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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 2 Recap

In the delusion, Meng An completely changed his character, he was domineering, confident and resolute, and posted a photo with Shen Yi on Weibo, instantly raising tens of thousands of fans. A Tao let his assistant record the condition of Meng An’s brain waves, and he was very speechless about Meng An’s conversion from time to time, and could only continue to observe.

Xiaomei likes the judge teacher Su Zixin, and secretly makes a nympho in front of the camera. Wei Lei is very disdainful, and also suggests that she should take the initiative if she likes it. Wei Lei couldn’t be used to robbing Meng An with Shen Yi, and ran angrily to the dressing room to compete with Meng An. Don’t think about it, Wei Lei lost miserably. Meng An’s hair was accidentally clipped by Shen Yi’s clothes button. Shen Yi directly pulled the button of the suit. The scene was so handsome that several people in the program group were stunned.

Xiao Mei took the courage to follow Su Meng’s way to sue Su Zi’s salary, but to get his attention, it didn’t work. Meng An sent a video to bring goods to LS company, and those cosmetics that could not be sold at the bottom of the box were sold out instantly, and they deserved to be the king of the goods. Shen Yi listened to his report and asked them to find Meng An, and then asked Meng An to shoot a video with goods and sell the fluorescent purple.

It was just that Shen Yi didn’t give the money. Jiang Jiang and they were embarrassed to trouble Meng An to record for free. They could only use the name of Shen Yi to trouble Meng An. Meng An agreed without saying a word, holding the set of consignment slogans and said to the camera, “Thank you for the lipstick sent by Shen Yi, why not?” The video burst instantly, and the consignment lipstick was sold out.

Originally, Jiang Jiang was also worried that Shen Yi would be scolded when the video was sent. Before calling Shen Yi, Shen Yi was worried about the shortage of funds for selling, and he said angrily that no matter what consignment method could be used to sell goods and make money, then Hang up the phone directly. Shen Yi saw the video face green the next day, the air pressure was very low, and people across the company were frightened.

After falling asleep, Meng An came out of paranoia and became normal. After seeing Weibo photos and videos, he regretted his thumping on the chest and went to work in the program group to avoid Shen Yi. Shen Yi pulled Meng An into the utility room, asked her to quickly clarify the relationship, and settle the scandal. Wei Lei deliberately removed the curtains in the utility room, so that everyone heard Shen Yi’s words, Wei Lei began to sneer at Meng An, and made the company’s people laugh at Meng An.

Jiang Jiang is Shen Yi’s assistant. He often follows Shen Yi, leading to psychological and personality problems. He consulted with A Tao. A Tao was worried about Meng An, and went to Shen Yi to talk about the situation of Meng An’s stress disorder. He could not distinguish between imagination and reality. It was a psychological suggestion caused by trauma when he was a child. A Tao hopes that Shen Yi can understand Meng An and don’t embarrass her.

Although Shen Yi was tough and hard to convince, he thought about it for a long time, but he couldn’t bear to find Meng An. Meng An is now being resisted by everyone, and the dirty work of the program crew is thrown to her. Shen Yi ran over to help her wash a dress in the fitting room. A few program crews came back to see this scene and nodded and asked Shen Yi and Meng An.

Shen Yi is very optimistic that he has this stress disorder and has been used to it for so many years. Shen Yi promised to help her keep this secret. The reason why Shen Yi is to make liquid foundation is to make a person beautiful. Shen Yi was not called Shen Yi when he was a child. He followed his mother’s surname Zeng and Zeng Jue. He was bullied by a group of boys. When he resisted, he accidentally scratched the face of a girl and the other person left a big scar.

Shen Yi was afraid, so she lied to her family that the girl was with the boy, not by herself. In fact, Meng An is the girl who was scratched and has been relying on makeup to conceal her skin, because her clothes and makeup have exposed her scars, which happened to be seen by Wei Lei.

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