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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 9 Recap

Zuo Qingci worried about Su Yunluo’s safety and disregarded the ghost doctor’s obstruction, insisting on going to Zhengyang Palace. Su Yunluo has arrived at Zhengyang Palace, but Hewei Bai is a forbidden place in Zangzhen Pavilion. She can’t get in either. First, she went to Wen Siyuan and asked him to find Ceylon star as soon as possible. Her master’s time was running out. Zuo Qingci and Bai Mo went to Tiandu Mountain, and Wen Siyuan was waiting for him on the mountain, thinking that Ghost Doctor should not tell him about it. Zuo Qingci said that he didn’t want to know everyone’s grievances, just wanted to keep Su Yunluo.

Zhu Yan found a sword stone in Houshan. The sword was very strong and engraved with Su Xuan’s name. Zhu Yan asked who this person was, Chang Changge said that he was a traitor of Zhengyang, and he did not want to say more. Zuo Qing resigned to Shen Manqing, saying that she had been hit by the scorpion poison of the three demon in the snow, and then she came here deliberately. If it is serious, she may not be able to practice martial arts in the future. Wen Siyuan cooperated with him in acting, saying that detoxification requires Xuezhi Ganoderma, right in Zangzhen Pavilion.

Shen Manqing knew that Cangzhen Pavilion could not enter without the permission of Master and Elder. Yin Changge wanted to go to Master Uncle for pleading, but Shen Manqing couldn’t believe Wen Siyuan, thinking he had another purpose. Wen Siyuan thinks that she can’t detoxify. It doesn’t matter. After marrying, her husband will be fine. Yin Changge came to Zuo Qing for speech, and the two of them sneaked into the Tibetan Pavilion. As soon as the two went in, Zuo Qing’s speech fainted Yin Changge. Unexpectedly, Su Yunluo also came and stunned Zuo Qingci’s speech. Su Yunluo found Hewei Bai, but the patrolling disciples discovered that Xiu Yugu also came over. Su Yunluo confronted him, but had no time to escape, but failed to take away Hewei Bai.

Xiu Gu was very surprised to see the unconscious Yin Changge and Zuo Qingci. Yin Changge explained that Zuo Langzhong needed a medicine to save people. He thought it was useless to put things in Zangzhen Pavilion before accompanying him. Yin Changge was willing to take all the blame. Xiu Yugu said that he would abolish the martial arts if he broke into the Tibetan Pavilion, but upon inspection, he found that Zuo Qing had no martial arts. Xiu Yugu punished Yin Changge for thinking in the hall, and waited for his master to go out of customs before disposing. Xiu Yugu and Jin Haishan found that Su Yunluo’s body was like Su Xuan, and decided to invite Jin Xu to go out.

Shen Manqing went to Wen Siyuan theory when he was drunk, and asked him why he said he could only teach his son, Wen Siyuan wanted to give her hot soup, which was rejected by Shen Manqing and took him to drink. Wen Siyuan gave her the boiled medicine and told her to learn martial arts after drinking it. Zuo Qing left a letter to her, telling her that the poison had been resolved, and would have the opportunity to elaborate later. Shen Manqing was drunk and fell asleep. Wen Siyuan was very helpless and asked Ling Xi to send her back.

Su Yunluo came to Wen Siyuan and asked him to keep them down tomorrow. Wen Siyuan felt that she shouldn’t have feelings, Su Yun deny it. Su Yunluo came to Zuo Qing to let him go down the mountain tomorrow, but Zuo Qing wanted to take care of her. Xiugu Gu told Jin Xu about Su Yunluo’s story. Jin Xu asked Yin Changge to face the wall for a few days. After making preparations, he had to take the lead for Zhengyang Palace. Jin Xu also asked them to announce that the top spot in this trial sword meeting was Hewei Bai.

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