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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 27 End Recap

Li Heng immediately found Zhu Yan when he learned that the emperor had regained consciousness. He asked Zhu Yan and Xiao Xuanzi to go out of the palace first, while he stayed to pick up the crime. Gongsun Mo put on a red outfit for Nong Ying, taking heaven as his father, earth as his mother, mountains and rivers as evidence, flowers, birds, insects and fish as guests, and he married. After Nongying and Gongsun silently finished their husband and wife ceremony, they fell to the ground weakly and did not wake up, which made Gongsun silently cry.

Li Che changed into a uniform and brought a large number of soldiers to encircle Li Heng, but Li Heng had no fear. Li Che told Li Heng that he wanted to kill his princess, and the matter between the two really should end, Li Che All the soldiers were asked to retreat first and had a fierce fight with Li Heng above the hall. Li Heng’s swordsmanship was comparable to each other, but in the end Li Che won. Li Che advised Li Heng not to be obsessed, and now he could help him intercede with his father when he turned around. Li Heng still mistakenly believed that Pingle City was arrested by the prince’s envoy, and attacked again. After Li Che subdued Li Heng again, he told him that Pingle City had nothing to do with him, but he needed some time to find out the truth.

When the prince heard that the princess had a bad appetite recently, he personally came to Zhaohua Hall to deliver meals. Li Che was relieved that Chang Le had something to eat, but Chang Le was very sad because of the death of Nong Ying, and felt that Nong Ying was dead. Have a great relationship with myself. After Li Che’s relief, Chang Le was able to release his sad emotions. The prince told Chang Le that in fact, he had been unhappy since the death of his mother, but he didn’t feel sad after meeting her. The spirit of the sky certainly didn’t want her to be so sad. After some persuasion, Chang Le ate some eight-treasure porridge obediently.

The emperor suddenly came to the Prince’s Mansion and told Li Che that he had seen a lot of things after this incident. He said that this matter was both a state matter and a family matter, and asked him to try the case of Li Heng and Liu Xiangguo. On the hall, Li Che was trying to make a fair judgment, but the queen came to the hall to intercede for Li Heng, but Li Heng directly pleaded guilty, saying that he didn’t want a villain like Li Che to humiliate himself.

Li Che heard this Calmly told Li Heng that everything will come to light today, and after speaking, people will bring Bai Xiaosheng up. When Liu Xiangguo heard Bai Xiaosheng, he immediately panicked and identified Bai Xiaosheng as arranged by the Queen. Only then did Li Heng realize that everything was originally planned by the Queen and Liu Xiangguo, and he accused the Queen of loving only herself.

The Queen’s Hall admitted that he had designed and murdered the prince, and that everything was done by himself. Knowing that he was deeply guilty, he asked the Emperor Nian to forgive Heng’er on the relationship between husband and wife, and then hit the wall to beg his death. The queen sincerely admitted his mistake to Li Heng. Although the emperor was very angry, he still ordered the queen to stay for treatment. Li Che told Liu Xiangguo that he did not actually catch Bai Xiaosheng, and it was precisely because they had ghosts in their hearts that they panicked like this. Above the main hall, the furious emperor said that the queen’s virtue was not worthy of his position, and he did misconduct, and announced that the queen was degraded to nonsense.

At the Nian’er Hall, he asked the emperor to vindicate the Duan family’s affairs, and Chang Le also helped Shi Hongbo to go to the hall to explain the reasons for the incident. It turns out that Duan Jin did not rebel at all. Everything was Liu Xiangguo’s ambition to swallow history. Hong Bo’s treasure recruited troops to usurp power and seek a throne. After hearing this, the emperor planned to sentence Liu Xiangguo to death, but Li Che asked Liu Xiangguo to be sentenced, so that he could spend the rest of his life as a confession for Zhongliang who had been slandered by him, and imprison him for life in Dali Temple.

Li Che convicted Li Heng and Zhu Yan of disturbing the order in the palace, and expelled them from the palace and demoted them to civilians. After hearing this, they were delighted and thanked Li Che and the emperor. The emperor was very pleased to see Li Heng and Zhu Yan go in pairs.

The emperor praised Li Che for handling the matter very well, and after announcing that he had entrusted the throne and Jiangshan to Li Che, he left happily. Li Che successfully ascended the throne, worshiped Gongsun Mo as the state of the country, rehabilitated Duan Jin against Zhaoxue, and made Duan Jin’s daughter Chang Le the queen. Because Gongsunmo missed the shadow too much, he read her favorite verse from time to time, and planted the loquat tree for her. Master Zhu asked Li Heng to take care of Zhu Yan and told them to disturb their young couple’s life after they returned home. When the two were about to board and leave, Li Lu also ran over to join in the fun and planned to join them. Go out and play together.

Brother Qin came to Duan’s house to marry Nian’er with the betrothal gift. Li Che unexpectedly learned that Chang Le was pregnant, and his brows were happy. All lovers stayed together and lived and lived together. They talked to Zicheng; The hand of the hand, grow old with the son.

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