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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 34 End Recap

Xiao Yu is willing to abandon the country for Sujin, safe, Xiao Yu and Sujin are finally happy together

Su Jin sits alone in the inn, full of thoughts about King Yu, but he can’t do anything, and can’t solve the pain of lovesickness. The princess deliberately amuse Su Jin, shouting that King Yu is here, Su Jin is scared At a loss, thinking of finding a place to hide, the princess came in and told her that Wang Yu was naturally in Jindu, and Su Jin breathed a sigh of relief. The princess asked Su Jin how she would face if King Yu really came. Su Jin said that she would find a way to avoid him. The princess said that if she was Su Jin, she would definitely abduct King Yu out of the house. Su Jin asked her why she didn’t abduct Zhong Li. The princess was a little confused, saying that Zhong Li had his own choice. Su Jin comforted her, and Zhong Li had a lot of compelling reasons.

Xiao Yu asked Zhong Li if everything had been arranged properly. Zhong Li nodded and said yes. Xiao Yu said that he had never been so scared this time because he almost lost Sujin. In order to make Sujin happy, the princess took her to the streets to celebrate the Fire Festival. The two were watching the excitement on the street together. The princess asked Su Jin through the lively atmosphere. If King Yu appeared here and apologized to Su Jin, what would happen to Su Jin? Whenever he mentioned that King Yu Su Jin wanted to leave, she felt a little uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

The rogue stopped. Although the princess had a high level of force, she did not lose sight of several people alone. It was just that Su Jin was still holding the rabbit in her hands and was inconvenient to move. During the fight, she lost the rabbit. Su Jin wanted to fight the rogue. At this time, Wang Yu appeared in time to save Su Jin. King Yu was about to confide in Su Jin, King Jin suddenly appeared and robbed Su Jin, King Yu couldn’t catch up and was sad and lonely.

King Jin refused to give up Su Jin and wanted Su Jin to give himself one last chance, but Su Jin told him that he was very sure that his beloved was King Yu. Su Jin held an umbrella to find King Yu. Wang Yu stood alone in the rain. Looking back, it turned out that it was Su Jin who was thinking of it. The two embraced in the rain. Zhong Li took the secret order of King Yu to find King Jin. In those days, the royal man’s insidious plan exchanged the royal concubine’s own son. That child was King Jin, and the concubine wanted to make up for the maternal love that King Jin had missed since childhood. King Yu also knew that because of Jiangshan, Toffee, and Su Jin, he owed King Jin too much. He was willing to change the regency to a concession after three years and hand over the throne to King Jin. As long as King Jin can rule the world in Qing Dynasty and benefit the people. .

Su Jin finally frankly told King Yu about concealing that she was Wen’s prostitute. King Yu has been waiting for Su Jin to confess to herself that gaining her trust is more important than anything else. Only then did Su Jin know that King Yu treated herself. How deep is love. King Yu once again presented Su Jin with thousands of lights, and sincerely confessed that he would accompany Su Jin to travel all over the world and see the rivers and lakes in the future, never to be separated until the end of the world. Shan Hai has known the true life experience of King Jin.

From the time the abbot of Muchen Temple had an accident, everything was arranged secretly by the Toffee. On that day, Shanhai told the Princess of Su Jin’s identity and repeatedly emphasized that King Jin’s long-cherished wish was for Su Jin. The concubine just started to arrange the wish of the king to marry Yuanjin. As for the Fengyin Temple fire, it was also the concubine who learned that Sujin’s handicapped form was a no-word form, and made it to cut the grass and root.

Shanhai was the king of Jin, and offered to take back Sujin with the dead man in his hands, but neither Shanhai nor the concubine understood King Jin’s intentions, and King Jin left Shanhai disheartenedly. King Yu and Sujin began their sweet life. King Yu offered the little rabbit with both hands, and he also knitted a flower wall by himself, and hung a thousand paper cranes on the tree. All this was done to make Sujin happy. Not only that, but also bought the so-called The secrets of love, use some earthy love words to coax Sujin, but Sujin feels a little numb.

The Toffee revealed all the things she had done to intimidate Su Yu. It turned out that the assassinations in the cabinet and the poisoning in the wine were the arrangements of the Toffee, but it was all for King Jin, and Su Yu was willing to forgive her. Wang Yu brought out a Yurui Bingxin from the mansion and planted it together with Sujin in their home. The two could finally stay together quietly, and Wang Yu couldn’t help but kiss Su Jin together. Su Jin returned to Muchen Temple and wished the gods and Buddhas. The original wish was fulfilled. Langjun was happy and peaceful. This is the place where the love between the two begins, and it is the starting point for the future happy days.


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