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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 14 Recap

Wang Yiyi felt a little sorry for Shi Anna, and began to gradually alienate Chen Jiaxin. The lunch Ben Chen prepared for him did not take Wang Jianyi. Chen Jiaxin and Wang Zhenzhu were a little absent-minded in learning to do pottery. Wang Zhenzhu saw Chen Jiaxin’s heart and persuaded Chen Jiaxin not to rush, because Wang Xiyi must have been uncomfortable. Wang Zhuzhu proposed to teach Chen Jiaxin a few tricks to ensure that every move can be cut on his dead hole

Wang Yiyi was a little irritable. He didn’t know why he gave up going to Europe or why he rejected Chen Jiaxin’s bento. Ansen explained that Wang Yanyi couldn’t give up on both sides. He liked Shi Anna and started to let go of Chen Jiaxin, so both sides thought escape. Angrily Wang Yiyi kicked Anson out.

Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin have always begun to not speak to each other as transparent people. The two care about each other but are not seen by the other, and the meeting and the meeting do not exist as the other, hoping to give each other freedom in this strange way.

Siqi saw Wang Yiyi and An Sen angered at the risk of being expelled and blamed Wang Yiyi for disregarding his wife’s feelings and breaking the silk with his ex-girlfriend, even if he had no feelings for his wife, but the wife was also the one who gave birth to his children. Wang Yiyi immediately woke up and seemed to find a reason to convince himself that he was not in love with Chen Jiaxin, but because of the feelings of his loved ones. This is like the obligation of parents to their children. He is now obliged to take care of Chen Jiaxin, and after a year, it will be nothing. Wang Yiyi thought he had figured it out, and his mood suddenly became bright.

Chen Jiaxin made a good thing for the first time in pottery, which made the whole family very happy. Even Wang Xiuling praised Chen Jiaxin. Wang Zhengren felt that he was not used to having a sister-in-law at home. Just not used to it. Chen Jiaxin also intends to make a pottery cup for each person. Grandma persuades Chen Jiaxin to go home to see her mother. When Wang Yiyi came back, the grandmother took the whole family to take the food and left it alone. Wang Yiyi sat at the table. Wang Yiyi asked loudly what he was eating, and Grandma asked Wang Yiyi to drink soup.

Wang Xiyi couldn’t help but called to complain with Anson, thinking that it was Chen Jiaxin who isolated him with a full-blown port. It happened that Chen Jiaxin came in and picked up a pillow to go to her grandmother’s room to rest. Wang Yiyi stopped Chen Jiaxin and asked if she had sued in front of her grandmother. Chen Jiaxin claimed that she only said that Wang Xiyi’s snoring affected her sleep.

In fact, this is all grandma’s strategy. Grandma thinks that Wang Yiyi has been used to being self-centered since childhood, and has always felt that Chen Jiaxin should walk around him. Now he should let him know that it is not what he wants. Wang Yiyi should cherish it, otherwise he will regret it in the future.

Wang Xiyi read the book about pregnant women and thought that Chen Jiaxin’s indifference to him was caused by the pregnancy of pregnant women. Wang Xiyi took the initiative to sum up and bought clothes for Chen Jiaxin. He asked Chen Jiaxin to go shopping together, and Chen Jiaxin gladly went with him. When Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin went shopping, they received a short message from Shi Anna. Wang Xiyi lied that she was shopping with a relative. Shi Anna actually envied this relative to be accompanied by Wang Xiyi.

At dinner, Wang Yiyi ordered a lot of things that would help pregnant women to eat. They knew everything they could eat and what they could not eat. It turned out that Wang Yiyi had already made sufficient preparations before this, not only consulted Dr. Hao, but also consulted all companies that had had children. Woman.

Chen Jiaxin’s feet were swollen because of pregnancy, many shoes could not be worn, and the shoes worn on the feet worn out the feet. Wang Yiyi was very distressed and took Chen Jiaxin to buy shoes. When Chen Jiaxin was happy, she met Shi Anna’s girlfriend. Chen Jiaxin pretended to leave with Wang Xiyi’s superior and subordinate relations, and took the initiative to take away what he bought to avoid his girlfriend’s suspicion. Wang Yiyi looked at the back of Chen Jian’s love, and there were many reluctances in his heart.

Wang Xiyi flew out to find Chen Jiaxin, who had nowhere to go, so he had to call Anson to ask if Si Qi saw a snail. Wang Yiyi called Chen Jiaxin, and Chen Jiaxin hung up the phone flatly, which made Wang Xiyi even more anxious. Chen Jiaxin felt sad at this time, thinking that in Wang Yiyi’s heart, she always regarded Anna as her wife. She also took care of herself because she was pregnant with Xiaomi. The reason is because of the children in her stomach.

Ansen found Siqi and asked Chen Jiaxin whereabouts. Siqi claimed that he would not betray his friend. Wang Xiyi directly talked to Siqi and proposed to use it to renew the contract for annual renewal. Siqi immediately said that Chen Jiaxin must have returned to Huaniao Island. Anson satirized Siqi as a plastic sister flower, but Kesi claimed to be worried that it was dark and Chen Jiaxin was unsafe.

Shi Anna’s girlfriend called her and told her about her encounter with Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi today. In the opinion of girlfriends, although both of them had explanations at that time, it was obviously false, and in her opinion, the two were not related. . Shi Anna seemed to have felt for a long time, and her heart was uneasy.

Chen Jiaxin came to the terminal by himself, but has stopped selling tickets. Chen Jiaxin sat there alone, Dylan appeared in time and put on clothes for Chen Jiaxin intimately. Chen Jiaxin told Di Lun that when she was a child, she once picked up a hundred yuan, but it was spent. Later, the owner lost his money and said that he bought milk powder for the child, so that Chen Jiaxin was afraid to say that he spent the money. At that time Chen Jiaxin felt like a thief.

Chen Jiaxin’s mother said nothing, and took out a hundred yuan from her pocket, saying that she picked it up and gave it to the owner. After going back, Chen Jiaxin thought that his mother would teach herself, but the mother said nothing, but just told Chen Jiaxin that the money should be used as a lesson. Other people’s things should not be taken. The current Wang Yiyi appears to Chen Jiaxin to be the one hundred yuan he has picked up. He doesn’t lose to himself, so he can’t take it for his own use, and can’t let himself become a thief again.

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