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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 3 Recap

Shen Sanzhang, the commander of Yuqian’s twelve Lang guards, also arrived in Tuozhou. He came to ask Yan Yu about the mountains and rivers. Yan Yuding did not lose his sights and ignored his threats.

Fei Kouer used his internal force to force out the poison and left Duanfu. Duan Yan hurried back to his house and found that the rivers and rivers were still very pleased. The ghost boy chased out and was stopped by a group of pigeons, and the person disappeared. The three chased them out and saw their carriage, but there were only some clothes inside, and no one was there.

The ghost boy saw Zuo Qingci and a man with a hood, and called them down to cross-examine. Zuo Qing remarked that he was a Langzhong who walked all over the country. He had visited many places. The ghost boy asked him about the customs in many places, and he could answer them. The ghost boy asked him to lift the veil of the person next to him, and found that his face was covered with medicine. Zuo Qingci explained that it was sunburned, and it was no surprise that the ghost boy looked at them. It happened that there was a voice on the other side. The ghost boy let a soldier take good care of them and led him to chase.

This soldier is Fei Kou’er, and they leave with Zuo Qing. Zhu Yan suddenly came over, he snatched back the silver, and the soldiers led him away. Fei Kouer helped him just now, and he wants to repay. Zhu Yan took them to where he lived and brought back Shen Manqing and Yin Changge. This is the backyard of Qinglou, and no one will come.

Fei Kouer was poisoned and did not completely solve it. Zuo Qingci found it and gave her a needle to suppress her toxicity. Zuo Qingci saw the scratch on his back, only to know that it was the wolf. Zuo Qingci feels that Yin Changge has a bloody spirit, Shen Manqing takes care of the overall situation, and Fei Kouer lays down his life to capture the picture. There is nothing wrong with him. What is wrong is that he should not let them act so early. Zuo Qingci already knew that Fei Kouer was a woman, and Lang Zhong could not hide him.

Zuo Qingci remembered the things when he was a child, and Fei Kouer tied him up, hoping to let his master ghosts and gods heal his master. At that time, Zuo Qing was utterly disappointed and did not want to live at all. Fei Kouer kept him from dying, he still had a lot of things to eat, he didn’t go to many places, and there was a beef moon cake that was especially delicious, much better than the nut moon cake. Zuo Qingci agreed with her that he would not die, and she could not give him moon cakes with nuts in the future.

Duan Yan was very angry, feeling that the three demon in the snowy field were useless. The ghost boy said that the scorpion’s scorpion bit the man, and the poisonous scorpion would find the poisoned person. Shen Manqing woke up to blame herself and felt that this failure was due to her impulse. Zuo Qing said another way. Duan Yan now pleases Luo Muye and wants Chi Yansha to help him and Guz. As long as Luo Muye falls back to them, they will have a chance to get a picture. Mrs. Xueji’s son is unconscious. As long as her son is cured, she can let Mrs. Xueji speak for them, provoking the relationship between Luo Muye and Duan Yan. Chi Yansha worships Snow Wolf, and they have Snow Wolf skin in their hands. As long as Mrs. Snow Ji expresses her desire, and Duan Yan happens to be given to Mrs. Xue Ji, Luo Muye will feel that Duan Yan skips him.

The girl in Zhu Yanlou went back to Maniya to sing and pray for Mrs. Xueji. Zhu Yan made Shen Manqing a singer, and Zuo Qing resigned as a luthier, so she could see Mrs. Xueji. Zuo Qing resigned the ballad to Fei Kouer, let her practice, in case she needed it from time to time. Shen Manqing changed the costume of Song Ji, which was bold and made her very unaccustomed. Bai Mo sent the medicine to brighten his voice, but after drinking it, Shen Manqing was hoarse. Zuo Qing’s speech was also blind. He looked at Bai Mo’s medicine residue and found that he had made the wrong medicine. Zuo Qing made Fei Kouer change clothes to dance, Fei Kouer knew he was intentional, but there was no way.

On the Mani cliff, Zuo Qing resigned Qin Fei Kou Er to dance, Zuo Qing resigned to Danbi minor, the lyrics said that he could cure the illness of Mrs. Xueji’s son. Mrs. Xueji is a Danbi, and Danbi and Chi Yansha have been fighting for years. There should be no other Danbi people except Mrs. Xueji.

The two were really taken to see Mrs. Xue Ji, and Zuo Qingci took out the medicine to treat the little prince. Mrs. Xue Ji did not believe him. Zuo Qing remarked that she had abdominal pain all the year round and taught her to press two acupuncture points. The symptoms were relieved. Mrs. Xue Ji believed him and asked him what he wanted to do. Zuo Qing resigned her to tell Luo Muye that she heard that Chi Yansha had snow wolves skin, and she wanted it tonight.

The two people saw the poison scorpion on their way back. Zuo Qing said that it was too late, let Fei Kouer go first, and everything went according to plan. Fei Kouer looked back, the veil was blown away by the wind, and below was a beautiful face.


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