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His CEO Daddy Is Really a Spoiler

His CEO Daddy Is Really a Spoiler (Novel)
Other Name: 

Genre: novel, Modern Romance
bei xiao ai
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Tragically framed by her stepmother, she and the mysterious man had a night of entanglement, and was eventually forced to leave the country. Five years later, she returned with a pair of beautiful dragon and phoenix baby! But on the day of return, it attracted the president of Gao cold and beautiful, but even more shocking to her, the president and son look the same! A pair of cute photos of Mengbao accidentally hit the internet, so one day, the president of the long legs, blocking her way. “Woman, let’s talk about child custody!” “Don’t talk! “A man directly put her wall on the wall, “OKAY, don’t talk about the children, talk about when we go to get a marriage license!”

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