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My Dear Lady 你成功引 Episode 1 Recap

Her husband derailed because of a family change, and she divorced without saying anything. She did n’t take her husband a penny. But when she saw her son leaving in her husband ’s car, she regretted it, but Ling Xunxun graduated as soon as she graduated. Married and unable to compete for the custody of his son without any income and work can only do so. But fortunately, Xunxun Chengli accepted her, but he crashed on the way of driving Xunxun. The person hit was the grandfather of Meicheng Group. He did n’t even get off the car, but opened it slightly.

After a little window, I handed out a business card to let Xunxun contact his assistant, but Xunxun went home and found that her insurance had expired. Cheng Li also told her that she had to pay a few hundred thousand at least for the car she crashed. Xun Xun was very sad after hearing it. Cheng Li could only comfort her by saying that she was raising her, so Xun Xun was very grateful to Cheng Li, but still felt that her own affairs had to be solved by herself and entered the room early. Send Ling Xun’s resume to his friends to help him find a job, but all the friends said that although Ling Xun graduated from Xueba School, but had no work experience, no one would want it. Li is also very nerve-wracking.

Early the next morning, Ling Xunxun hurriedly got up and stopped Cheng Li, who was going to work, wanted her to take a ride. Cheng Li thought that Xunxun had found a job and was very happy, so Xunxun was embarrassed. He said that he had already submitted two hundred resumes and there was no response. He just talked about compensation. Cheng Li saw Ling Xun around her and saw that Ling Xun’s suit was very wrinkled and asked her why she didn’t iron it. Ling Xun told Cheng Li that it was too late last night and didn’t bother her to sleep. Cheng Li only thought Ling Xun Xun was even more pitiful and inevitably hugged Ling Xun, so she pretended to take her out with ease.

Ling Xunxun came to Chengli’s company. Chengli’s assistant Wang arranged for Ling Xun to sit aside, and he went with the boss for an interview. Ling Xun looked at the people who came out of Chengli’s office one by one. Some of them were crying and tearing up their resumes, making Xun very curious. The last interview came out but she did not have any emotional changes. So Xun Xun followed her into the bathroom and asked what job she was interviewing today. The job interview was an assistant, and she demanded to be on call 24 hours a day, and she just wanted to be the lady boss. After Xun Xun listened, her inner joy overflowed with words and hurriedly read the assistant rules and went in for an interview, but Cheng Li did not like Ling Xun and did not want her to be her assistant. Reluctantly, Xunxun could only tell Chengli about his current situation and said that he could not pay high compensation fees. If he could stay and work, he could pay off the debt. Lingxun thought it was a win-win situation, but Chengli thought it was Reluctant to do charity, snapping will make Xun Xun out.

Ling Xunxun did not give up, appeared again and again in front of Cheng Li, hoping that Cheng Li could change her mind, Cheng Li could not bear it eventually, Ling Xun called in, hoping that she could leave, but Ling Xun still did not let go I hope Chengli can give a chance. Chengli can only let Xunxun go to clean the company’s health first, and hope that Xunxun can retreat with difficulty, but Xunxun actually did it until the end of work, Xunxun still Cheng Li’s office was clearing the glass. Cheng Li didn’t like Ling Xun and wanted to get rid of Ling Xun, but Cheng Li’s mother suddenly appeared to rebuke Cheng Li for not calling back to her, making Xun Xun look like Li and her mother’s atmosphere was deadlocked She took the initiative to lie that Cheng Li had a commercial dinner party and was late to go. Cheng Li ’s mother saw Ling Xun disturbing herself and chatting with her son and was very upset.

She ordered her to order Xun Xun, but Ling Xun said that this was just an interview. Li Lima also echoed and said that he had decided to hire Ling Xun to mute his mother. When he finished, he took Ling Xun away. Ling Xun hurriedly asked whether Cheng Li really wanted to hire For herself, Cheng Li threw her car key to Ling Xunxun and asked her to send herself home. Ling Xun was very happy. After the delivery, Li returned to Cheng Li’s house to pick up her clothes. Cheng Li became the boss of Ling Xunxun. The personal assistant was very dissatisfied, so Xunxun calmed himself down and had to support himself so that he could pick up his son. After hearing it all, Zhou Quan could only agree but let Xunxun tell himself if he felt wronged.

Turning around, Ling Xun followed Assistant Wang to Chengli’s house and became familiar with Chengli’s lifestyle. After Assistant Wang left, Ling Xun tried to work according to Assistant Wang’s words. But for breakfast, Xun Xun could only order a takeaway, but Cheng Li didn’t find it, making Xun Xun secretly happy, but he could be sent to Li on the way to work, making Xun Xun’s driving technology make Cheng Li very dissatisfied, but the morning coffee Ling Xun actually got it right without anyone prompting. It attracted everyone’s attention, Cheng Li deliberately assigned a lot of work to Ling Xun, she completed them one by one, and Ling Cheng Li was also very surprised.

At noon, when Ling Xunxun and Zhou Quan had dinner, Ling Xunxun received a text message from Assistant Wang. In the evening, Cheng Li was going to have a banquet at home. At the banquet, Xun Xun annoyed a friend Mike, who made Ling Xun wear a maid outfit. Xing Xun was very sad and wanted to resign. When Xun Xun received the text message from his son, Xing Xun immediately Put on the maid costume to entertain the guests. But when all the guests were gone, Ling Xun alone collected tears and fell down, but Ling Xun did not give up easily for his son.

On the way to send Li Li to work the next day, the car suddenly broke down, and a heavy rain started, so Xun Xun had to first buy an umbrella for Cheng Li and hit the car to send Li Li to work. He sent the car to be repaired by himself. When he arrived at the company, Cheng Li was absent-minded, and he was very concerned about Ling Xun. He asked Assistant Wang to learn that Ling Xun was in the hospital, and then he took Assistant Wang to the hospital. He met Zhou Quan in the hospital. Cheng Liling Xunxun spent much time trying to be his personal assistant, but when Cheng Li came up with a video of Lingxun wearing a maid outfit, Zhou Quan immediately felt that she was uncomfortable and returned to the ward to scold Lingxun.


    • Sorry for that we not native language either Chinese nor English. All information are from Chinese to English or from other language to English. We like all kind of entertainment and when we saw interest then want to share it by use translate.


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