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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 12 End Recap

Lu Min came to Xu Weihong’s tomb, thinking about the sweet past between himself and Xu Weihong thirty years ago, feeling very sad. At this time, the siren sounded again. During the confrontation with Li Qiao and others, Chen Jian was shot on the left leg by Li Qiao and fell into the river. When it sank, Chen Jian told them to rescue Lu Min. Seeing Chen Jian’s blood stain the river red, Li Qiao remembered the scene before Qiao Lin’s death, and was very disappointed. Li Qiao bluntly confessed thathe had killed someone, and told Zou Zhiming that if he could leave alive, he would arrest her to the police station.

Lu Min found a mechanism with 826 innings in front of Xu Weihong’s tomb. After opening it, Lu Min successfully entered the 826 innings. Looking at the materials in the laboratory and the files of his companions, Lu Min recalled the past momentarily. Lu Min accidentally saw the “MD film” printed on it, played it, and learned that it mainly conveyed information about dark matter. It is reported that some people have speculated that there is dark matter in the universe.

The research of “MD Project” —based on the dark matter particle detection work carried out by Bureau 826. The body of the staff who died in an accident has been frozen, but the blood has always remained liquid. , When the corpse is artificially thawed and heated to 40 degrees, the corpse will restore physiological functions. After watching the film, Lu Min began to bleed and struggled to get out of the 826 innings.

Lu Min asked Li Qiao and Zou Zhiming to find Chen Jian, and when he learned that Chen Jian was dead, Lu Min bluntly said that everyone would not survive. Li Qiao regretted that Chen Jian was not killing them. Li Qiao and Zou Zhiming went to find the medicine Chen Jian gave her. In a panic, Li Qiao fainted with a nosebleed. Before fainting, Li Qiao told Zou Zhiming not to save her, because she was not worth it, she killed Chen Jian.

After Zou Zhiming took Li Qiao back to the tent, he fainted. In this way, all the survivors fainted with nosebleeds. Lu Min dreamed that Xu Weihong came to give her an injection and told her the location of the medicine. Facing Lu Min’s begging and shouting, Xu Weihong told her that she would survive and would see him again. Lu Min bluntly said that he was 30 years younger and came to the place where he should have been 30 years ago. The 30 years he had lost have also made up for him. He asked Xu Weihong if he would also return. When Lu Min reached out to touch Xu Weihong’s face, there was nothing to touch, Lu Min was very sad.

Lu Min, who woke up, successfully found the medicine according to the prompts in the dream, and cried that Xu Weihong had really come back to save her. Lu Min took the medicine he found and injected Li Qiao and the others one by one. After waking up, everyone dug out the box in front of Xu Weihong’s tomb. Looking at the inspection report in the box, Lu Min bluntly said that all of this has something to do with Xu Weihong, and they all have something to do with Xu Weihong.

“MD plan” is related. Lu Min led them to the 826 Bureau and said bluntly that they should have been infected with bacteria like the subjects being studied. Xu Weihong was also infected with bacteria and the bacteria changed him. In the dark, Xu Weihong was summoning them to the river valley, and Chen Jian was his helper. Thinking about this, Lu Min bluntly said that he must find Xu Weihong in the river valley to know the truth.

On May 21, 1985, when Lu Min and Xu Weihong’s team were approaching the end of Liang Hongxin’s blood test, the hospital ordered the work to be stopped immediately, instead testing the blood of Bureau 826 and keeping it confidential. In the face of Lu Min and others’ questions about the termination of Liang Hongxin’s blood test, Director Zhang bluntly stated that Liang Hongxin’s grandfather was to dismantle the White Party before liberation. He understood many deceptions in the world, and taught Liang Hongxin’s ear-recognition tricks to pretend to be supernatural in society. Scam money. Hearing this, Lu Min and his party, who had been painstakingly analyzing for many days, were very disappointed.

Lu Min found Xu Weihong, who was painting under the tree, and asked him why he already had a camera and he wanted to draw the landscape by hand. Xu Weihong, who could not speak, wrote, “The camera can only take pictures that you can see, but you can draw pictures and want to see them. “The picture”, the two smiled at each other. Lu Min asked Xu Weihong what kind of picture she would paint herself and her. Xu Weihong shyly wrote, “The riverside under the sunset, we two sit together like now, looking at the river in front of us.” Lu Min was moved and shy. Leaning on Xu Weihong’s shoulders, Xu Weihong hugged her, and the two of them cuddled up to see the scenery in front of them, which was very warm.

When Lu Min and his party were about to set off for the 826 bureau, Director Zhang told them that they planned to temporarily shelve the plan and take Lu Min away alone. Knowing that a page was missing from the test results, Lu Min bluntly said that he did not lose it. Hearing this, Director Zhang said that he would investigate, and bluntly said that if the matter is not investigated clearly, no one can go to Bureau 826. Lu Min accidentally fell asleep when he was locked in the room while writing the inspection procedures.

Xu Weihong in his dream told the sad Lu Min to face the bloody life bravely like Mr. Lu Xun. After Lu Min woke up, he really saw the painting Xu Weihong handed out from the crack of the door, and was very moved. After learning that he was the only one to be expelled from the 826 round, Lu Min angrily questioned Director Zhang. Lu Min was heartbroken when he learned that other companions, including Xu Weihong, had made false testimony and confirmed that he had not seen Lu Min’s summary test results.

On May 4, 1999, Kunming, after 14 years, Dean Zhang came to Lu Min and confessed that he was ashamed of Lu Min and wanted to compensate her. Lu Min asked him how his colleagues tried to testify against her, and learned that they had an accident the following year when they went to the 826 Bureau, and they all died. Lu Min looked at Xu Weihong’s paintings for himself and was extremely sad. Lu Min bluntly said that he really wanted to know the testimony back then, and upon hearing this, Dean Zhang said he could help her. Dean Zhang gave Lu Min the testimony of the year. After seeing the signatures of the five people, Lu Min cried.

(season finale)

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