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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 60 Recap

Sima Yun heard that his father had named Hua Jinxiu as his martyrdom before he died, and regardless of his own pain, he returned to the palace and immediately came to the original Fei Bai, asking his younger brother to help himself again A way of life, but fainted to the ground because of his weakness.

The original non-Baiming people escorted Song Minglei and Hua Jinxiu to the spirit of the original Qingjiang. When Song Minglei saw that his own uncle had gone, he wanted to pay for his life with his life, but he didn’t want Yuan Feibai to understand the grievances of Yuan Ming’s two years. Not only did he release Song Minglei on the spot, but he also encouraged Song Minglei to find the original non-smoke away from the palace. After Song Minglei left, Hua Jinxiu also realized his mistake and was willing to be buried for the husband Qingjiang.

Yuan Feibai took the throne with his own queen, Hibiscus. After accepting the Baiguan pilgrimage, Song Minglei also regained his freedom, but thinking of his previous harm to Yuan Feiyan, Song Minglei worried that even if he found his wife, she might not be able to get her. Forgive, but was informed by Yuan Feiqing, that Yuan Feiyan had already cherished his own flesh and blood before leaving, and regained confidence and began his long journey to find his wife.

Originally not taking into account the feelings of his brother Sima Yun and his wife Hua Muqin, he still violated his father’s last wish, and instead of letting the beautiful flowers be buried, he sent them to optimism, repentance, and the original non-liu was handed over to his brother. Sima Yun was raised on his behalf.

Hua Hibiscus became the queen, did not forget the previous commitment to the original Qingjiang, and continued to use the “Business Training” to teach in the classroom to train more business talents for the university. The couple, who had no intention of taking the throne at this time, not only did not feel the joy brought by the rights, but also felt more restrained after ascending the throne. I also thought that my brother had been stationed in the dark house for himself for many years, but Fei Bai still decided to give up the throne to his brother Sima Yun.

After coming out from the queen, the original non-Baibian accompanied the flower hibiscus to the former Purple Garden, and told her the secret of the dark palace. Looking at the once prosperous Purple Garden, now that it is empty and idle, Hua Mu Hiran suddenly wants to transform it into a high-end inn that combines rest and play, and has received original support.

Song Minglei searched for the original non-smoke and had no results. Until the cold food festival, he remembered the ruined temple on the outskirts of the city when the two died, and they went all the way. Sure enough, Yuan Feiyan, who already had a big belly at this time, lived here alone. Facing Song Minglei’s true regret, Yuan Feiyan was still unable to turn a blind eye, and his broken mirror was revived.

After many years, Yuan Feiqing has become a successful messenger with the assistance of Princess Shuyi. He and Princess Shuyi have a pair of lovely twins, and the family of four live a simple and happy life. Duan Yuerong used the business methods he learned from Hua Hibiscus that year, he became more and more wealthy in the South, and opened 107 branches abroad, but still secretly searching for Hibiscus. On this day, Duan Yuerong found a village named Junjiawu, and was guided to the noodle shop opened by Yu Feiyan all the way through strange villagers and fragrant noodles. Strict and leisurely. Just when Duan Yuerong was surprised, the flower hibiscus and the original non-white came one after another and was told that the reason why they will find the flower hibiscus today is all carefully arranged by the flower hibiscus. After the guidance of Hua Muhibin, Duan Yuerong finally understood the way to be king, and he was full of the world.

A few years later, the original non-white died, and the original non-liu succeeded. The legendary Yi Shangjun Mo Wen also returned to the river and lake in the same year, and took his friends to snow, relying on the purpose of stopping war with business and benefiting the people. Jun’s Mowen eventually became an ancient legend.

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