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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 16 Recap

Xia Qingmei’s stomach took an antidote for saving Lin Fengzi’s righteousness.

Xia Qingmei took Lin Fengzi back to Lingjian Villa, because again was injured by Shangguan, Lin Fengzi appeared listless and locked himself into the room. Xia Qingmei told the original Shuangshuang to make Lin Fengzi quiet and quiet . Chongxuezhi asked Shangguantou about the situation this year. Shangguanto told Chongxuezhi that he had learned the mystery of his life experience and his father, and said that after so many things, he gradually let go Knot. Yu Wen Mu Yuan was determined to be infected with the plague, and Chongxuezhi immediately returned to Chonghuo Palace when he heard the news. Lin Zongxing saw Lin Fengzi’s appearance and knew that it was for the Shangguan through, and he was a little angry. He opened the door to persuade his baby daughter, but found that Lin Fengzi collapsed on the ground. It turned out that Lin Fengzi was also infected. In the plague, Xia Qingmei immediately set off to the blue crab to find an antidote.

Yu Wen Mu Yuan was sick, so he gave the affairs of the palace to Chong Xuezhi. Chong Xuezhi told him that he must persevere, and he will immediately find the antidote and come back to rescue him. Liuli and Zhusha told Chongxuezhi that the plague was not a natural disaster but a human disaster. It was probably related to Xuandu Honglingguan. Chongxuezhi decided to rush to Xuandu Honglingguan immediately. Xia Qingmei came to the Blue Crab to ask for Youquan Bishui Dan, but was categorically rejected by the Iron Gang Master, and arrogantly asked Lin Zongxing to ask for himself. The medicine king Yinci was forced to come to the plague epidemic lifelessly, but when he came, he immediately began to treat the patients. To save Lin Fengzi’s life, Xia Qingmei decided to steal Youquan Bishui Dan, but was found by the iron gang master. He threatened Xia Qingmei to announce the matter to the world. Xia Qingmei temporarily became active and simply killed This iron gang master who was dead, took away Youquan Bishuidan.

Chongxuezhi decided to go to Xuandu Hongling Temple, Shangguanto accompany him, and also called his good friend Qiu Hongxiu and Tianbao hero Zhong Tao. Feng She’s heart was not bad. He didn’t want to injure innocent people like this. Although he let go of the centipedes, he stepped on them again. Feng Fei’s actions were noticed by Man Feiyue. Test the poison. Seeing that Man Feiyue is so inhumane, Feng Sheren said unbearably that he would rather not do this until he died. Man Feiyue told him that this was his life, because Feng She’s father was the leader of the Huashan School Fengcheng , But Fengcheng was reluctant to recognize him. Four people from Chongxuezhi came to Xuantianhong Lingguan and found that it was very strange everywhere. As expected, the arrows flew and the poisonous insects climbed, letting several people parry for a while. At this time, Feng She shouted for help in the dungeon, Chong Xuezhi and others walked over, Feng She told them that they could not go out alone, because Zhong Tao could not persist, they looked back, it turned out that Zhong Tao had already poisoned the arrow Too.

Shangguan Too negotiated with Feng She, as long as he could help Zhong Tao, he took him out of the room and Feng She immediately agreed to come down. After being released, Feng She told everyone that the source of the plague was controlled by Man Feiyue. She deliberately infected the world and martial arts people. Feng She left Zhong Tao immediately after finding an antidote for him. Disgusted with this place. After Man Feiyue saw the four people, he clamored madly, and he didn’t develop any antidote at all. Since he didn’t have a good reputation on the rivers and lakes and everyone shouted, then the bad things were done well. Pressing, Man Feiyue resorted to treacherous tricks, sprinkled a handful of poison and ran away. This time he hurt Zhong Tao again, and Man Feiyue was injured by his own poison arrow because of his panic. On the stone wall.

Zhong Tao died of poisoned hair and died in Qiu Hongxiu’s arms, which made Qiu Hongxiu sad and indignant. Feng She prepared a good medicine, but it was too late. Yu Wen Mu Yuan’s condition is getting more and more serious. He remembers the matter of heavy fire palace. He feels that he has not much time, and he is suddenly decadent. After Lin Fengzi took Youquan Bishuidan, the plague was cured. Lin Zongxing took the opportunity to tell him that she was cured by the Qingming and Qingming to save her life. Don’t think about the ruthless and unjust Shangguan in the future. Lin Fengzi was very surprised and couldn’t help feeling close to Xia Qingmei.

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