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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 11 Recap

There have been rumors on the Internet that Jiaoyang used martial arts in order to develop Querong Mountain Villa. Many people from the Animal and Plant Protection Association accused Hongyu Group of using treasure plants for profit. Ci Jiaoyang had a problem just now. Zhao Yan also felt that there must be some ghosts, and there must be ghosts within them. Zhao Yan suddenly determined that this person was Su Chengjun.

Because he did not show up on every important occasion, Secretary Yan said that Jiao Yang asked him to do it. Lin Miao passed by and was shocked to hear that Su Chengjun was Jiao Yang’s half-brother. Zhao Yan still felt that Su Cheng had problems and got up on the spot to find Jiao Yang. Everyone got up and found out that Su Chengjun had been behind Lin Miao and heard all this.

Jiao Yang will be suspended if he can’t handle this incident properly. Lin Miao made a good suggestion to donate to the Animal and Plant Protection Association in the name of Hongyu Group. Jiao Yang very much recognizes that the president’s office will listen on the spot. Commanded by Lin Miao. Lin Miao began to assign tasks to let Su Chengjun go to the donation, but Zhao Yan felt that Su Chengjun was not at ease with outsiders. Su Chengjun’s embarrassing proposal let Zhao Yan take charge of the donation platform. He was responsible for the fight, and Zhao Yan was satisfied.

Jiao Yang began to wonder whether Lin Miao likes or dislikes herself. If she doesn’t like why she cares so much about her affairs, she refuses to do so. Lin Miao came to Jiao Yang and said that the board of directors replied that he would not fund this donation. Jiao Yang said that money is not a problem.

Father Jiao found Su Chengjun. Who he is is very clear. At the wedding at the rooftop, Su Chengjun knew that the venue was in conflict but he deliberately didn’t tell Jiaoyang that he was in the limelight. Promised, but he didn’t expect this to be Su Chengjun’s attention. Su Chengjun’s efforts to overthrow his mother were really disappointing, so Jiao father asked Su Chengjun to leave Hongyu Group anyway. Li Dong learned that Jiao Yang’s plan was not at all in his heart, ironically he would only demolish the east wall to make up the west wall.

Jiao Yang sold his car and replaced a motorcycle. Lin Miao regretted seeing him selling his beloved car in a leather jacket. It was his 24th birthday gift. Jiao Yang felt that it was no big deal, but this was the first time Lin Miao asked him for help because of work. But having said that, the most important thing for them is to dispel the concerns of the board of directors. He heard that there are already projects for artificially cultivating hibiscus, so he wants to take them down and block the board’s mouth.

Lin Miao thought of what his father said when he was a child, and then said that the value of hibiscus is more than that. In the future, it can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars. If they can make the industry chain, the prospect is very objective. Jiao Yang wondered, how did Lin Miao know so much about Guinlan, Lin Miao embarrassedly ended the topic and went back to bed. Jiao Yang thought of what Lin Miao said when he was drunk, is she really from the future?

All day long, Jiao Yang was uneasy because of Lin Miao, and he also asked Secretary Yan to help him find a person. Lin Miao came to give Jiao Yang coffee to see his work progress and was also blocked by Secretary Yan. When Jiao Yang was off duty, he found that Su Chengjun had not left yet. He was sorting out the information, and ignored the call from Lin Weijun. It rained, Su Chengjun didn’t like Lin Weijun to come to his office, Lin Weijun kept holding an umbrella downstairs, etc. Su Chengjun reluctantly left with her.

Jiao Yang, who was so sad at the side, was still his girlfriend. Just then, Lin Miao appeared with an umbrella. Jiao Yang found an excuse to hide his umbrella and hid under Lin Miao umbrella, saying that he would give her an umbrella for a lifetime. Lin Miao hurriedly expressed that he was his assistant, hoping he would not say anything more unclear. Jiao Yang’s confession was rejected, and he threw his umbrella in angrily, and returned home after rain.

Lin Weijun got up early in the morning and made breakfast. Su Chengjun ignored it completely. Su Chengjun said that Zhao Yan was not satisfied with his information and needed Lin Miao’s help. Jiao Yang asked Lin Miao to help. Secretary Yan investigated the information of Lin Weijun. After her parents died, she entered the welfare home, had a good relationship with Grandma Chen, and found two photos of her as a child. Jiao Yang asked Secretary Yan what he thinks about the time and space traversal. Secretary Yan Jiakang analyzed it, thinking that the traversal was to produce an earth-shattering love, and Jiao Yang couldn’t be overjoyed after hearing it.

Lin Weijun felt that Su Chengjun was derailed, so he decided to take a look at his company. Father Jiao found that Su Chengjun was carrying Jiaoyang and Lirong Villa to sign documents, but Jiaoyang felt that he was framed by someone and did not agree to expel Su Chengjun. Lin Miao heard a colleague discuss that Su Chengjun went to the rooftop and quickly went to find him, Jiao Yang also followed, Su Chengjun found that Jiao Yang’s figure quickly hugged Lin Miao in his arms and said thank you, and let Jiao Yang go away only after she left . Jiao Yang was very angry when he returned to the office and became more curious about Lin Weijun and the relationship between Lin Miao and Su Chengjun.

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