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Backstreet Rookie (2020) 편의점 샛별이

Backstreet Rookie (2020)
Other Title: 편의점 샛별이 / Convenience Store , Convenience Store Kyunbyeol , Convenience Store Venus , Convenience Store Morning Star , Pyeonuijeom Saetbyeoli , Convenience Store Saet Byul

Genres: drama, Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama
South Korea
Lee Myung Woo
Son Geun Joo
Release Date: 
Jun 19, 2020 – Aug 8, 2020
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  • Ji Chang Wook as Choi Dae Hyun
  • Kim Yoo Jung as Jung Saet Byul
  • Han Sun Hwa as Yoo Yeon Joo [Dae Hyun’s girlfriend]
  • Do Sang Woo as Jo Seung Joon [Head]
  • Sol Bin as Jung Eun Byul [Saet Byul’s younger sister]
  • Kim Sun Young as Kong Boon Hee [Dae

Jung Saet Byul is a 22-year-old four-dimensional girl with amazing fighting skills who loves her friends, family, and retro fashion. She has the boys lined up but only has one person who keeps her distracted, Choi Dae Hyun. He became imprinted on her as an unforgettable person after a cigarette errand three years ago. Three years later, Jung Saet Byul meets Choi Dae Hyun again at his convenience store that he now manages and becomes a part-time worker. Here, Saet Byul and Dae Hyun’s love story begins as they heal the wounds of the heart, gain love, and become adults dreaming of the future. Their stories unfold into a pleasant comedy within the familiar sensibility of a convenience store.

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