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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 9 Recap

Meng An expelled Xu Xingyao Meng An domineering caregiver offended investors.

Xu Xingyao went to work after his vacation, and began to preach to the staff, and the office returned to the previous state of tension. Everyone did not dare to be out of the atmosphere. After Meng An came to the company and saw Xu Xingyao, the two could be described as sparks and lightning, and they directly pinched. Meng An was in a period of paranoia, and felt that he was the company’s president, and Xu Xingyao was the vice president. Naturally, he thought that Xu Xingyao should be dismissed and that Xu Xingyao should be expelled.

Xu Xingyao couldn’t be angry, ironically Meng An was not qualified to expel himself, and said that the concept of “Xu Mei” was flawless beauty, and also proudly showed his impeccable makeup. However, Meng An pointed out that Xu Xingyao did not understand the true meaning of “Xu Mei” nor Shen Yi, and directly called the security guard to take her out.

Xu Xingyao went to Shen Yi, and Shen Yi apologized for the matter, but did not explain the reason, only assured Xu Xingyao that he would find a way to get Meng An away. Xu Xingyao gave Shen Yi three days to resolve the matter, and she returned to work three days later. Meng An convened a meeting to criticize Shen Yi and Xu Xingyao for the uselessness of the development plan, requested to overthrow the redo, and announced domineeringly that she would definitely push LS’ sales to the first of the year.

Shen Yi asked everyone to make two more plans in private. The staff were tired. Meng An gave everyone a gift as a reward. It was a big bleeding. Shen Yi couldn’t do it. Shen Yi has already endured to the limit, and called Sui An to spit out, and felt that the company would have to close down if Meng An would continue to do so. Meng An’s gifts to everyone were carefully observed, and then brought warmth, this move made employees change Shen Yi a lot, privately thank Shen Yi.

Meng An also wants to give Shen Yi a gift, the liquid foundation that he dreamed of covering scars. Meng An told Shen Yi that people like Xu Xingyao simply don’t understand the LS company’s philosophy and keep robots that are also in the pipeline. Xumi doesn’t need such people. After some operations by Meng An, the new plan was put on the market, and it quickly made money. The former President Zhang proposed to cooperate with LS to launch a joint name.

Shen Yi couldn’t be more happy to see the sales report, and increasingly admired Meng An’s ability. Angrily, Xu Xingyao went to Shen Yi, urging her to drive away Meng An. Shen Yi did not agree, and hoped that Xu Xingyao could take paid leave. Xu Xingyao did not do it, Shen Yi reluctantly said that Meng An had a stress disorder. Xu Xingyao promised to keep it secret and said he would apologize to Meng An.

Before Shen Yi invested in a concealer foundation liquid, which attracted many investors, and now the project has not progressed, Shen Yi decided to cancel the project and continue to promote several eyebrow pencil make-ups that Meng An. The investor stopped working and came to hold Shen Yi accountable. Xu Xingyao told Meng An about the matter, and Meng An killed the meeting. Domineeringly announced that Shen Yi was his own man and approved everyone.

In this world, there is no liquid foundation that completely covers the scars. Since the scars exist, they must be faced with. The key is the inner scars, not the cover, but the smoothing. Shen Yi slowly relieved herself under Meng An’s words and agreed with Meng An’s views. Xu Xingyao asked Meng An to offend investors and forced Shen Yi to let Meng An leave.

But Meng An is not at all afraid, and the ideas are all wrong. Only by changing the strategy can the most beautiful concealer foundation be developed, not the foundation that completely covers the scars. Under Meng An’s leadership, everyone worked hard on intense R&D, and Shen Yi stopped digging, promised a lot of benefits, and everyone was very happy.

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