, removed the sail, and the model suddenly collapsed. Fang Zhiyou pointed out that there is a piece of land in Zhiwu Academy that is sandy, not suitable for building, but the natural scenery here is unique, and he thought about designing the sail shape to solve the safety problem. He father didn’t know its true meaning, so he rushed Take it out.

Father He wanted to quibble, thinking that this could only prove that his design was flawed. At this time, He Yuwen came to identify her father. She confessed her mistake and pointed out that the design of Tianyi Art Museum designed by her father five years ago was also known to plagiarize, and this is how she and Fang Zhiyou left Liangshan back then. Company reasons. Father He didn’t expect such a thing to happen and suddenly fainted.

He Yuwen decided to leave Fangyuan and travel with Chen Qiming. They are still friends now, He Yuwen decided to let the flow go and give the two a chance to get along. Before leaving, Fang Zhiyou gave her one last hug. Fang Zhiyou personally designed a unique wedding dress for Xu Yiren, and promised that every day will be the happiest day for Xu Yiren. The wedding of the two was held amidst the blessings of everyone. Li Zhe took Xu Yiren’s hand and walked slowly towards them.

Fang knows that there was once the person who hated lies the most. Now Xu Yiren has become his special case. After all kinds of hardships, the two have finally come together. The guests released the balloons in their hands at the wedding. In a romantic atmosphere, Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yiren kissed in front of everyone and received their blessings.

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