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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 51 End Recap

Song Rong and Zhou Fang’s love came when Gu Shudi fell, and in the days of great joy, Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin arranged everything for them, just waiting for them to appear for a wedding. When Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin were in a hurry, Song Rin rode a motorcycle and carried Zhou Fang into the meeting place. This special way seemed to inform everyone that the relationship between the two originated from a motorcycle.

Song Rin told everyone that when he and Zhou Fangchu met, it was his motorcycle that tripped over Zhou Fang’s wedding dress. At that time, he was particularly disgusted with Zhou Fang, but did not expect to get along with it again and again. He actually fell in love with Zhou Fang. Song Rin shared him and Zhou Fang, from acquaintance to love, the experience of splitting and combining, and some memorable pictures, and shared with everyone, let everyone bless their love together.

After the beautiful scenes were presented in front of everyone, Song Rin took out the ring and put it on Zhou Fang. At the same time, he reminded Zhou Fang that the moment he put on the ring, Zhou Fang would not be able to run for a lifetime, ask Zhou Fang Will you regret it? Zhou Fang said that she would not regret her decision and reached out to wear a ring to Song Rin. The wedding ceremony of the two was also completed in an affectionate kiss after wearing the ring with each other.

Huo Chendong watched Song Rin and Zhou Fang finished the ceremony, and left the scene quietly, wanting to leave in silence after blessing Zhou Fang. Shen Peipei was reluctant to let Huo Chendong, she chased and stopped Huo Chendong, and asked whether Huo Chendong still decided to leave, but Huo Chendong’s decision did not change, she was helpless, only to watch Huo Chendong leave with tears. The moment he left, Huo Chendong put a stop to his and Zhou Fang’s feelings in his heart and wanted to restart his life, and at this moment he suddenly thought of Shen Peipei, who inadvertently broke into his life. There is a trace of reluctance. Huo Chendong, with a trace of reluctance and expectation, embarked on his own journey and left Shanghai temporarily.

After Zhou Fang’s wedding, Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin went to travel to get married. Zhou Fang was particularly reluctant to leave Qin Qing. When he sent Qin Qing away, he always told him to stop. Qin Qing was afraid that Zhou Fang would be bullied by Song Rin, and he told Zhou Fang to stop, and warned Song Rong not to bully Zhou Fang. After sending away Qin Qing, Song Rin had a joke with Zhou Fang and wanted to go to Zhouzhuang together.

Half a year later, Zhou Fang happily called Li Ruhui, Shen Di got the admission notice from Stanford University, and Song Luo also got the current art school she wanted to take. Li Ruhui was very excited to hear it. Youyu went to the coffee shop opened in Suyushan and ordered 20 cups of takeaway coffee with Suyushan, but Suyushan felt that the disposable cup affected the taste, so she kept asking you to let everyone come to the shop to taste coffee. Lin Zhenzhen held the dog and smiled to remind Youyou not to care about Su Yushan, because Su Yushan would still do the same after complaining. After Lin Youzhen reminded Youyou, she showed her affection to Suyushan and asked Suyushan what she would like to eat for dinner, so that Youyou could hear goose bumps all over her body, and she could only complain to the dog to eat dog food wherever she went. .

Zhou Fang and Song Rong went to the place where they first met to ride a motorcycle. Zhou Fang joked to tell Song Rong that if Song Rong was killed at the time, she would not have a wife now. Song Rong told Zhou Fang after making jokes about Zhou Fang. In fact, when he first saw Zhou Fang, he thought Zhou Fang was very special. He liked it very much, but love was love, and he couldn’t confuse it with work, so he still Sue Zhou Fang.

Song Rin thanked Zhou Fang for making his life so colorful. Zhou Fang was very happy to hear Song Rong’s words. She gave Song Rong a big gift because she was pregnant and the two loved the crystallization of is about to be born, and happiness is within reach.


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