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Burning 燃烧 Episode 22 Recap

Gao Feng was invited to the cafe, and it was here that Gao Jianshe met Wu Tian. Time seems to have returned to the past, even what Wu Tian and Gao Feng said are exactly the same as they were back then. Even if things have passed for so many years, Wu Tian could not let go of the grievances and dissatisfaction in his heart. After all, he could not understand why Wu Guixiang made the company legal person Xu Jun instead of Wu Xiaoling.

Gao Feng learned from him that after reaching a cooperation with Xichuan Textile Company, Wu Guixiang established the Export Sales Section and appointed Xu Jun as the section chief. In the second year, Lianda Factory was changed to a limited company. In the same year, Xu Jun married Wu Guixiang’s daughter Wu Xiaoling and was promoted to deputy general manager.

Beginning in 1989, Lianda Textile Factory and Xichuan Textile Company cooperated, and until 1991, Xichuan Textile Company closed down and ceased cooperation. Although the Xichuan Textile Company went bankrupt, it saved Lianda Textile Factory. Such a coincidence and short-term cooperation, I don’t know whether there is any hidden information in it. Coincidentally, since 1996, Haidong County has been the hardest hit area for smuggling, and the destination is the southern country.

The assassin eliminated all traces of the rent in his house, and after preparing everything, he bought a large suitcase large enough to hold an adult man. He came to the hotel room where Gao Feng was staying, broke the surveillance along the way, then sneaked into the room and poured a tranquilizer into the mineral water.

Tonight, Gao Feng made an appointment to meet with her, but Liu Qingye, who couldn’t wait for news all night, was anxious even for dinner, and just wanted to return to the hotel as soon as possible. When Gao Feng returned to the hotel room and wanted to call Liu Qingye, the other party was always busy because his parents urged him to get married.

Gao Feng couldn’t get through Liu Qingye’s call and didn’t think too much. After drinking his mineral water, he finally opened the bottle of medicated water. While looking at his recorded case and confession, he unknowingly drank the entire bottle of mineral water. The ensuing dizziness caused Gao Feng to lose even the strength to stand up, but he thought he was just having a cold and weak.

When Gao Feng picked up the call Xu Jiatong had opened, he had little consciousness left, and he couldn’t hear what the other party was saying. Xu Jiatong came to Shanghai this time, knowing that Gao Feng would die under Zhao Yue’e’s conspiracy, she was powerless and dared not to resist, she just wanted to give herself as a gift to the other party. This call was Xu Jiatong’s last obsession, but he was unconscious due to Gao Feng and died without illness.

When Liu Qingye hurried back to the hotel, she happened to pass by the assassin who was disguised as a woman in the elevator. At this moment, it did not attract her much attention. Liu Qingye and Zhou You knocked on Gao Feng’s room door but couldn’t get a response. After they got through the phone, they heard the bell from the room but no one answered.

Liu Qingye, who was worried in his heart, suddenly remembered a man he had met on the subway. There was a sticker on his backpack, while the woman who had just met outside the elevator had a sticker on his backpack. In an instant, the two faces overlapped in Liu Qingye’s mind, and she kicked open the door of the room, but Gao Feng was not seen.

Liu Qingye and Zhou You chased downstairs, and the killer just put the suitcase with high wind into the trunk and drove away. The two requisitioned an online car and chased each other on the streets of Shanghai. Zhou You’s driving skills were surprising, and he was in hot pursuit. Liu Qingye also called the police and asked the local police to set up obstacles.

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