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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 1 Recap

The time is from August 26, 2015 on the Sichuan-Yunnan line. A passenger bus carries passengers from Kunming to Chongqing. A man wearing glasses sat next to Li Qiao . He was short of breath and asked if she had been in a car accident before. A memory suddenly flashed in her mind.

Someone in the confusion called his name and was awakened to find that he had another car accident. There was a woman with short hair, named Lu Min , who was a doctor. Seeing that Li Qiao was okay, she hurried to observe other injured people lying on the ground and called her to help.

One of the two who woke up was Dayou and the other was Ma Hongxin , a reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily . Neither of them was injured. Li Qiao looked at the wounded and dead bodies. The uninjured one helped to lift the people in the car and put them on the ground, calling Lu Min to come over and check the injuries. Dayou found his backpack in the car, kicked a backpack down when he was walking, and the money in the backpack rolled out. Dayou was stunned looking at the money. The young man observed outside the car eventually died because of a ruptured internal organ.

Ma Hongxin are companions who pulls out a mobile phone, was suddenly wearing glasses Liu Changqing backhand lived a screw press. Zou Zhiming also surrounded him when he said that he shouldn’t steal the dead . Ma Hongxin explained to them that he was just calling for help, not stealing things. Otomo observes the people outside in the car, before no one is paying attention. He picked up the money and put it in his bag, and was grabbed by his wrist by the injured driver who had not died. He asked everyone for help and shouted that the driver was not dead.

Several people came and carried the driver out of the car and placed it on the ground. Lu Min and Li Qiao were responsible for the treatment. At this time, the rear of the car suddenly exploded, and Zou Zhiming and Liu Changqing carried the last corpse out of the smoke-filled car. Looking around, 24 people were dead, and only seven of us survived. As soon as I finished speaking, the driver lying on the ground yelled to save me, but eventually died. Lu Min and Li Qiao both felt powerless. Li Qiao fell into the memory, and once watched people die in front of him like this, but he was powerless.

Ma Hongxin asked other people not to worry about their sadness, and the call for help was made. The traffic police told them to light the fire and see the fire to facilitate rescue. After the discussion, several people were busy performing their duties. Li Qiao watched the dead driver’s body with tears. Zou Zhiming came to comfort and persuade her, picking up her hat and giving her. The two of them each fell into memory and stood on the riverside with a heavy heart. Li Qiao threw the hat in his hand into the river, as if he had lost a heavy rock on his heart.

Several people found rocks and piled them into a firepit, and piled the branches on the side. Ma Hongxin fell to the ground, and Li Qiao asked him to rest. He said it was okay, and then said Liu Changqing was very strange. A few people gathered around and were busy breaking the branches. Ma Hongxin walked to the bush next to him. Li Qiao found him calling him with his hand. He pointed to the branches and meant to go to the woods to pick them up.

A few people who were preparing to live suddenly heard strange sounds. The flood was coming from the river bend fiercely, and a few people hurriedly found a place to escape. Li Qiao asked several people to pull out their phones to see if there was a signal to call to alert rescuers. It turned out that the mobile phone had no signal, and finally got through.

Lu Min and Liu Changqing fell into memories separately, and then he panicked and asked his friends around him if you had a car accident before.

Dayou was frightened by him and swam to Li Qiao and the others and got on the roof of the bus. Liu Changqing can’t swim, Li Qiao swims over to rescue him. Asked him why she knew she had been in a car accident before, otherwise she didn’t save him. When the two confronted each other, Liu Changqing grabbed a cloth rope and tied it to himself. Something in the river grabbed the cloth and dragged Liu Changqing down. Lu Min immediately called her to swim back. Only four of them stood on the roof of the car. The traffic police called and said that the flood had caused difficulties in search and rescue. After inquiring about the situation, they were asked to persist until dawn, and the phone was disconnected.

It was dark, and Ma Hongxin was walking through the woods alone, and four people sat silently on the roof of the car. Zou Zhiming checked that the flood had receded.

The time is August 26, 2014, and the launch of the satellite “Walker” is being shown on the TV. Zou Zhiming, Li Qiao, Liu Changqing, Dayou, several people bought tickets and got on the bus. Ma Hongxin fell asleep and was dragged into the car by his companion. In a dark room, Liu Changqing was smoking a cigarette and stood in front of the window. Someone called him before and said that the satellite for detecting dark matter was successfully launched, and everything was unavoidable.

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