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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 1 Recap

Nie Xingchen was busy buying goods online. As a result, he received a call from Zhao Yuanfang. The car that was going to pick up broke down halfway, and he had to hurry to pick it up. Nie Xingchen, the secretary of Yuanda Group Zhao Yuanfang, had to abandon online shopping, changed clothes in the car, and rushed to the airport. When he arrived at the airport, Zhao Yuanfang said the identity of the other party. It was Yan Jing, the boss of Bojue Group.

Nie Xingchen looked a little wrong when she heard the name, and she found the stricken scenery in the hall that had been disembarked. In the returning car, Yan Jing’s face was a little pale. Nie Xingchen knew that he had low blood sugar, and the discomfort caused by the long-term plane airsickness gave him some sugar relief, and explained that he had a friend who would attend the motion sickness.

At the reception of the wind, Yan Jing refused to drink, making other businessmen ugly, and he thought he was the one to stand. Nie Xingchen brought the medicine and asked him to take it as the doctor told him not to drink, and everyone was relieved, and he did not persuade him to drink. Yan Jingjing feels that Nie Xingchen is careful and is a very good assistant. He proposes that the high remuneration should dig Nie Xingchen to work as his secretary and pay three times the price.

Nie Xingchen refused, but Yan Jingjing felt that she was trying to escape and was a way to increase the bargaining power. Nie Xingchen was given 24 hours to consider answering herself again. Nie Xingchen thought or refused, and caught up with Yan Jingjing to explain, and accidentally shoved Yan Jing when he was wrapped in Yan Jingjing. Yan Jing smelled the scent of rosemary on her body and felt very familiar, asking if she had seen it before?

Nie Xingchen panicked and denied, saying that this was the first time to see it, and then left. Yan Jing dreamed at night. There was a girl playing the piano in the dream, but he couldn’t see her. He wanted to work hard to make the dream wake up. Yan Jingjing called the attending physician and said that he was dreaming again. Does it indicate a sign of memory recovery? Nie Xingchen is interested in Yan Jingjing.

At the cooperation meeting on the second day, Nie Xingchen directly proposed to acquire Yuanda at a high price, allowing Zhao Yuanfang to retain 20% of the equity, as well as the original employees. The conditions for the acquisition were very generous, and Zhao Yuanfang was not happy, and agreed to the acquisition without saying anything. Nie Xingchen was very embarrassed and asked why Yan Jing wanted to buy it? Yan Jingjing’s outspoken acquisition was because of her, and she aggressively asked Nie Xingchen, why did she know she had low blood sugar and used her favorite rosemary shampoo?

All of these were too coincidental, and Yan Jing felt that he and Nie Xingchen knew each other. Nie Xingchen vehemently denied it, but Yan Jing expressed that he would always know it anyway, and let Ning Xingchen report to the president’s office tomorrow as the chief secretary. The chief secretary of the Bojue Group is routinely selected from all internal secretaries. The competition is very fierce. As a result, a Nie Xingchen was airborne, which surprised everyone. There was no discussion in private.

Nie Xingchen went to work on the first day and did not know that it was at 1:30 in the afternoon. Ai Lu deliberately said it was two o’clock in order to adjust Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen heard them but didn’t know them in general, and brought them cakes at noon, but was caught by Yan Jing, and she was scolded for being late. Nie Xingchen didn’t confess his colleagues, only saying that he made a mistake, Yan Jing did not delve into it.

Ai Lu still couldn’t look down on Ning Xingchen, privately confessed with Tong Xin, Nie Xingchen did not lose his temper, but instead pretended not to talk with Ai Lu about dressing up, praised her beautiful shoes, etc., and immediately won Ai Lu, and heard from her mouth some habits of Nie Xingchen at work.

Yan Jingjing made it very clear that Nie Xingchen deliberately made mistakes and used his criticism to instantly pull into his relationship with his colleagues, and it quickly became a piece of cleverness. This cleverness and means were really powerful. Yan Jingjing gave Nie Xingchen another task, that was to help herself to clean up her new home, and said she would stay at night.

Nie Xingchen only took a few hours to clean up Yanjing’s new home. Yan Jing was very satisfied, and she called to let her take charge of her daily life. The salary doubled, and she came home at 7:30. he. Nie Xingchen couldn’t be angry, he didn’t want to do anything, he submitted the resignation application the next day. Yan Jing ignored it at all.

The star Zhen Nian came to the company and everyone had a lot of discussions. Director Huang happily told everyone that there was an explosion news that Zhen Nian was about to get engaged to President Yan. After hearing this, Nie Xingchen was a little confused and ran to let Yan Jingjing approve his resignation, as did Zhen Nian. Yan Jingjing felt that Nie Xingchen was playing hard again and refused to approve his resignation application. He also warned Nie Xingchen. The angry Nie Xingchen scolded him for being narcissistic. If he did well, he would seduce him. If he did not do well, he would say incompetent. He also said that Yan Jingjing is obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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