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Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan 夏夜知君暖 Episode 3 Recap

Su Nuanxia learned that Jun Ye was using money to help her recruit the team members, and she found her angrily. She pulled Jun Ye away and Jun Ye didn’t expect Su Nuanxia to be so powerful that he couldn’t get rid of it. What Su Nuan Xia did, Su Nuan Xia told him to refund the money, he didn’t earn the feelings for the money, and he didn’t feel distressed, and said that it would be better for Jun Ye to join himself, so that these people would not enroll them indiscriminately. Jun Ye thought about it and said that he would not join the team, but he arranged Zhang Xiaoqiang to call Qi Feng, plus Shen Yingliang and Ling Xuan, four people are enough to support a team. After the tests of physical fitness and skills, Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng both passed the test smoothly.

Chu Ran transferred to Myth University, the purpose is to participate in the Myth team to win the championship. Coach Han of the Myth team introduced him to the players of Myth and also learned about Jun Ye’s technical strength. Chu Ran was proud to say that Jun Ye’s level was far wrong than before. Although he was an unbeatable victory, he was after all Won. However, his heart was not peaceful. At night, he dreamed of the scene where Coach Su died of illness on the spot due to his own mistakes.

It was the time specified by the headmaster. Su Nuan Xialai replied to the headmaster, saying that he had not recruited five players. The headmaster said that there was no way to remove the basketball court. Su Nuanxia said that there was one player who was expected to come soon. In that case, all five players would be recruited. During the talk, Jun Ye walked in and said that he was willing to join the team. The headmaster suddenly realized that the team member Su Nuanxia said was Jun Ye. Su Nuanxia completed the recruitment of the team, the principal also fulfilled his promise, and the basketball hall was finally kept.

To celebrate the establishment of the team, coach Su Nuan Xia prepared a barbecue party for everyone, but no one came after the message was sent, everyone was busy, and the first collective event organization ended in failure. The next day was the team’s first concentrated training time. The team members who were reluctant to gather were thinking about each other. Anna also brought the members of the mushroom powder group to serve as a cheerleader for Jun Ye. Qi Feng saw Anna present. Hard-working performance, but Jun Ye did not show much enthusiasm, the other team members could not lift the spirit, the first training was unhappy, Su Nuanxia was determined to cultivate everyone’s team spirit and cohesion.

She knew that Jun Ye was definitely not satisfied with the training atmosphere, and she would definitely train alone. Sure enough, Jun Ye came to the stadium to prepare for training alone. Su Nuanxia appeared behind him in time, pulled the key to the stadium, and Jun Ye reached out. The key was inadvertently thrown into the sewer by two people. In order to get the key, Su Nuanxia jumped in to look for it, and after this toss, Su Nuanxia caught a cold. Tutu is working hard to learn the magic of love and is ready to win Ling Xuan. Jun Ye sent Su Nuanxia a cold medicine downstairs. Su Nuanxia didn’t know how to move her heart. She asked Tutu to come to love secrets and was ready to do some research.

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