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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 24 Recap

Wang Yiyi called Lawyer Shen to revoke the divorce agreement. Shen believes that if Wang Yiyi wants to keep Chen Jiaxin, he should listen to Chen Jiaxin. Or it may be possible to modify the divorce agreement and change it to a pre-marriage agreement to guarantee Chen Jiaxin’s rights and interests. Wang Yiyi proposed to protect Chen Jiaxin’s best rights and interests. In the future, he will give Xiao Simi’s custody rights to Chen Jiaxin. I believe that Chen Jiaxin will never divorce him. As for the proportion of property division, Wang Yiyi will also send it to Lawyer Shen in detail. Wang Xiyi hopes that Mr. Shen can send the divorce agreement before grandma’s birthday feast. He wants to give Chen Jiaxin a peace.

Shi Anna has been secretly listening beside him, with a calm smile on the surface, and deliberately drinking with Wang Yiyi, hoping he can get the most happiness. Dylan sent Chen Jiaxin home and found that Chen Jiaxin was asleep and wanted to put Chen Jiaxin on his clothes. Chen Jiaxin was already awake. Back home, Chen Jiaxin had been waiting for Wang Yiyi to return, but Wang Yiyi had never returned. Chen Jiaxin took out a pair of porcelain puppets that he had sent when he was married to Wang Yiyi on the cruise and listened to Wang Liaoyi’s lullaby for his children.

In fact, Shi Anna deliberately drunk Wang Yiyi, took him back to his residence, and deliberately hung up the call from Chen Jiaxin. Early the next morning, Shi Anna also deliberately called Chen Jiaxin over to pick up Wang Yiyi. Shi Anna pretended that nothing had happened, intentionally or unintentionally told Chen Jiaxin that they had drunk, and talked about many good memories of the past. At the same time, he also said that he will learn to become a qualified mother. In the future, Chen Jiaxin does not plan to dance.

Shi Anna left generously and seemed to leave the empty vision to Wang Yiyi and Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin was not happy. Wang Xiyi came to the living room and found that Chen Jiaxin was sitting there, explaining that he had drunk too much, and explained that Shi Anna had already made it clear, and later Shi Anna also ended. Chen Jiaxin has been sullen, claiming that Anna has already said that, Wang Yiyi feels that Chen Jiaxin does not believe in himself, and hugs Chen Jiaxin to explain in detail what happened last night. Chen Jiaxin interrupted Wang Yiyi and claimed that she had no confidence in herself. She did not believe that Wang Yiyi would fall in love with her in such a short time. Wang Yiyi promised to give Chen Jiaxin a home and Xiao Ximi a home. Chen Jiaxin asked Wang Xiyi to think clearly whether she really loves her and whether she loves her without Xiaomi. She hopes that Wang Xiyi will not do anything regretful.

Chen Jiaxin will wait in advance last year, so that Wang Yiyi is also ready to pass as soon as possible. Chen Jiaxin relaxed after wearing a neat dress and wanted to forget all the unpleasant things. Shi Anna appeared in front of Chen Jiaxin again, pretending to congratulate Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi on the right track after the reception.

To celebrate, Shi Anna also prepared grape juice. She spilled the grape juice on Chen Jiaxin’s skirt deliberately. Chen Jiaxin went to the bathroom to sort out her clothes. At this time, Mr. Shen sent someone to send the supplementary terms of the divorce agreement, but it was replaced by Shi Anna and asked to take away Chen Jiaxin’s children. Chen Jiaxin didn’t know it was a tactic. Anna deliberately provoked, saying that yesterday Wang Yiyi called lawyer Shen to show that she didn’t expect to go through divorce with Chen Jiaxin.

Chen Jiaxin angrily took off the ring and left, and also tore up the divorce agreement. Shi Anna watched the wedding ring weep and apologized to Chen Jiaxin. Only when Chen Jiaxin left can she get Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi specially prepared flowers for Chen Jiaxin, but passed by Chen Jiaxin.

Pearl Wang specially asked people to take Lin Xishi, and everyone went to see Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi came in and saw that only Shi Anna was in the room. Shi Anna gave the ring to Wang Yiyi and lied that Chen Jiaxin had given up the reception. At this time, Wang Zhenzhu and others pushed in the door, and Shi Anna quickly greeted him to present a gift to Wang Zhenzhu.

Jia Tiancai also found a torn divorce agreement from the ground. Wang Xiuling saw Chen Jiaxin’s wedding ring in Wang Xiyi’s hand. Angrily Lin Xi stepped forward and blamed Wang Yiyi for bullying Chen Jiaxin. Wang Yanyi couldn’t explain it and ran out to catch up with Chen Jiaxin. Shi Anna wanted to hold Wang Yiyi. As a result, Wang Yanyi was overturned and accidentally hit the table. Shi Anna squatted on the ground. But none of the people at the scene stepped forward to comfort, and secretly felt she deserved it.

Wang Yiyi went to catch up with Chen Jiaxin, but Chen Jiaxin was still angry and sad. He didn’t listen to Wang Yiyi’s explanation at all, but only hoped that Wang Yiyi would spare her and her children. In order to avoid Wang Yiyi, Chen Jiaxin ran out and accidentally bumped into the passing car. He fainted on the spot and scared Wang Xiyi holding Chen Jiaxin and ran to the hospital in the rain.

Due to the impact of the outside world, Chen Jiaxin’s placenta showed signs of peeling and bleeding. Therefore, the child needs to be induced to give birth, hoping that Wang Yiyi can sign the decision. Wang Yiyi kept begging the doctor to find a way to save Xiaomi, but the doctor told Wang Yiyi that if it was not too fast to sign, it would be too late. Chen Jiaxin woke up from the coma and saw the induced labor sheet, begging Wang Xiyi not to sign the operation.

Chen Jiaxin desperately begged herself to give up everything, do not need custody, do nothing, she can leave after giving birth, but just hope not to sign induction labor. Wang Yiyi ignored Chen Jiaxin’s plea and signed with tears. The doctor pushed Chen Jiaxin to perform the operation. Wang Xiyi held the signed pen and squatted on the ground with tears.

Lying on the operating table, Chen Jiaxin also desperately begged the doctor not to remove the child. Due to the effect of anesthetics, Chen Jiaxin fell into a coma. In the dream, Chen Jiaxin dreamed that Xiao Simi was sitting on the wooden horse to play, but suddenly disappeared, and Chen Jiaxin woke up from the dream.

As soon as she heard that there were no more children in her stomach, Chen Jiaxin cried desperately. She blamed herself for failing to protect Xiaomi, leaving Xiaomi without a chance to see the world. Lin Xishi sat tearfully sitting next to Chen Jiaxin’s non-stop comfort, Wang Xiyi sitting outside listened to Chen Jiaxin crying in the room.

Wang Yanyi wanted to rush in to find Chen Jiaxin to explain, Zhao Zishan desperately pulled Wang Yanyi, blaming Wang Yanyi for taking the divorce agreement to harm Chen Jiaxin. Ansen came to find Wang Yiyi. There was an accident at the factory. The fire burned the entire assembly line. The chairman knew that Chen Jiaxin’s abortion had collapsed on the spot. Wang Yiyi needs to rush back to deal with the company’s affairs and ask Zhao Zishan to take good care of Chen Jiaxin.

Ansen told Wang Yiyi that Anna was also in the hospital, and Wang Yanyi asked Ansen to take care of her indifferently. Shi Anna learned that she had destroyed the child in Chen Jiaxin’s stomach and blamed herself. She just wanted Chen Jiaxin to leave and never thought of hurting the child. Because Wang Yiyi threw away Anna’s movement, Anna caused her to hit the pelvis and dislocate her pubic bone, making it difficult to get pregnant in the future. Wang Xiyi came to the baby room and looked at everything Chen Jiaxin arranged here, and couldn’t help crying again.

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