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As deep as you are, as deadly as you

As deep as you are, as deadly as you
Other Name: 情深刻骨,致命如你

Genre: novel
Author: Fox
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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“Sentimental, Deadly Like You” is a novel of a wealthy family written by a fox. It is novel in content and mature in writing. It is worth reading. Excerpts from the exciting chapters of “Profound and Deadly Like You”: Fu Yixi disappeared. Cheng Yan checked all the records, and even the French side could not find any news about her, as if she had never existed in this world. Because of easy

Free Reading Highlights:

Fu Yixi disappeared.

Cheng Yan checked all the records, and even the French side could not find any news about her, as if she had never existed in this world.

Because of the postponement of the wedding to Yi’s family, Yi’s pressure, and the rival’s taking advantage of the situation, Cheng was hit hard. He has been busy dealing with the company’s affairs. With Xi’s mental condition, he dare not let her go. When she was around, she would commit suicide again for fear of not paying attention.

So Fu Yixi, who was suspected of being mentally ill, had to be taken to a psychiatric hospital, and then she was picked up after everything was calm.

But I didn’t expect her to disappear out of thin air!

He admitted that Fu Yixi’s existence was an accident for him, but he had never been willing to believe that Fu Yixi would really be willing to leave him.

From the first sight of Fu Yixi, he knew that this girl liked herself and how many women liked him, but there was no one like Fu Yixi.

She is very direct and sticks to him like a dogskin plaster. She is always good at showing her best side in front of him. She is close to herself intentionally or unintentionally, even when she is twenty years old. Sent to his bed.

Such a person can never be found again.

He thought he could be calm, but he just didn’t have anyone who had been asking him if he ever loved him, but he didn’t realize that his temper was getting irritable.

In order to find Fu Yixi, he searched the entire Jincheng and even used all the French forces. Day by day passed by, and nothing was found.

He didn’t want to go to the place where Fu Yixi had stayed, but he came to the ward where she last stayed, which was the last time Cheng Yan saw her.

This ward has been vacant now. It was Cheng Yan who had spent money to buy this ward, and he didn’t even know why he did it.

Cheng Yan sat on the hospital bed and touched the bed where Fu Yixi had been lying on, as if Fu Yixi hadn’t really left.

He felt a letter under the mattress.

He was holding the letter trembling, and he didn’t even know how he read the entire letter. It was full of how Fu Yixi’s feelings for him went from hope to despair.

She said that she fell in love with him at first sight.

She said that she thought he sent her to study in France so that she could better match him in the future, and she thought Cheng Yan had feelings for her.

She said that she was not crazy.

She also said that she left because he killed their children.


What kid?

Cheng Yan found the dean angrily. He raised the letter in his hand, grabbed his collar, and forced him to ask: “What the hell is the child that Yi Xi said?”

The dean swallowed, and was frightened by Cheng Yan’s aura, but he could only bite the bullet and replied: “Ms. Fu’s mood swings are so big that it is very unfavorable for the child. At that time, I couldn’t contact Mr. Cheng, so… …”

Emotions were out of control, and a pair of eyes were full of fierce light: “So you took the initiative and knocked out my child?”

He almost wanted to smash this hospital!

They forced Fu Yixi away!

“No, it’s not me… it’s… Miss Fu herself doesn’t want to keep the children.” The dean explained intermittently.

Cheng Yan put his entire head on the desk, put Fu Yixi’s letter on the desk, and questioned him: “She said that I killed our child, but you said she signed it herself?”

The dean’s forehead was full of sweat, because this man was as dangerous as he was going to chop him off!

Cheng Yan took out the pen from the pen holder and pressed the tip of the pen against the artery of the dean’s neck: “Who did it! Just say it!”

Cheng Yan is murderous, that’s his child!

“No, it’s not me, it’s…Miss Yi! Miss Yi forced me!”

Survival and destruction, the dean chose the former.

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