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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 15 Recap

Fang Zhiyou took the initiative to talk to Gu Bo. Gu Bo said that he has always wanted to leave his own building in the world like Fang Zhi has, but he has tried his best, but still no results. Fang Zhiyou praised him for knowing how to sum up his experience and has high expectations for Gu Bo, so that he must correct his attitude in the future. Fang Zhiyou revoked Gu Bo’s resignation and let him return to the company. Gu Bo was affirmed by his idol, as if he had been beaten up, promising that he would work hard to become his successor as soon as possible. Gu Bo happily shared the news with Xia Di. Seeing Gu Bo’s beaming look, Xia Tie felt that she had been with her for a few days, and she was not as good as she knew a few words.

Uncle and Auntie and Xiaoqing are coming to Xu Yiren’s city to help her find a house. Xu Yiren found that the price of a house was very low, and the landlord still accepted monthly payment. He thought that there was a mystery in it, and proposed to call the landlord, but the intermediary made no comments. Xu Yiren thought that he had told Li Zhe to help his family find a house, and realized that he must have arranged all this in secret. Xu Yiren accused Li Zhe of deceiving himself all the time, just to stimulate Fang Zhiyou, so that he would never see him again in the future. Xu Yiren’s watch fell in the restaurant, and Li Zhe ordered his men to return it to her tomorrow.

In her sleep, Xu Yiren dreamed that she knew that she had gone to see Li Zhe again. She asked if she liked Li Zhe, and pressed herself under her body, saying that she would be punished. Xu Yiren was shocked to wake up immediately. He Yuwen suggested to Fang Zhiyou that Xu Yiren should contact Dasheng Company because she has an unusual relationship with Li Zhe. Fang Zhi said that the two had nothing to do, and he would never cooperate with the Great Sage anyway. However, He Yuwen insisted that Xu Yiren was already with Li Zhe and had to find a new assistant for Fang Zhiyou.

As soon as I found out that Li Zhe had sent the watch to the company, knowing that they had met again, he went back to the office and sulked. Gu Bo knows that it’s normal to like someone. If you really can’t express it, you can still use actions to express it. Fang Zhi is thoughtful. At noon, Xu Yiren asked Fang Zhi what he wanted to eat, and took the opportunity to explain that he was looking for a house to get in touch with Li Zhe.

Fang Zhiyou thought she was leaving her home and asked why she was more willing to accept Li Zhe’s help. Xu Yiren claimed that what Fang Zhiyou said before caused trouble to him, and gave him the illusion that Fang Zhiyou likes him, so that he must speak clearly, otherwise he does not know how to face him. Fang Zhiyou took Xu Yiren into her arms, saying that although she didn’t know how to say, but knew what to do, then kissed Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren did not expect that he would make such a move and ran away shyly.

When Xia Di and Gu Bo were watching a horror movie at home, Xu Yiren knocked on the door suddenly, frightening Gu Bo to death. Xu Yiren told Xiati that Fang Zhiyou had kissed herself. After learning about Xu Yiren, Shady ran away and asked her to contact Fang Zhiyou as soon as possible. Xu Yiren still minds if the other party knows if he has confessed. Gu Bo quietly took photos of them and passed them to Fang Zhiyou. Fang Zhiyou asked Gu Bo to eavesdrop on what they were saying, and sent Gu Bo a red envelope to try to buy him.

Shiyu overheard her brother’s speech, learned what happened, and accused him of kissing sister Xu Yiren first without confession. This was disrespect for her. The private detective found all the information about the little girl Li Zhe was investigating, and Li Zhe found that it was Xu Yiren he was looking for. He rushed to Fangyuan Company and grabbed Xu Yiren tightly. He wanted to express his heart, but Fang Zhiyou stopped him. Fang Zhiyou took Xu Yiren’s other arm and praised Yiren as his girlfriend.

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