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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 16 Recap

Regardless of Jiang Feng’s instructions, Jiajia took a good rest and took snacks to go downstairs to coax Nian Mengyu back. Nian Mengyu slipped on He Jiajia as they walked back. When resting at night, Jiang Feng sleeps on the sofa, and Nian Mengyu sleeps on the floor. Nian Mengyu specially spread the floor in front of the Jiajia door, just to prevent Jiang Feng from entering or leaving Jiajia’s room at random. Move. Seeing that Jiajia took art photos of magazines in the living room, Nian Mengyu sewed the photos together with cloth. The next morning, Jiajia couldn’t help crying and laughing, saying that he used all his professionalism on evil doors.

Jiajia was playing yarn with Jiang Feng as usual. Nian Mengyu just drove her away. He worked with Jiang Feng. In the year when Meng Yu hiccuped, Jiang Feng deliberately urged him to say that he and Jiajia had a good life. When Nian Mengyu came, he hindered him. When Nian Mengyu heard it, he exploded and said he would fight Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng responded to help him stop hiccups.

Nian Mengyu had been entangled with Jiang Feng and asked him if he liked Jiajia. Jiang Feng didn’t answer him positively. Instead, he asked Jiajia, who knew he was pushing the door directly and Jiajia was changing clothes. Closed him to the balcony. Nian Mengyu called Dazi and asked him to help him to buy a house in Nanjing. Dazi said that the money was not enough for Mengyu to make, so he shouldn’t toss him.

Seeing that Jiajia was still asleep and not going out, Nian Mengyu hurriedly knocked on the door and asked her what was wrong. Jiajia was very weak and did not respond. Nian Mengyu and Jiang Feng directly pushed the door in. Nian Mengyu first rushed to the bed and asked if Jia Jia was uncomfortable. Jia Jia was so weak that he was asked to curse. Nian Mengyu was worried and blamed himself, saying it was his fault. Jiang Feng asked for something on the table, hoping to make Jiajia feel better.

When Jiajia was lying sick, Nian Mengyu had been sitting by the bed, talking to her like taking care of children, singing nursery rhymes to her, and making her happy. Jiajia remembered that Nian Mengyu was angry when he first came. Like a tiger with a hairy hair, she is now very well-behaved and smiles when she thinks about it. Jiang Feng leaned against the wall, envied that Jiajia could accept Nian Mengyu’s full contribution without any burden. Sure enough, it was the feelings of the sweethearts and horses for more than twenty years. When Nian Mengyu sang, Jiang Feng went out alone, leaving them in the room.

The next day, Jiang Feng and Nian Mengyu showed off and said they wanted to compete fairly with him and wanted to push Nian Mengyu. In Nian Mengyu’s mind, he always felt that there were only two results of love, squatting and breaking up. He could accept the pain caused by breaking up, but he could not explain the pain of losing Jiajia, so he never confessed to Jiajia. Jiang Feng said in a word that Nian Meng Yu didn’t dare. He was afraid that Jiajia’s feelings for him were just ordinary friends, and expressed his embarrassment.

While the two were arguing about whether Nian Mengyu dared to explain his thoughts to Jiajia, Jiajia saw what they said and said that she really had SARS, and she died soon, saying that she would entrust the year pig to her. Jiang Feng, Meng Yu is getting angry again next year. Fortunately, the temperature measured by Jiajia showed that the fever was gone.

In the evening, Nian Mengyu took the initiative to do the dishes and let Jiajia and Jiang Feng rest. Jiajia felt that the sun was coming out of the west. Nian Mengyu broke the dishes and apologized to Jiajia, saying that he would send the new one to Dajia , Jiajia always feels that Nian Mengyu is holding back a big move.

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