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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 17 Recap

Zhao Yuanfang planned to stay at Nie Xingchen’s house after eating and drinking, but Yan Jing rang the doorbell. This made Nie Xingchen very nervous. He pushed Zhao Yuanfang into the room and immediately put on the mask and opened the door. Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen various questions after entering the door. She felt that Nie Xingchen had deceived her.

She opened the blinds without saying a word. After finding that it was Zhao Yuanfang, she stepped forward and pulled off Nie Xingchen’s mask. Yan Jing learned that the Coco he was thinking of was actually Nie Xingchen, and felt that he had been deceived and was in a very bad mood, so he slammed the door and returned to his room.

Nie Xingchen chased out the door and wanted to explain for himself, but Yan Jing didn’t appreciate it at all. After losing his memory, Yan Jing was indeed very indifferent to Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen connected to the Bluetooth of Yan Jing’s home and wanted to send his voice apology through Bluetooth. However, when Yan Jing saw that it was late at night, he turned off the wireless signal. Such indifferent Yan Jing made Nie Xingchen feel like a man inexplicably. Hard to coax.

Nie Xingchen hung the carefully prepared breakfast on the doorknob the next morning, without even looking at Yan Jing, which made Nie Xingchen very disappointed. When they came to the president’s office, everyone found that her mood was very wrong, and Tong Xin proposed to plead with Yan Jing to return Nie Xingchen’s innocence. During the company’s internal meeting, Nie Xingchen was kicked out of the meeting room by Yan Jing again, and still remained suspicious of her commercial spy status. Such a move made Nie Xingchen very upset.

After the meeting, Zhao Yuanfang also reminded Yan Jing that he would regret this matter if he returned to his memory. Nie Xingchen came to the president’s office angrily because of his angrily and his attitude towards him. After a confrontation, he signed impulsively. Her name indicates that if she wants to leave her job, she can find any reason, but Yan Jing said that she has too much important information about the company and must accept the strictest audit within the company. The words made Nie Xingchen completely cold. .

Nie Xingchen, who was in a depressed mood, received a concern call from Zhao Yuanfang. Nie Xingchen told him that he didn’t need to see him, and that he would take care of the matter. Secretary Jin approached Nie Xingchen and said that she could help her recommend a job because she believed her character would not be a commercial spy. Nie Xingchen felt aggrieved inexplicably, and even more disappointed.

The secretary Jin who knew him not long ago believed him, but Yan Jing didn’t believe him. Nie Xingchen deliberately expressed a kind of emotion in front of Secretary Jin. It turned out that Xingchen Nie had long been suspicious of Secretary Nie, and he conspired to act in a drama with Yan Jing on this matter. This made Secretary Jin a business spy. Caught a current. When Secretary Jin learned that the truth came to light, she felt that they were indeed superior. Yan Jing arranged for the Audit Department to take Secretary Jin away for questioning. After Secretary Jin left, Yan Jing once again appointed Nie Xingchen as his chief secretary.

After Nie Xingchen returned home, he took out the previous meow machine and sent a message to Yan Jingjing. Yan Jing was very curious when he heard the sound of the meow machine, and took out the message that turned out to be Nie Xingchen to protect himself. Deeply touched, she came to Nie Xingchen’s door, but she did not press the doorbell for a long time. This made Nie Xingchen feel disappointed again. She sat quietly like this, hoping that Yan Jing could ring her doorbell again. .

Yan Jing found Han Ziyu to understand his amnesia, and asked him to find out the cause of his memory earlier. Han Ziyu felt that Yan Jing had fallen in love with Nie Xingchen again, but Yan Jing was dubious and asked him to concentrate on his research and not to gossip. Nie Xingchen returned to the President’s Office again as the chief secretary, and all members of the President’s Office were happy. The president’s office became organized because of Secretary Nie’s return, and Secretary Jin received due legal sanctions. Sun Yang gave Nie Xingchen chocolate and was teased by members of the president’s office, which made Sun Yang very embarrassed.

Zhao Yuanfang came to Nie Xingchen’s desk. Zhao Yuanfang saw Yan Jing who was hiding behind the door and deliberately stepped forward to be ambiguous with Nie Xingchen. As expected, Yan Jing immediately stopped them from their false ambiguity. Tong Xin came to the hospital to look for Han Ziyu, but he fell into his arms with no news. Seeing Han Ziyu gently supporting herself, he immediately said that he would treat this as a desensitization treatment.

He was accompanied by his father with Han Ziyu. He was very happy when he saw Tong Xin. He immediately set up a dinner for Han Ziyu’s mother to meet Tong Xin. At the dinner table, Han Ziyu admitted that he would be with Tong. Xin fell in love, which made Tong Xin happy.

Zhao Yuanfang came to the photo scene and learned that Zhen Nian was in the dressing room, but unexpectedly learned that the scene that Zhen Nian cared very much about was replaced by others. When he arrived in the dressing room, Zhao Yuanfang accidentally discovered the hidden camera and immediately asked Zhen Nian to call the police.

Nie Xingchen opened the door of Yan Jing with a wine and found that he was looking at the old objects before, but Yan Jing said that he had no recollection of these things. Nie Xingchen immediately said that he had a way and took the initiative to kiss. Yan Jing. No one knew that the little kisses could not recall familiar memories, Yan Jing decided to do it again, and took the initiative to kiss Nie Xingchen, and the two hugged a deep kiss.

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