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Trace 痕迹 Episode 1 Recap

Jia Ding investigates two murders and forensic doctor Liao Yan is responsible for two autopsies

Two homicides have recently occurred in Lanhai City. The deceased in one case lost his head and became a headless homicide. The other homicide was a young woman with a wound on her neck. The police captain Jia Ding was responsible for the investigation of the two homicides. Forensic doctor Liao Yan conducted an autopsy on the deceased in the second homicide. Based on the wounds on the deceased, he inferred that the deceased had pulled with the murderer before being killed. A piece of skin on the deceased’s leg was cut off by the murderer. After investigation, the cut skin had tattoos. Coincidentally, a piece of skin on the headless female body was also removed, and Jia Ding determined that the two murders were related and announced a joint investigation.

The superior sent a doctor of psychology to assist in the investigation. Jia Ding introduced the psychology doctor Liang Maiqi who reported to the police station to Liao Yan. Liao Yan first saw Liang Maiqi and was stunned. If Liang Maiqi shook hands with Liao Yan as if nothing had happened, he didn’t mind the strangeness in Liao Yan’s eyes.

Liao Yan and Liang Maiqi once had a relationship, and the two studied abroad and attended parties. A foreign student suddenly died, Liao Yan remembered Liang Maiqi’s frightened appearance at that time.

The police found the deceased named Zhang Ning and incidentally found Zhang Ning’s boyfriend. Zhang Ning’s boyfriend said the two sides had already broken up. The police again targeted the suspect on a woman who had a holiday with Zhang Ning. The woman admits that she spent money to instruct Lao Qi to teach Zhang Ning. When Lao Qi arrived at the police station, she denied that she had killed Zhang Ning and only admitted that she had beaten Zhang Ning from the bar.

The headless woman’s surname is Dong Mingaiqing. Jiang Zinan went to the school where Dong Aiqing used to study. The music teacher learned that Dong Aiqing was killed and took out the photos of the students. He pointed out to Jiang Zinan the Dong Aiqing in the photo. The music teacher clearly remembered that the three students, including Dong Aiqing, had tattoos. One of the students named Lan Lan was also killed. Only the student named Huang Anli was still alive. Huang Anli graduated for many years and is now the owner of a coffee shop. . After listening to Jiang Zinan’s investigation progress, Liao Yan speculated that Huang Anli would become the murderer’s next target.

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