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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 20 Recap

Knowing that Nie Xingchen had a car accident, Yan Jing rushed to the hospital in a panic, only to find that Nie Xingchen was not in the hospital bed. Yan Jing came to the hospital, saw Nie Xingchen on the way to pay the fee, and immediately hugged her to Han Ziyu’s clinic. Knowing that Nie Xingchen is not a serious problem, it was only because of fatigue driving that he made a mistake in judgment.

When Yan Jing opened the building while driving, Han Ziyu suddenly asked Nie Xingchen about Tong Xin. Nie Xingchen told Han Ziyu that in a relationship, if only one party takes the initiative, the other will be tired, and if tired, There is no expectation. Han Ziyu couldn’t guess the reason, and wondered if Tong Xin was tired because of being a fan.

Yan Jing went home with Nie Xingchen. At the elevator entrance, Yan Jing found Nie Xingchen’s wrist injury, so she helped her with the medicine. Nie Xingchen fell asleep after a while because she was too tired, so Yan Jing had to hold her. Put it on your own bed to sleep. Yan Jing was very worried about whether she would lose her memory again.

Knowing that it was possible, Yan Jing felt more and more guilty for Nie Xingchen. He sat quietly on the sofa alone, constantly freeing himself, and then after a long time he got up and went out to breathe. After Nie Xingchen woke up and found that Yan Jing was not at home, it was strange that Yan Jing could not be reached when he called. When Nie Xingchen returned to the office, he was distracted when he learned that Yan Jing and Zhen Nian were eating together.

Nie Xingchen reported to work as usual, and at the same time, because of the scandal, she was very angry. Zhen Nian happened to come to the office. The two were intimate and ambiguous. It turned out that Yan Jing took the initiative to invite Zhen Nian to dinner and asked her to help him. He wanted Nie Xingchen to give up. Own, because I can’t give her the happiness she wants. Zhen Nian told Yan Jing that he would regret this incident.

Zhen Nian deliberately expressed her closeness with Zhen Nian in front of Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen convinced herself to be a magnificent woman, saying that in the past five years, nothing happened to the two of them, and it will not happen now. Yan Jing deliberately asked Nie Xingchen to help Zhen Nian buy clothes. Zhen Nian was wearing Nie Xingchen’s newly purchased clothes, and Zhao Yuanfang was dragged to the corner to tell her not to mix up Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing.

Huang Tao sent the minutes of the meeting to the president’s office. Yan Jing learned that Nie Xingchen was off work and saw her empty desk before going downstairs. Nie Xingchen had been waiting by his car. Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that he was not angry. Sometimes people may not need love, but they must need friendship. Yan Jing didn’t need to explain too much to him about the things he really missed.

Because Yan Jing couldn’t pass the hurdle of her amnesia, she tore up the story diaries of the two in front of Nie Xingchen, and at the same time expressed that she wanted to be a normal person, not wanting to lose her memory every time she fell in love with Nie Xingchen. Yan Jing wanted to break up with Nie Xingchen, but he held back his words. Nie Xingchen also asked him to wait until he calmed down before discussing the matter with himself. After speaking, he left Yan Jing’s home.

Nie Xingchen returned to the room, thinking about what Yan Jing said just now, feeling stressed. On the other hand, Yan Jing re-attached the torn diary together piece by piece again. It is really crushing and heavy to want to love but not dare to love. Tong Xin sent the investment statement from the Finance Department. Because Nie Xingchen didn’t want to face Yan Jing directly for the time being, he let Tong Xin act as a microphone for her and Yan Jing. Tong Xin back and forth can be regarded as necessary for financial statements. The information has been sorted out.

After Yan Jing learned that Mrs. Liao died in a car accident, he asked Nie Xingchen to go to a place with him. President Liao was deeply in the grief of his wife’s passing, and Nie Xingchen comforted him to change his grief. Mr. Liao told them that the person who had forgotten was even more unfortunate, because his life lost its brilliance, and the only thing she could do was to grasp the glimmer of light in the memory. Mr. Liao’s words made Yan Jing and Nie Xingchen involuntarily think of themselves.

Nie Xingchen remembered Yan Jing’s wish to be a normal person, and followed his own heart to come to Yan Jing’s home. Looking at the sleeping Yan Jing, he seemed to have an answer in his heart. But when she saw that the torn diary was glued intact again, the waves in her heart could not help but up and down. I opened the diary and realized that Yan Jing did this to make herself give up on her own initiative. She felt sorry for the harm Nie Xingchen suffered because of her amnesia. Nie Xingchen could be happier without herself. I really don’t want to forget her this time. , So I must leave her.

Yan Jing came to the office and found that Nie Xingchen had left the company, and asked Huang Tao to deliver a letter to Yan Jing. The people in the president’s office were puzzled by Nie Xingchen’s sudden departure. Yan Jing immediately returned to Nie Xingchen’s residence after learning about it, but Nie Xingchen’s phone had already been turned off.

After opening the envelope, Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that he didn’t want him to be the next Mrs. Liao. In order to find the glimmer of memory and lose his life, he would also leave Jinghai. I hope he will not come to him again. This time, he took the initiative to abandon him. Because she didn’t want Yan Jing to forget all her memories because she fell in love with herself.

After Nie Xingchen left, Yan Jing still worked as usual and received psychological treatment. One afternoon, a little boy was playing in the mirror and singing the stars song, which reminded Yan Jing of the scene of the two met.

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