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All Because of You 都是因为你

All Because of You
Other Title: 都是因为你 / Dou Shi Yin Wei Ni

Genres: drama, Fantasy
Zhao Hua Feng (赵烨烽)
Release Date:
 July 10, 2020
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  • Wang Shou Quan (王寿佺) as Han Xing
  • Zhou Li Jie as Jin Cancan
  • Xiang Ao Yu as Cui Longqi
  • Xing Xin Yu (邢馨予) as Jie Meng
  • Zhang Jia Ze (张佳泽) as Lin Wei
  • Zhou Ya Ge (周雅格) as Tan Xiaofan
  • Zhan Yu as Zhou Aige
  • Cao Wen Zheng (曹文政) as Ding Yu

The story revolves around three people who aspire to become brave warriors of Wa Planet. When completing a mission, their heartstrings were stolen by a mysterious man in black clothing. The greatest suspect is Jie Meng, a security inspector who guards the borders. The three people were told that if they managed to find the culprit, everything would be resolved. Thus, they head to the mortal world to begin their search. Han Xing took on the identity as a fashion executive, Jin Cancan as a chef, and Cui Longqi as a fitness coach. Together, they open up a restaurant named √13. At this time, Jie Meng who also arrives at the moral world came to apply for the position of a musician. However, she has lost all her memories. Thus begins the game of “lies and deceit” in the restaurant.

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