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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 20 Recap

Xu Yiren felt that it was too difficult to fall in love with Gu Bo. Gu Bo was distressed that he was rejected because of his age. Xu Yiren suggested that he could keep pursuing it for a few years. At the company meeting, Xu Yiren kept staring at Fang Zhiyou. Gu Bo sent a WeChat reminder to her, but sent the news to the company group, and the two people’s secret relationship was made public. Fang Zhiyou immediately admitted that Xu Yiren was his girlfriend, and then left with Xu Yiren, leaving everyone in shock.

Xu Yiren wanted to keep a low profile in the company, and she knew that she was ashamed to ask her if she was with herself. Fang Zhiyou said that he had thought about what life would be like without Xu Yiren around him. He found that he could not bear that kind of future at all. Colleagues talked a lot about Xu Yiren and Fang Zhiyou’s love affair. Luoyang thought Xu Yiren was a powerful character with clever means, but Xu Yiren heard it accidentally. He Yuwen asked her colleagues to stop discussing gossip and suggested to talk to Xu Yiren. He Yuwen asked Xu Yiren how to leave Fang Zhiyou.

Faced with Xu Yiren’s rejection, He Yuwen said that if the two continue to stay together, there will be no benefit, knowing that now they are no longer as decisive as before. Xu Yiren thinks this is because he takes into account the feelings of others when he is in the world. He Yuwen said that he didn’t need such a change, and if he became like everyone else, he wouldn’t know it. He Yuwen suggested that she could open a letter of recommendation to let Xu Yiren find a better job. Xu Yiren insisted that he would not resign unless he knew he had been fired.

Shatty heard that Gu Bo had leaked the secret and told him to swim as punishment. He couldn’t swim ten laps and couldn’t come up. Gu Bo persuaded Xu Yiren to give men a certain sense of security. After all, he had disclosed his love affair in front of the entire company. If he were Xu Yiren, he would have been moved. Xu Yiren thinks that Gu Bo is adding chaos to himself and tells him to ignore his own business. Shati said that Gu Bo was also kind, and only she could scold Gu Bo.

Mr. He drank too much and came to Fang Zhiyou’s home. He Yuwen admitted that she liked him. Only then did she fall out with her father for him, and let him choose between himself and Xu Yiren. Fang Zhiyou praised Yi Ren as his girlfriend, and stood by Xu Yiren without hesitation. He Yuwen accused Xu Yiren of being an assistant who couldn’t even get on the stage.

Fang Zhiyou told her not to slander Xu Yiren again. He was very grateful to He Yuwen, but if her company was unhappy, he would respect her choice. He Yuwen left Fang Zhiyou’s home helplessly. Her high heels were accidentally broken. She thought that Fang Zhiyou had bought them with her in the past. At that time, the salesperson still regarded Fang Zhiyou as her boyfriend. But now The two can no longer be together. He Yuwen contacted Li Zhe and said that he was willing to accept his previous suggestions.

Xu Yiren asked Shiyu to help out, so he went back home to take the luggage. But even though Shiyu agreed, she secretly told her brother and told him to coax Xu Yiren well. When Xu Yiren was packing her luggage, she suddenly hugged him and prevented her from leaving. Xu Yiren thought that Shatty had told herself to be honest in her feelings, saying that she did not deliberately not tell her uncle, but that she had low self-esteem and had no confidence in the future, and she didn’t even know if she would like herself tomorrow.

Fang Zhiyou admitted that the two suffer from the same loss, and he thought that if he lost Xu Yiren, he would be unacceptable. He admits that he also has many shortcomings. Although the two are not perfect people, they are becoming more perfect for each other. Xu Yiren was moved by what we knew, and the two embraced each other.

He Yuwen deliberately met Fang Zhi in the library. She admitted that she was impulsive and hoped that what she said before would not affect the friendship between the two, and said that she would focus on her work from now on. Knowing that He Yuwen could figure it out, she was relieved. The two talked about the Moon Bay project. He Yuwen proposed to conduct a small-scale bidding. As soon as she knew it, she had this intention. He Yuwen also specifically proposed that Xu Yiren be responsible for signing the bid.

Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yiren came to the hot spring hotel. Xu Yiren remembered that there was a hot spring city next to his uncle’s house, but he only took his cousin there, so he lied that he didn’t like hot springs. Fang Zhiyou said that he would always be with Xu Yiren, and said that his current wish is to be able to go to all interesting places in the world with Xu Yiren.

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