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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 21 Recap

Zhongshan Long called Dylan to claim that his apprentice Zhiyuan was getting married. He needed to find another person to train, but he didn’t know who to look for and was worried. Hanging up the phone, Dylan saw Wang Yiyi coming over. Wang Yiyi claimed to be coming to help grandma buy gifts, and also reminded Dylan to keep a polite distance from his wife. Dylan agreed, but at the same time told Wang Yiyi that he helped because Chen Jiaxin liked him, but when Wang Yiyi did something that hurt Chen Jiaxin one day, he might not be able to keep this politeness. Wang Yiyi immediately said that he would not give Dylan this opportunity, he would help Chen Jiaxin realize all her wishes.

Anna finally came back, looking at a couple hugging and kissing, Anna was a little lost. She should not have been discharged from the hospital. The doctor reminded her that the situation is very serious and that she is in a recovery period, which may cause life-long injuries, but Anna is still in a hurry to leave the hospital and return home.

Wang Xiyi bought a massage chair for Lin Xishi, Lin Xishi was very happy to enjoy, and also made Wang Yiyi’s favorite food for Chen Jiaxin to send him over. When Chen Jiaxin brought something to Wang Yiyi and Wang Xiyi also went downstairs to pick up Chen Jiaxin, Shi Anna suddenly appeared. Shi Anna rushed over and hugged Wang Yiyi, and Chen Jiaxin immediately turned around and left silently. This scene happened to be seen by Ansen, and she could not help but pinch a sweat for Wang Yiyi to chase Chen Jiaxin.

An Sen hopes that Chen Jiaxin will not be too sad, and believes that Wang Yiyi’s determination to leave Shi Anna will be resolved. Chen Jiaxin thought he was confident, but when Shi Anna threw herself into Wang Yiyi’s arms, Chen Jiaxin felt that she had no confidence at all. Here in Anna Chen Jiaxin feels that she is the most abominable person, Shi Anna is such a good person, but she wants to steal Shi Anna’s lover.

An Sen believes that since Wang Yiyi and Chen Jiaxin are together, the whole person has been a lot happier. It can be seen that Chen Jiaxin is the most important to Shi Anna, and Chen Jiaxin should believe in Wang Yiyi and cannot leave Wang Jianyi.

Shi Anna offered to marry Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi refused and told Shi Anna about her and Chen Jiaxin. Shi Anna stated that she could accept that as long as Wang Yiyi divorced the woman, she could raise the child of that woman as her own child. No one will know this disgraceful thing, but Wang Yiyi told Shi Anna that the woman is called Chen Jiaxin and his child is Xiao Ximi. He wants to live with them.

Shi Anna explained that she had no news these days because she saw photos sent by her friend Mo. It was a photo taken by Wang Yiyi and Chen Jiaxin in the mall, which was used by the mall to promote the public account. Shi Anna distracted her accidentally during the last performance, causing a concussion.

Shi Anna begs Wang Wang to stay, and believes that Wang Yanyi has feelings for herself, but Wang Yanyi ruthlessly throws away Shi Anna, and claims that she will not keep Shi Anna forever. It is Shi Anna who left on the cruise. Wang Yiyi disregarded Shi Anna’s cry and entangled and left. Although he left, Wang Yiyi blamed himself and felt that he was an asshole. When he treated Chen Jiaxin, he would be sorry for Shi Anna, but for Shi Anna, he would be even more sorry for Chen Jiaxin.

Shi Anna didn’t know what she did wrong, why she became an abandoned person, and why she lost Wang Yiyi when she pursued her ideal. But he is also the one who loves Wang Yiyi with all his heart. Dylan called Chen Jiaxin and claimed to give her a very important thing. When Chen Jiaxin was depressed, she forgot to bring an umbrella to find Dylan in the heavy rain. In conclusion, Chen Jiaxin put on his clothes when he was wet, and helped Chen Jiaxin dry his hair.

Di Lun told Chen Jiaxin that Zhongshan Dragon liked her work, and also gave back a gift to Chen Jiaxin, with the signature of Zhongshan Dragon on the box and a letter written by Zhongshan Dragon in the box. Zhongshan Dragon praised Chen Jiaxin as a material that could be made, and also sent a couple of good friends Tiancheng to Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin looked at the broken couple in Tiancheng and suddenly burst into tears. Dylan was frightened and apologized to Chen Jiaxin in a hurry. Dylan blamed himself for failing to protect the delivery, but promised to fix it. Chen Jiaxin thought that he should always come.

Chen Jiaxin came back thinking that Wang Yiyi would take a long time to come back, explaining to his family that Wang Yiyi was a little troublesome and could not return for the time being. As soon as the words fell, Wang Yiyi came back. Once he came back, he locked his eyes on Chen Jiaxin’s face and did not want to leave. Wang Zhengren couldn’t help but mumble his dog food. Wang Xiyi hugged Chen Jiaxin to dinner, which made Wang Zhenzhu even happier. Shi Anna walked alone on the street, thinking of her and Wang Yiyi’s various loves, Wang Xiyi finally decided to leave, Shi Anna couldn’t bear to faint on the street.

Wang Yiyi told Chen Jiaxin that he had confessed everything to Shi Anna. Suddenly he felt so relaxed. Looking at Chen Jiaxin’s crying eyes, Wang Yiyi was very distressed. Chen Jiaxin told Wang Yiyi that today he has always asked himself whether he can continue to live in this home or whether he can still sleep in this bed. Whether he can still accompany Xiaomi, Chen Jiaxin is even afraid that he will leave here when he wakes up. Wang Xiyi held Chen Jiaxin’s hand to comfort her, and looked at Chen Jiaxin’s swollen eyes Wang Xiyi put the ring on her palm. And implied that Chen Jiaxin put it on him and trapped him.

Wang Yiyi let Chen Jiaxin stay at ease and enjoy his treat to her. Chen Jiaxin nodded and hugged in Wang Yiyi’s arms. Wang Yiyi vowed that he would not let Chen Jiaxin cry from today. Siqi heard that Anna was back, and immediately called to teach Chen Jiaxin strategy. Anson stopped Siqi and told Siqi that Chen Jiaxin was a snail crawling slowly, but he had climbed to the top of Wang Yiyi’s head.

The hospital suddenly called Wang Yiyi to inform Shi Anna that she was taken to the hospital after fainting. Wang Yiyi was about to go to the hospital immediately, but she was afraid that Chen Jiaxin would think about it and kissed her forehead. . Chen Jiaxin urged Wang Xiyi to go to the hospital quickly, but he couldn’t sleep at night. Shi Anna woke up from the hospital and lost her memory. She forgot what happened recently, and her memory stayed on the cruise. The doctor told Wang Yiyi that Anna could not be stimulated recently. If you take good care of her, Anna will be able to restore her memory in a short period of time without stimulation.

Wang Xiyi didn’t know how to go home and told Chen Jiaxin about it. Since Anna had no biological parents, the adoptive mother was a ballet company all year round, and only Anna herself was in Shanghai. Chen Jiaxin forbeared the discomfort in his heart and proposed to let Wang Yiyi take care of Anna. Chen Jiaxin believes that it is their responsibility for Anna to become this way. She is also willing to take care of Anna with Wang Yiyi, who is very moved.

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