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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 33 Recap

Wang Xiyi arranged for the workers to eat in the Xishi shop to create opportunities for themselves to help. Anna’s life fell into disarray and began to sell her goods.

Chen Jiaxin thought about Wang Xiyi’s appearance, and finally burst into tears to dispel the idea of ​​reconciliation with Wang Xiyi. Looking at Siqi’s video invitation, Chen Jiaxin hesitated for a long time before answering the phone. During the chat with Siqi, Chen Jiaxin learned that Wang Xiyi had contributed to her cabin arrangement.

Si Qi began to persuade Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi to reconcile, but Chen Jiaxin refused, Si Qi praised Chen Jiaxin’s progress. Chen Jiaxin came to eat noodles in Xi Shi’s noodle restaurant. There were a lot of people in the shop early in the morning. It turned out that these people who came to eat noodles were arranged by Wang Xiyi.

They were also divided into dine-in group and take-out group. Emphasize that you must finish all the noodles. Sure enough, there were no bowls in the shop as Wang Xiyi had arranged, and then showed up in time to help wash the dishes. Xi Shi said that he could not afford Wang Xiyi’s expensive part-time job, Wang Xiyi replied that he was not a part-time job, and that he was her son-in-law.

Chen Jiaxin understood that many people from the factory came to eat noodles today. Wang Xiyi had to find a reason to answer that today is the anniversary of the establishment of the Huaniaodao factory. He took the staff to Shanghai for a day trip, and also agreed with the staff. They have to be allocated to eat noodles, otherwise they will be overwhelmed. Wang Xiyi explained that he wanted Chen Jiaxin to know that as long as he was with the other party, what he did was very interesting, and he was very useful. As long as he was with her, he would feel very happy.

Dylan inquired about Anna’s situation and learned about Anna’s recent situation. Anna sent Xi Shi and Chen Jiaxin home, and talked to Xi Shi about a lot of things that could be improved in management. Xi Shi listened to Wang Xiyi’s statement and felt very satisfied. Anna lacked money and started to hang her bags and shoes online for second-hand sales.

Dylan saw the product information and learned that Anna must be very difficult at this time. Wang Xiyi helped Wang Xiyi burn his hands, Chen Jiaxin helped Wang Xiyi blow his fingers, Wang Xiyi hugged Chen Jiaxin and let her go home with him, Chen Jiaxin pushed Wang Xiyi away, and bowed his head without speaking. Wang Xiyi pulled the cart and walked home. Xi Shi told Chen Jiaxin if he still had feelings for Wang Xiyi, don’t miss it.

In the evening, Chen Jiaxin chatted with Mr. W, and Wang Xiyi waited for Chen Jiaxin to reply to the news. When Chen Jiaxin admitted that she still had feelings for her ex-husband, Wang Xiyi sent out an unclear emoticon by mistake. Siqi invited Chen Jiaxin to help her choose a wedding dress, and Chen Jiaxin agreed.

After Wang Xiyi woke up, he saw the emoticon package he sent last night and felt very regretful. He quickly began to explain that he accidentally sent the emoticon package last night. It was not his intention but was sent by mistake. Chen Jiaxin said that it didn’t matter, she had decided to drive Wang Xiyi out of her mind, and she was going to play with her girlfriend today.

After reading it, Wang Xiyi decided to stop Chen Jiaxin from driving herself away from his mind. Si Qi was very excited after seeing Chen Jiaxin. The two began to walk into the house. Wang Xiyi suddenly appeared. Si Qi sent Wang Xiyi away, and then the two entered the house.

After some thinking, Wang Xiyi decided to make an appointment with Chen Jiaxin as Mr. W, and then Chen Jiaxin agreed to the invitation. He also borrowed Siqi’s cosmetics to make-up and prepared to go to the appointment. When he arrived at the coffee shop, Wang Xiyi, who was standing across the road, suddenly hesitated, and finally decided not to let Chen Jiaxin know that he was Mr. W anymore. Then walked into the coffee shop, sat opposite Chen Jiaxin, and started chatting with Chen Jiaxin, and the two finally broke up.

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