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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 36 Recap

Yuwen Muyuan returned to his residence and found that King Lu’s staff had been waiting for himself. He helped to rebuild the Palace of Heavy Fire and asked Yuwen Muyuan to be the new palace master to attract Yuwen Muyuan to follow Lu Wang, but they were all by Yuwen Muyuan. Refused, until the end, he said that Chong Xuezhi was seriously injured, only Lu Wang could save her, and then turned around and left. Yuwen Muyuan couldn’t help worrying about Xuezhi Zhi.

Shangguantou brought Chongxuezhi to Xianshan Yingzhou. Red sleeves asked Chongxuezhi why he had traveled to Xianshan Yingzhou with a serious body. Chongxuezhi said he knew his life was about to end soon. Habitat, if she died there, Shangguan Tou will be unable to relieve her, so she made an excuse to leave Yueshang Valley. And she asked Red Sleeve to wait for her death, and she must persuade Shangguan to find another person to accompany her, not because she was old and alone.

The injury to Yuan Shuangshuang’s body has been taken care of. She came to Lin Fengzi to say goodbye. After so many things, she also put down the grudges of the rivers and lakes and prepared to dissolve Xueyanjiao. And promised to visit her often. In the King Lu Palace, Shangguan Zheng was so disappointed with King Lu that he took the poison of King Lu’s bones to kill himself. This made King Lu sad, but he didn’t reflect on his own viciousness, but put all his grudges on him After Shangguan reveals himself, he vows to kill him to defend his son.

Shangguantuo found the materials of Xueyan Religion when he sorted out the previous information. The original founder of Xueyan Religion came from a foreign country and was a branch of Demon Religion. The treasure of Xueyan Religion’s town education is Tianlingshi. The treatment is poisonless with no power. Shangguan Tou was thrilled by this discovery. Red Sleeve reminded him that the current leader of Xueyan Religious Shuangshuang was healing at Lingjian Mountain Villa, but she might not lent him the spirit stone. Shangguantou said that he would bring the spirit stone back anyway.

When Yuwen Muyuan heard that Chong Xuezhi was in Yingzhou, Xianshan, he came to see him. When he saw Chong Xuezhi weak and unconscious on the couch, he felt very uncomfortable. Shangguan thoroughly explained and said that he had gone to find the antidote. Yuwen Muyuan didn’t believe that Shangguan Tou could find the antidote. He told Red Sleeve not to tell Chong Xuezhi that he had visited her, so he hurriedly left.

Shangguantou came to Lingjian Villa, Lin Zongxing apologized to him for his misunderstanding. Lin Fengzi heard that he was here for the Heavenly Spirit Stone, and he proposed two conditions. One was that Shangguan Tou had to hug himself, and Shang Guanto did what he said. Lin Fengzi spoke out a second adjustment and asked Shangguan. To be willing to marry yourself. Shangguan thought after a moment and replied, if it is to save Xuezhi, he will. Suddenly Lin Fengzi was particularly disappointed. She took out the Heavenly Spirit Stone and gave it to Shangguan Tou, saying that she had owed him a debt before. For example, if he took away the Spirit Stone today, the two would no longer be involved. After Shangguan was gone, Lin Fengzi fell into contemplation. Xia Qingmei came to see her. She murmured that she had loved not Shangguan through for more than ten years, but her obsession, for a man, It is really stupid to sacrifice your reputation.

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