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Love does not panic

Love does not panic
Other Name: 爱情不慌张

Genre: novel
Author: Ni Man
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Today, the editor brings you Ni Man’s original novel “Love Doesn’t Panic”. The protagonist is Wu Zhuang and Xian You. The writing is excellent and the content is wonderful. I believe that all friends who are troubled by books will like this book. The main story is that I stumbled and walked ahead, the sun was rising, and the mountain wind was still cold. Li Gefei quickly followed me, one after the other, and following me step by step. I’m so desperate that I won’t let him see my face clearly, this

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I stumbled and walked ahead, the sun was rising, and the mountain wind was still cold, Li Gefei quickly followed, and followed me, step by step.

I was so devastated that I wouldn’t let him see my face clearly. On the top of Mount Hua, we were the only two of the strangest people. Those who are chasing the sunset, and those who are waiting for the sunrise together, turned out to be the two who are about to break up! Why don’t you just tell me to break up, it must be earth-shattering, and it must leave a knife edge in my heart.

I ate into the wind on an empty stomach. At this time, I was sick and couldn’t help squatting on the roadside and retching. Li Gefei helped me after he was around, and nervously took out a handkerchief and handed it to me. I didn’t care whether he suspected that I was pregnant or not, and coughed out of breath.

Before, I was able to deal with it calmly, just as Fang Datong’s vulgar rumors were treated as an anecdote and ended hastily. Li Gefei wanted to be so vigorous, he wanted me to push him down the cliff, just like his mother pushed him back then.

I didn’t love him so much, but step by step I left the cliff, but it became clearer and clearer-I actually love him so much.

Even willing to die for him, can’t just watch him die, in my eyes he is as precious as the newborn sun.

I love him so much, the pain overwhelmed me, tears kept flowing, I couldn’t control it at all. I didn’t look good at all when I cried. I didn’t cry just to look good. I didn’t cry, but my tears were uncontrollable and rolled down very aggrieved.

I put my hand in my pocket and held it tightly. The swaying steps in front of me blurred my reason and made me lose sight of my future. Only the desire to hurry supported me.

When I tripped over several times, Li Gefei caught up from behind and helped me.

I shook off his hand firmly, without looking back, and continued to move forward. The tight nerves and the straight back support me together. I am not allowed to fall. I shrink into a solid shell like a tortoise and do not express my true feelings. I am not the kind of person who expresses whatever I think. I am also deep. Can be scheming.

There are only two of us on this whole mountain, loneliness bruises me all over, and the noise of people and the joy of birds and birds are far away.

I have never loved someone so much more than I am now.

I never love myself, I am dissatisfied with myself, critical and inferior. I am so picky and inferior, but I am burning with moths on fire. I love the man behind me so strongly that I don’t dare to look back at him.

I won’t say a word to him. I used to roar like a bird in front of him, whimsical, but now I became mute.

I have never loved a person like I did just now, even if he is not a person, but a bird or beast, I will not change my heart. He used my love for him to hurt me fiercely, and I am still in love at the moment, and this love makes me more painful and sad.

I returned to Zhongfeng, went into the guest house to get my backpack, and couldn’t calm down.

The shop owner saw that my face was not good and thought we had a fight. He suggested: “After watching the sunrise, you can visit Lianhua Peak. It is the highest point among the peaks and you can see the surrounding peaks. If you are too tired, you can also go and sit. The cable car goes straight down the mountain.”

My numb hand took out the phone again. Under the sun, I found the photo in the album and clicked the delete button on the two latest two. It couldn’t express my anger in case.

Had it not been for Li Gefei’s constant guidance, I would have lost my way many times in vain. I trusted him. I didn’t inquire about the itinerary at all. I didn’t even know anything about Huashan. Li Gefei always followed me, sitting in the same cable car, my face was the indifference of a stranger, and everything in front of me was empty.

Flying over the lofty mountains, smooth rocky cliffs, no grass grows, even in the spring of May, it is desolate. The nature of the exposed rock and soil, the reddish brown soil and the snow-white rock wall, is colorful. I am condescending, and the scenery in front of me is so thrilling, the snow and mud claws crush my dreams.

Unlike yesterday, my mood is very different. My lips are dry because my body lacks water.

Li Gefei had no regrets on his face.

I didn’t look at Li Gefei at a glance, arrogant, like a stranger.

Sitting on the same bus, and relying on Li Gefei to take care of the road, I lost my basic social skills and social survivability, and said nothing.

I fell asleep groggyly, not knowing where I was, I leaned on the shoulders of a man of love and hatred, not knowing it at all. My brows are not stretched, and my face is gray, and I seem to be so tired that I can’t wake up.

The pigmentation faded by the laser treatment appeared on the cheeks, and the face without makeup to cover up. I opened my eyes and the reflection through the car window glass was like the mottled scene seen on the Huashan cable car. Is that my face, or Inside of me?

I was eager to escape home, plunge into the noisy city, and find my safe place in the embrace of the world.

The afternoon flight arrived in Hefei, Xiao Wu drove to pick it up. I want to be strong, and I will definitely refuse to ride in Li Gefei’s car. I don’t even have the power to preserve my self-esteem, and my backbone is ignored.

Xiao Wu was very acquainted. He looked at our expressions and thought we had a fight. He didn’t even dare to say a word of nonsense.

I picked up Xingli and got out of the car. My footsteps were still bumpy, and I said goodbye without looking back.

Standing at the gate of the community, I regained my senses and had to clean up before I could go home. Going back like a ghost, I must be suspected of encountering bandits and robbers during the trip. It’s not the same thing that has scared the dog recently. Why add another layer of blockage?

I turned around and went to a well-known beauty shop on the opposite side of the community, where I occasionally did skin care.

I lay on the bed in the beauty salon and briefly talked to the beautician about my request, wanting her to save the skin after sunburn. Then I closed my mouth and didn’t want to communicate. I was completely caught in the endless loop of Li Gefei’s cruel words after sunrise. .

The beautician helped me wash my face and do a massage. I closed my eyes, tears couldn’t stop, dripping down, and couldn’t stop it. There was no reason. The beautician was frightened by my appearance, and asked cautiously: “Sister, what’s the matter with you? Did something happen? Is it uncomfortable?”

The lady boss also came to take care of me and asked me about my coldness, which was really annoying.

I can’t talk to anyone and say perfunctorily: “Before I came, I just read a particularly touching novel. It is a tragic ending. It’s too touching and sad! I’m stuck in the plot and can’t get out of it, so leave me alone! “

In fact, I was desperate and closed my eyes tightly.

Tears hindered the care and massage. I couldn’t bear it. I lay on the bed of the beauty salon and cried relaxedly. This time I couldn’t fall asleep anyhow, like going to the execution ground.

I didn’t want to cry, but the tears couldn’t stop and fell. There is no rain outside, it can be covered.

The pain is dull, not sharp at all. My mind is very clear, so it is more sensitive and gives birth to the sensation of tooth and claw pain. Tragically discovered that I love Li Gefei far more than I thought. Without him, I would hardly want to live in this boring world. If I knew that I thought so in Huashan, I am afraid I would have jumped off the cliff with him.

I love him, just like I learned to love.

I love him as if I had never loved anyone.

I love him, and life is meaningless except for this love.

And now, I just loved it.

Maybe I was crying too much. I had a stuffy nose, splitting headache and obvious cold symptoms.

When I got up, the beautician tenderly handed me a large glass of water, which I drank without a drop. I finally cleaned up and put on a touch of makeup for me, so I went home.

Behave normally, sorry for not bringing the gift, tell them I have a cold, and successfully close the door.

I threw it on the bed exhausted and lay dazedly until midnight.

I didn’t fall asleep, I always thought of many things in a mess, some irrelevant things. I remembered the moment when Wu Zhuang was pushed into the water by Wu Zhuang two or three years ago.

Wu Zhuang suddenly made a prank and pushed me into the shallow sea, which was not too deep. He later said, “The water can’t flood you at all. You just need to stand up and you can get your head out of the water.”

For a person who can’t swim, panic is fatal and he can’t save himself if he enters the water unsuspectingly. Without self-confidence in water, water is prone to fear. A person who can’t know water can’t stand up in the water at all, let alone in the sea where the current is extremely fast. I fell into the water and was immediately engulfed by darkness. I was surrounded by invisible currents, unattached, unable to touch my hands, unable to step on my feet, completely out of control, and unable to come out of the water to call for help.

I couldn’t breathe, and I started to choke. The salty and bitter sea water poured into my nasal cavity and internal organs. Death walked side by side with me. Unless I could drink all the sea water, I could hardly do anything except choke in more water. Something else.

No one saves me, I am afraid I will be swallowed, silently, not even a single wave can be produced, and there is no chance to call for help.

I am so small, any adventure or accident is enough to destroy me. I have no experience or self-confidence in the drowning of love. Li Gefei pushed me into the whirlpool with his invisible hands, then withdrew his hands, letting me fall into the abyss.

My panic and ignorance, my pain and fear, have all been put to infinity. I broke up with Wu Zhuang and didn’t feel pain. To tell the truth-I was relieved to be able to get rid of him.

If I were not rescued by Lu Shuang in time, Wu Zhuang might regard my accidental death as his unintentional fault. This reckless and ignorant murder is just like I recklessly fell in love with Li Gefei, and Li Gefei did the same to me. Horrible behavior. In fact, I don’t know anything about Li Gefei’s life.

It’s a great irony. When I faced a breakup, I deeply realized how much I love Li Gefei and how reluctant to bear him. It is sad that Li Gefei uses himself as a bargaining chip to hurt me. I can’t be like a dog wagging for pity, I only have pride to support me back to reality.

Li Ge is not self-defeating, this is his most despicable place, irretrievable. My pain is due to the realization of this.

I tried to fall asleep and let everything return to the state I was familiar with. I was helpless like a child, helpless. The appearance of Li Gefei is a milestone. I have lived a normal life for many years, fighting alone, and I want to retreat to that time.

I have a very serious cold. I ran out of a box of pumping papers and I haven’t managed to fall asleep yet.

The next Monday, there is no reason not to go to work. When I met the first person, I frankly admitted: “I have a cold and I feel a little uncomfortable!”

I repeated this several times, and the entire company knew that I had a bad cold, not that I encountered a bandit during a trip.

I didn’t answer Li Gefei’s call, no matter what he wanted to say. Fortunately, the car was parked in front of his house, and the keys were on his desk. They were all prepared in advance. It was great, and there was nothing to do with it anymore. Moreover, after experiencing his two sudden departures, I have not developed the habit of leaving personal belongings in his house. Everything is so natural, as if we have never been in love.

I’m not used to being broken in love yet, but I always know the symptoms of a cold. I pretend to be what a bad cold should be and just wait for it to be cured.

I calmly faced the greetings of my subordinates, opened the company’s ERP system, browsed the latest information, and handled daily official duties in the place where I was responsible.

I am temporarily acting as the deputy chief executive of the li, and I often hear people say, “The casino is frustrated, the love is proud”, but I am “frustrated in love, the workplace is proud”.

The considerate subordinates specially sent condolences and cold medicines. The hospitality was hard to resist. I took the medicine and my head was still dizzy. I can’t wake up even after drinking two cups of espresso, and I always want to go to the bathroom.

If you move to the office on the fifth floor, there is a private bathroom in the suite, which is much more convenient.

I was in the bathroom and heard comments from outside, “Is it true that you said the matter between Manager Shi and President Li of Huaguang Hotel? Are they in love?”

Another intentional voice said: “How can this relationship be a simple fall in love? It must be mutual use.”

The previous voice said: “She has stopped driving a new car recently.”

Another voice said with a smile: “Avoid suspicion!”

I waited for them to leave, then came out, washed and dried my hands normally, and looked in the mirror.

At night, I feel that my cold is better. Everything in the world is the cure for feelings. The material side can heal me. I started to check my personal bank accounts to see if the mortgage was deducted on time, to write down the most recent expenditure balance sheet, and to check the stock market.

I went back to my old self and fell asleep because of a cold, because I was too tired and sleepy.

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