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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 28 Recap

Ansen hurriedly explained that he did not want Chen Jiaxin, but hoped to get a salary increase, because he and Siqi had no money and was rejected. Wang Yiyi was planning to give Ansen something. Suddenly he received a call from Wang Zhengren saying that because he had a fever and was not allowed to get on the plane, Wang Yiyi hurriedly left.

The second half of the seminar was about to start, but Zhongshan Dragon still did not come. Chen Jiaxin prepared clothes for Zhongshan Dragon and urged him to hurry over. Even Zhongshan Dragon’s lunch was ready to eat on the road. Dylan told Chen Jiaxin that seven people had planned to buy her souvenirs. Chen Jiaxin thought it was deliberately fabricated by Dylan. Dylan was busy explaining that no one wanted Chen Jiaxin’s works to be appreciated more than he did, so he would not make up any fakes. Chen Jiaxin couldn’t help laughing, it turned out to have been teasing Dylan.

Wang Xiyi also came to the Hungarian exhibition and found that Chen Jiaxin’s work, looking at a snail lying on top of the trojan, Wang Xiyi remembered that Chen Jiaxin wanted to buy a trojan for Xiaomi before. Looking at the description of the work, the narrator quickly introduced Wang Yiyi to the new pottery artist, and he will also be an infinitely promising person in the future.

Wang Yiyi sees that this work is a regret that cannot be sent out. Everyone has their own regrets. There are also authors of this work. This work is unique to Wang Yiyi, and he wants to collect it. The narrator asked me to ask for the work and called Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin asked to talk to Wang Yiyi. Both of them used Hungarian prophecy to communicate. Chen Jiaxin thought that Wang Yiyi was someone who knew his work and wanted to say thank you in person, so he asked Wang Yiyi’s hotel number to send it to him personally.

Ansen arranged for Wang Yiyi to meet with the client temporarily. Chen Jiaxin did not see Wang Yiyi back after a long time. Just when Dylan asked him something, he left notes and souvenirs and left. When Wang Yiyi returned, Chen Jiaxin left, and the two passed by.

Wang Xieyi was shocked to find that the note was signed by Chen Jiaxin. I hurried to the exhibition hall to ask the commentator Ryan for the address of Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin still transformed from a good old man into a strong woman who did things decisively in Ryan’s mouth.

When Wang Yiyi arrived at the mask ball, Dylan wore a mask to invite Chen Jiaxin to dance, and the two danced on the dance floor. Dylan expressed to Chen Jiaxin that he was very grateful to two people. One person was Wang Yiyi, who did not know how to cherish. The other person was the one who bought Chen Jiaxin’s work today. Dylan suggested that he wanted to fall in love with Chen Jiaxin, and Wang Jiayi, who hadn’t responded yet, almost overturned the table.

Dylan took a call and left. Wang Yiyi wore a wolf mask and danced with Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin asked who the other party was, and Wang Jieyi asked who Chen Jiaxin was waiting for? Or who was looking forward to appearing in my heart, Chen Jiaxin was confused for a moment, and then kicked to Wang Yiyi and left.

Wang Yiyi has been following Chen Jiaxin, watching Chen Jiaxin take off his mask, and couldn’t help taking a picture of Chen Jiaxin. Looking at Chen Jiaxin’s great changes and full of charm, this made Wang Yiyi unable to open his eyes for a moment, and when he looked up, he found that Chen Jiaxin had disappeared.

Wang Yiyi hurried out to find it. Chen Jiaxin took out the anti-wolf spray and warned Wang Yiyi to stay away from him or he would call the police. Wang Yiyi was afraid that she would not continue to catch up. Wang Xiyi was angry and jealous. During the past three years, Dylan was accompanied by Chen Jiaxin, and in the three years without him, Chen Jiaxin not only did not sink, but also became more and more charming. Wang Xiyi couldn’t help but call Anson to let Ansen arrange his work, and his schedule would be postponed. Anson was happy when he heard it, and he could fully understand Wang Yiyi’s anger and jealousy.

Wang Xiyi looked at the wolf head mask and said he was not clear about his mood. It seemed that Chen Jiaxin had already let go, but he never let it go. He was envious, jealous, or regretful. Wang Yiyi was also thinking whether he would be a generous ex-husband, and generously put down Chen Jiaxin, but he should apologize to her before that.

Chen Jiaxin also dreamed of the mask man that night, waking up from the dream, Chen Jiaxin remembered Wang Yiyi. Wang Yanyi called Ryan and asked the author to meet a souvenir, and agreed that the two would meet in the church, and Ryan promised to convey it.

Zhongshan Dragon received a notice from Dylan that he learned that Wang Zhenzhu’s disease was important soon, and he was so scared that Zhongshan Dragon picked up things and left all his work to return to Chen Jiaxin.

Wang Yanyi’s phone is full of sadness and desolation. I hope Wang Yanyi can go back quickly and hope that both of them will not miss each other’s life. Shi Anna expressed her apology for each absence before her. Although Wang Yiyi felt a lot of reluctance in her heart, she still thought it might be time to let go, so she agreed to go back as soon as possible.

When Chen Jiaxin arrived at the appointed place, the owner of the flower shop told Chen Jiaxin that the young man had left, and left Borage to her. A card was written in Borage, saying that he fell in love with the souvenir at first sight. He didn’t expect a small object to carry regrets and sorrows. He would always care about Chen Jiaxin silently and wish Chen Jiaxin.

Chen Jiaxin hastily chased this young man, but did not find it. Unconsciously she came to a place with Wang Yiyi. Chen Jiaxin saw the back and thought it was the mask man. He stepped forward and put his finger against his lumbar spine, warning the mask The man cannot harass her later, When Wang Yiyi turned around, he scared Chen Jiaxin, Chen Jiaxin hurriedly prepared to leave, but fell off the stairs. Scared that Wang Yiyi yelled Chen Jiaxin’s name.

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